The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Pay A Visit 1

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After that, Mu Yuchen ordered Xi Xiaye to go upstairs, shower and rest. He did not forget to get her to take her medication either.

Even so, Xi Xiaye still suffered from a high fever in the middle of the night. Mu Yuchen was sound asleep then. Suddenly, he could feel her tossing in his embrace while breathing heavily. Her temperature was terrifying too, so he quickly took a better look and saw that she was covered in a sheen of cold sweat.

He quickly got her to consume some medication and looked after her the entire night. Finally, when dawn arrived, her fever finally broke.

When they woke up the next morning, Mu Yuchen did not go to work. He got Li Si to send the necessary documents straight to the Maple Residence. He worked at home to keep an eye on her. Unexpectedly, Su Chen called to ask Mu Yuchen out for drinks that night. Mu Yuchen just told him he was at home, and Su Chen drove right over, bringing along some game meat too.

At this moment, in the Maple Residence living room, Mu Yuchen was sitting still and upright before the sofa. His eyes were fixated on his laptop screen as his fingers swiftly tapped against the keyboard while Su Chen was silently sipping his tea on the side.

“I remember that you should be quite busy, Chief Su. How do you have time to come over today?”

Usually, the buddies were all rather busy, so even if they wanted to gather, they would have to wait for weeknights or rare weekends.

“Can’t I just come over to see you?” Su Chen shot him a glance, then continued sipping his tea.

Mu Yuchen stared at him cynically for quite a while, then smiled. “Did the Elder issue his rigid command to you?”

Upon hearing this, Su Chen sighed helplessly. “I’ve been thinking it over properly over these past few days. Actually, I understand what the older generation is thinking. My sister specially came home last night to nag me.”

“Everyone at home’s like that, speaking of which, you’re much more relaxed than Zimo. There are pros of being in politics, and there are cons of being in business, so you are basically stable now. I’m sure they had the same thoughts of me having a stable career before settling down and starting a family.”

Mu Yuchen entered the last row of data and saved it before shutting his laptop down and turning to smile faintly at Su Chen.

“Wow! You would say such things too? Years ago, you were one of those who swore they’d only get married when they were done fooling around!”

Su Chen glared at him sulkily. He set his cup aside frustratedly and then leaned back against the sofa.

“I’m already done messing around. It’s you who’s not done,” He casually poured himself a cup of tea as he chuckled. “Ah Mo and Lingshi will have some good news soon. Earlier, Lingshi even mentioned you.”


Su Chen was surprised as he raised his brows while mixed emotions passed through his eyes. “Of course, it’s good that she can get over this barrier. Initially, she was quite worried that you wouldn’t be able to let go either. They’re already gone, so there’s no need for any guilt or self-blame. Instead, you should continue to live your life since life is short and will pass by in the blink of an eye. It was as if I just packed my bags to go to school yesterday, and today I woke up 30 years later. So, buddy, life is but an instant.”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was light as the wind, yet his eyes were extremely still as he silently looked at Su Chen.

“You really do have quite a lot of feelings about this. Since you know that life is short, why have I never seen you spend more time on yourself? Pfft, you and Zimo are the same.”

Su Chen disapproved of his lecture. He lifted his long leg and kicked Mu Yuchen’s shin.”Hey, punk, when did you learn how to lecture others now? I’ve called Zimo for cross-country running this weekend. Want to come along?”

“You two go ahead. I can’t leave for the next two days. Xiaye’s having a cold and a fever. She hasn’t even woke up yet.”

“Hearing you speak like that, I suddenly feel quite lonely. Anyway, is Xiaye okay?” Su Chen looked pensively at Mu Yuchen who was being a little peculiar to him.

The man pretended not to hear him.

Su Chen thought about it and still couldn’t hold back from asking in the end, “Ah Mo came looking for me before this. It seems like that a certain someone is coming to City Z. Don’t you have anything to say? Aren’t you worried?”

Mu Yuchen shot him an unpredictable look. “I thought you wouldn’t ask. This is the real reason you came over, isn’t it?”

“Why shouldn’t I ask? You’re right! Zimo’s worried too. He told me to come over and ask you about it too.” Su Chen did not hide it any longer and was honest instead.

Mu Yuchen smiled as he played around with the cup in hand. “Why should I be worried? I just want to know the truth from years ago. Other people’s life or death has nothing to do with me.”

“Okay, I won’t refute you on that. What about that Mr. Wen? Ah Mo has told me already. I’ve privately investigated it, and there isn’t anyone with the surname Wen among the whole of City Z’s prestigious community, so I suspect that that isn’t his real identity. I can’t be sure if it might be someone from another city.”

Su Chen suddenly straightened up solemnly. “But since Sis Lan is a plausible lead, we could also try tracking him with some clues. These things have been set aside for too long, so digging for evidence is extremely hard. In fact, the entertainment industry was a mess back then. The company that represented Aunty Zixi years ago has closed down, and most of the people back then can’t be located either.

“Sis Lan will be back in another two days. We must find a way to find out some things from her. I’ve investigated her relationship with Aunty. I realized that she and my aunt are more than friends. Some say that Aunty’s peak popularity back then could be attributed partially to her too.”

Su Chen hesitated before he said, “I know about that. Her title as a gold manager wasn’t casually christened by the people from the industry. This woman has guts and tricks up her sleeves. In fact, she’s really driven. After that incident with Aunty Zixi, she stayed in Qi Kai for a while too. Then, I heard that she had a fallout with Qi Qiming, so she left Qi Kai.”

“Right, Qi Kai seems to be quite turbulent recently. Have you heard? Qi Qiming and Wang Qin’s conflict has been worsening. The Han Corporation managed to get 3% of shares from two of Qi Kai’s shareholders. They probably want to hold Xi Xiaye down or get a share of the action. Because of this, as well as Qi Qiming spending a great amount of money on them, Yue Hai and the rest are making use of every inch. Wang Qin’s days seem to be getting a little harder to get by. They are already an old married couple, so there’s no need for this! Even though we know that the couple hasn’t been doing that well all these years, despite fighting over these things, wouldn’t it all be Qi Lei’s in the end? In my opinion, wouldn’t all the trouble be solved if they just let Qi Lei assume the top position?” Su Chen was bewildered as he sighed.

“Would all the trouble really be solved if Qi Lei assumed the position?” Mu Yuchen muttered. He thought about it and smiled coldly. “The question is: can Qi Lei really assume the position?”