The Portal Of Wonderland Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Life and Death Crisis

The official mansion of the City Lord

The garret was covered with a thick layer of black and hemispherical light-curtain. Eight silhouettes of monsters had almost condensed into substance above the light curtain. Spurts of lightning, flame, and ice attacks were surging out of their mouths. These attacks were then plummeting down on the light-curtain like raindrops; Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu were trapped in this light-curtain.

The garret had been thrashed to pieces by now. Waves of all kinds of lightning and flame attacks had shrouded the light-curtain at the moment; these attacks looked like fiery and electric snakes.

It had become next-to-impossible for Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu to evade this torrent of attacks. Therefore, they had activated their protective body-shields, and were desperately trying to maintain it.

There was a milky-white and umbrella-shaped light-shield on top of Zhong Xiu's head. And, an intriguing spiral pattern could be seen above that light-shield; this pattern was sending forth a divine and spiritual aura.

Her light-shield would often reveal a fit of tremor under the unending waves of flame and lightning attacks. However, the light-shield still gave off a kind of unyielding feeling It seemed as if it was as solid as a boulder.

Zhong Xiu was able to resist the attacks. However, Ling Chu didn't seem to be in a good situation.

His body was shrouded in a layer of egg-shaped light-curtain; it was deep-green in color. However, the radiance of his light-screen had dimmed very significantly by now In fact, it seemed as if it would soon dissipate since it was revealing a sign of swaying.

The silhouette of a monster could be seen above the surrounding light-curtain of the magic array; this monster had the head of a snake and the body of a human. It was radiating a burst of intense blood-light. Suddenly, it stretched open its big mouth, and an expansive mass of blood-flames rolled out of it. Then, that mass of blood-flames cascaded down on Ling Chu's protective shield which was already weak.

A loud "Boom" sound was heard. Simultaneously, a fiery light radiated in all directions.

The protective shield around Ling Chu's body shook for a moment. Then, its radiance dimmed by a big margin.

Ling Chu's body also received a powerful jolt, and was shaken up.

"Miss Zhong, this kind of move won't work We'll certainly be drained to death if this continues. We must think of a way to break out of this trap," Ling Chu's complexion flushed as he shouted.

Even Zhong Xiu's complexion looked unsightly at the moment. This was because she had no idea how to deal with the present situation. The only thing she knew was that she could still strive to maintain her protective shield. She knew that this was the best option under the current circumstances.

"Don't tell me you want to use it here?" Zhong Xiu said in her heart.

The black-robed old man Mo Yun Yang stood outside the black light curtain. He saw the situation in the light curtain in front of him, and a complacent smile spread across his face.

He had racked his brain, and spent a great deal of time to get hold of this magic array the Great Black Concealing Formula. This magic array had required the collaboration of a dozen or more formula magicians to complete the arrangement; all these magicians were his subordinates. This array was so firm that even an Earth-ranked advanced stage powerhouse wouldn't be able to force his way out of it.

A dozen or so black-robed formula magicians stood around this large magic array at the moment. Their complexion had turned pale by now. They were constantly brandishing their hands, and exuding streaks of black light. However, these black lights were vaguely suffused with wisps of blood.

The fact was that the Great Black Concealing Formula was very evil The implementation of this magic array didn't only require the consumption of considerable amount of magic power The nourishment of the caster's blood and Qi was also necessary to activate this magic array. Therefore, the surrounding formula magicians would probably need to pass through several years of painstaking practice to restore their lost strength.

It seemed from the present situation that this magic array was more than enough to hold two earth-ranked powerhouses in its deathtrap. However, the price was worth it if the degree of strength of the trapped people was considered.

Mo Yun Yang's mind was completely focused on the magic array at this moment. Therefore, he hadn't noticed that a shadow had flashed almost a dozen of feet behind him That silhouette was approaching him at a slow pace; it was Shi Mu!

Shi Mu's facial expression abruptly changed as his eyes drew toward the scene in front of him.

A small black shadow landed on Shi Mu's shoulder in a silent manner; it was Cai.

"Shi Tou, how could you be so slow?!" Cai's voice resounded in Shi Mu's mind.

Shi Mu had sneaked off to other places in order to find clues after these two had separated for solo action. Therefore, he hadn't caught sight of this situation since the official mansion of the City Lord was spread across an expansive area.

Shi Mu didn't give a reply to Cai. He instead looked at the two people trapped in the light-curtain. His heart skipped a beat when he noticed that one of the two people was Zhong Xiu. He wanted to dash over there. But, he forcibly suppressed this impulsive thought with rational control.

"Shi Tou, don't be impulsive. I agree that Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu are trapped inside. However, it appears that they aren't in any life-threatening danger at the moment," Cai had noticed the abrupt change in Shi Mu's facial expression. Therefore, he said in a persuasive manner.

Shi Mu took a deep breath, and nodded in agreement.

However, the black magic array in front of him didn't appear simple. The aura it was releasing gave him a rather apprehensive feeling.

"We have to rescue Xiu at any cost. The other person doesn't matter to me. Cai, what have you have seen so far? Give me the details of the situation here." Shi Mu exchanged a few words with Cai through his mind.

Cai had reached here long before Shi Mu. So, he had witnessed the processes involved in the formation of this magic array. Therefore, he quickly filled in Shi Mu with these necessary details.

