The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Biological Father? 4

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There was a sudden knock on the door, making the two of them turn around as Xi Xiaye came in with a tray.

“Sis Wang brewed some Pu Er tea. I also heated some snacks up for supper.” Her tone was gentle as she came in before the two men could answer.

“It’s okay, Missus. I just had dinner with Lingshi before coming over.” Ah Mo went up and took the tray from her before leaving it on the coffee table nearby. Mu Yuchen went to take her arm as well.

“Have some tea then. What are you guys talking about? You don’t look happy.” Xi Xiaye noticed the depressing aura on Ah Mo’s face.

Ah Mo looked at Mu Yuchen without saying anything. Their discussion was coming to an end, so he stood up and prepared to leave. “It’s getting late. Master and Missus, you should get some rest soon. I’ll be heading back now.”

Mu Yuchen nodded while Ah Mo left the room quietly and gave the couple some space.

It was pretty cold on autumn nights, especially at midnight. The moon in the sky shone its silver rays on the ground as the whole place seemed quiet.

Ah Mo drove straight to Imperial Sky Entertainment Club after leaving Maple Residence. Things were still pretty lively at City Z even though it was midnight already, and the club was crowded. There was even a little traffic jam on the way there.

It was 1a.m. when Ah Mo reached the club. He parked at the temporary parking outside the club before walking in.

Everyone knew him, so a lot of people greeted him on his way inside.

“Hi, Bro Mo!”

“Manager Ah Mo!”

Ah Mo nodded without any expression. He went straight to Mu Lingshi’s office. As he passed the corridor, he saw Mu Lingshi busy giving instructions to the club personnel. There was a huge crowd in the club with many people on the dance floor writhing along with the dancers on stage.

“Manager Mu, Manager Ah Mo is here,” said the DJ as he glanced at the corridor.

Mu Lingshi turned over and could barely see Ah Mo by the corridor. After a moment, she turned back and continued talking to the DJ and several others, “Follow the plan we talked about just now. It’s the peak period now, but the number of people I’ve arranged to be on the floor should be enough. Just stay alert at all times and inform me if anything urgent happens. I’ll head back first.”

“Noted, Manager Mu. Don’t worry!” they replied.

Mu Lingsi nodded and waved her hand as a signal for them to go back to work. She took her earphones off and walked towards the corridor as Ah Mo quickly followed her.

Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo went into her office one after another.


Mu Lingshi turned around and wanted to close the door when she unexpectedly bumped into Ah Mo’s solid chest. She definitely felt the pain on her forehead as she covered it with her hand. Ah Mo closed the door with one hand while he held her with the other. “Are you alright?”

She took a deep breath. “I’m fine. Have you pass the stuff to Brother?”

Nodding, Ah Mo took the large sunglasses off her face when he noticed she was still frowning. He kept them into his pocket while he rubbed her forehead apologetically. “I’m sorry. Is it painful?”

“Try slamming your head into a wall and tell me if it’s painful or not.”

Mu Lingshi stared at him moments later, seeming like she wanted to say something. Ah Mo looked back at her with his clear eyes, unlike his usual humble self.

Mu Lingshi frequently teased him for being a stiff old man, but when he was cheerful, he gave off vibes of sunshine and rainbows, and was extremely charming.

A faint light flashed past Mu Lingshi’s eyes. Before Ah Mo could react, she closed in and kissed his lips gently…

Ah Mo was stunned for a moment. Then, he wrapped his arms around her and soon took the initiative. He grabbed her wrist. Suddenly, the two of them exchanged positions.

When Ah Mo’s hand reached her collar, she suddenly stopped him. Her eyes gave him an insurmountable amount of pressure. “I saw what you had in the document folder. Do you have anything to tell me about it?”


Ah Mo took a deep breath as he suppressed his beastly instincts inside his blood. His eyes went back to normal again as he let go of her. Then, he tidied her clothes while he spoke, “You don’t have to know about it now. We don’t have a conclusion yet.”

“I know Brother has been investigating on his own. That man was among the group of people we shortlisted too. Brother even went to see Lu Xinlan, but she declined to see me. Both Brother and Sister-in-law are working on this without letting our grandparents know. However, since I’m very much involved, shouldn’t I know about it?”

Mu Lingshi’s gaze never moved away from Ah Mo’s face.

“We’ll tell you after we get the results. Meanwhile, don’t think too much about it. Master just told me that we can’t make a conclusion yet. We plan to tell you after we’re certain.”

Ah Mo was getting anxious. Apart from worrying that the information might be leaked, he could not bear to see her heartbroken.

He did not expect Mu Lingshi to know the password to his safe box, so…

“Results? I’ve thought about it a lot. Everything could be explained if that person is Qi Qiming. Lingtian must’ve known about it, and that’s why he helped Qi Feng to run away with Gu Lingsha. He even betrayed Brother for it. Qi Qiming then hated Brother for what happened, and he’s been plotting revenge against Brother. Am I right?”

Mu Lingshi’s expression turned cold while her eyes were still fixed on Ah Mo.

Ah Mo did not say anything. He just looked back into her eyes without moving an inch.

She suddenly barked a half-hearted laugh. All of a sudden, her voice became hoarse as she sobbed.