The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Reluctance 1

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“That’s not true…” Her voice trembled as her face suddenly turned pale. She quietly covered her face with both her hands as her whole body started quivering as well.

“It’s impossible. I cannot be Qi Qiming’s daughter… I’m not…”

She started sobbing. Her throat felt stuck and she seemed to be suffocating as her consciousness was fading.

Ah Mo’s expression changed. He hugged her and comforted her, “There’s no proof right now. Don’t make any rash conclusions. Even Master isn’t sure about this, so we shouldn’t scare ourselves right now.”

“Rash conclusions? Right now, it all shows that it’s most likely Qi Qiming, doesn’t it? No wonder you stopped me from continuing when we reached this point. Did you already know? Is it really Qi Qiming? Tell me!”

Mu Lingshi took a deep breath after she let all her emotions inside her out. She stared at Ah Mo coldly. With the scar on her face seeming extremely clear right now, she looked ferocious.

“I’ve delivered both yours and Qi Qiming’s DNA samples for a test, so we’ll find out in a few days.” Ah Mo held her shoulders as he explained, “Before we get the results, our guesses mean nothing. We didn’t want to let you know because we didn’t want you to worry. Calm down, Lingshi.”

“Calm down?” Mu Lingshi snorted. “I can’t stay calm! Would you be able to stay calm if you were in my position? How is it any different than betraying my own family? He’s the cause of all the tragedy. Is he even worthy of becoming my father? If it really is him, I’d never forgive him!”

She suppressed her remaining rage and ran out of the room.

Ah Mo’s expression darkened. It took him a moment before he chased after her.

The next morning, Mu Yuchen woke up early as usual. Xi Xiaye had become even more of a sleepyhead. Her morning sickness symptoms were pretty bad earlier on and only became better recently. Although he had been managing her diet, she hardly gained any weight. While the little chap inside her womb was growing quickly, she did not seem that much different from before. Her chin was still pretty sharp and her features were bony.

He put his hand on her baby bump as his eyes calmed down. He studied her for a while and then smiled. “You have to be a good little baby, you hear that? Otherwise, your father will punish you!”

He felt a living presence inside her and he smiled before leaving the bed a while later. He then carefully set the blanket over her.

When he washed up and went downstairs, Sis Wang and the servants were already preparing breakfast.

“Morning, Master!” Sis Wang and the servants greeted him.

Mu Yuchen responded, “Morning, you guys can take a day off today. Let me make breakfast.” He elegantly unbuttoned and rolled his sleeves up.

Sis Wang beamed. “Master, are you going to make breakfast for Missus again? Well, I suppose Missus prefers the food you make. She hasn’t been having a great appetite lately. Elder Madam prepared some tonics for her. However, Master, I’d like to learn something from you since you’ll be leaving for some time and I’m worried that Missus isn’t going to be used to it.”

Mu Yuchen smiled as he nodded humbly. “Sure, after I leave, please report Missus’s condition to me every day. Unless she gives explicit permission, don’t let anyone come in, and don’t let anyone go upstairs. Understood?”

Sis Wang nodded. “Noted, Master, don’t worry.”

Sis Wang still called Mu Yuchen “Master” as usual after she started staying in Maple Residence since it felt more familiar.

“By the way, Master, Elder Madam told me to prepare two empty rooms. Is she going to stay over?”

“Don’t bother about it for now. Your job is to take care of Missus. Let her be alone. If she starts having difficulty going out after a few months, I’ll make arrangements then.”

Both Xi Xiaye and he liked to the quiet environment, so it was easy for him to imagine how Wang Hui would definitely tire her out. The reason he moved out was that he preferred a peaceful environment too.

“Yes, Master.”

“The weather will get colder as autumn comes. Remind her to put on more clothes when she’s heading out, and please accompany her when she’s going out on weekends. As for Ji Zitong, give her a call every time she heads out, alright?” Mu Yuchen’s worrisome reminders went on.

He probably did not notice his behavior right now. He never would have worried about such trivial matters before.

Sis Wang laughed in amusement. “Master, you’ve said it plenty of times already. We know. Don’t worry and leave Missus to us. We won’t disappoint you and we’ll take good care of her.”

He nodded before getting to breakfast.

It was a fusion of a Chinese and Western-style breakfast. As soon as the hand-pulled chicken porridge was done, his phone started ringing and he picked it up. It was an unexpected call from Qi Lei.

“Do you have time today? Let’s meet up. I have something to discuss.”

At the Grand Lake Villa Area, Qi Lei had just woken up. He was by his balcony, drinking some coffee as he looked at the morning view. Some cheerful music was drifting from the room as well.

Mu Yuchen was not surprised to hear Qi Lei’s voice. In fact, it seemed like he expected it. “Anytime before lunch. You can decide on the place.”

Qi Lei raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Can I go to your place for a meal again?”

“We’re not cooking today,” Mu Yuchen replied calmly. It took one to wonder what he was feeling at the moment.

“I just thought that you’re pretty generous, but you’re rejecting me now? Never mind. We’ll meet on the 27th floor of the Galaxy Tower. It’s my turf and we can have some privacy there. I’ll be waiting for you.”