"So, that's the case here."

Shi Mu nodded, and then looked at the dozens of Winged Crane Tribesmen who stood in the vicinity of the magic array. Then, he moved from his place, and hid nearby.

The lightning and flame attacks had become even more intense in the magic array.

Suddenly, a loud explosive sound rang out!

A bowl's-mouth-thick bolt of lightning had bombarded Ling Chu's weakened protective shield with full force.

Consequently, the green radiance of his light-shield flashed, and a crack appeared in it with a loud "Ka-cha" sound.

Ling Chu's complexion changed. However, he didn't get enough time to make his move.

Two more loud and rumbling sounds resounded. Two thick and electric snakes had torn through air in order to bombard his green light-shield once again.

The light-shield exuded a burst of dull cracking sound as a result It seemed as if the surface of a mirror had shattered into pieces.

Ling Chu was struck dumb. Then, another wave of lightning, two flames, and a frosty gust of wind darted over. Then, this wave of attacks also plummeted down on him.

Ling Chu issued a loud shout, and a layer of green radiance flared up on the surface of his body. Simultaneously, a hundred-feet-tall green snake's magic image emerged out of thin air, and merged into his body.

Then, numerous and densely packed green scales sprouted on the surface of his body. And, a massive snake-tail grew behind his body; this tail was also covered with a layer of green scales. Ling Chu had transformed into a half-python and half-human form.

Then, Ling Chu's body rolled into a ball at lightning speed. Simultaneously, its snake-tail swept towards the lightning and flames at an extremely fast speed like a remnant shadow.

The two flames were exterminated by the snake tail! However, the bolt of lightning and the frosty wind remained unaffected, and crashed down onto Ling Chu's body.

Bang Bang!

Ling Chu's coiled body quivered by the impact of this bombardment The green scales on his body shattered into pieces, and fresh blood seeped out. Ling Chu issued a stuffy groan in pain.

Zhong Xiu's face revealed a trace of anxiousness when she saw Ling Chu's condition.

She had always disliked Ling Chu's entanglement with her. However, Ling Chu's death would jeopardize her situation even further.

Zhong Xiu recited an incantation, and waved her hand. A beam of white light darted out of her body the next moment; it was a two-foot long white blade.

The white light flashed, and the short and white blade dashed over to the top of Ling Chu's head. Then, it inflated at a very high speed until it became dozens of feet in size. After that, it started to spin at an incredible speed, and turned into a mass of circular and white light-shield.

Two thick flames stormed toward Ling Chu at this moment. However, they were blocked by the short and white blade.

The blade-light was whirling at a lightning-fast speed. So, a few stuffy "Clang Clang" sounds were heard as the two flames were twisted and crushed to pieces. Those flames then dispersed everywhere like sparks.

Ling Chu heaved a sigh of relief, and glanced at Zhong Xiu with a sense of gratitude.

"Don't stare blankly. I'll block the attacks aimed at you. Meanwhile, you go and attack that magic array!" Zhong Xiu shouted at him. She had just launched an attack to help him. Therefore, her complexion had become paler than before.

Ling Chu was shaken out of his trance by her words. He immediately issued a hissing shout. And, his scaly and thick snake-tail flashed. It then pounded on the black light-curtain... His tail had swept so fast that it looked like a green shadow.

A "Boom" sound was heard, and the black light-curtain suddenly revealed a violent quiver!

"Launch the second wave of changes to the Formula, and trap them firmly! Don't let them escape!" Mo Yun Yang shouted.

The formula magicians of the Wing Crane Tribe were in an exhausted state. However, they still agreed in unison since the victory was in sight. Then, they changed the position of their hands, and started to emit even thicker beams of black light.

Suddenly, a shrill "Whoosh" sound echoed. Then, a blood-curdling screech rang out in the air One of the Formula magicians had been pierced by a black arrow; he was a barbarian man from the Wing Crane Tribe. This barbarian man had stood relatively far from Mo Yun Yang.

He grasped the arrow with his hand in order to save his life. He held it with his both hands, but the expression in his eyes started to dissipate speedily. Then, his body swayed a couple of times, and he collapsed to the ground.

The surrounding barbarians of the Wing Crane Tribe were taken aback. But then, two acute "Whoosh" sounds rang out once again as something darted over from the rear.

Two agonizing screams resounded the next moment.

Another barbarian of the Wing Crane Tribe had been stabbed by a long black arrow in his throat The other barbarian had been attentive. So, he had seemingly ducked out of the way. However, he hadn't evaded the attack completely. Consequently, his right shoulder had been pierced by the other arrow. Therefore, his right arm had hung down softly.

Three formula magicians had suddenly been taken out of the equation. This inflicted an adverse effect on the Formula. And, the stable black radiance of this magic array started to tremble. The operation of the array also slowed down. Moreover, most of the lightning and the flame attacks inside were significantly weakened.

Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu's faces glittered with a hint of exhilaration as they witnessed this scene.

"Who's there?!"

Mo Yun Yang flew into a rage when he saw this. And, a layer of grey light burst forth on his body the next moment. He then pounced towards the shadow behind him; he was as quick as an electric current.

He had clearly seen that all those arrows had been shot from there just a moment ago.

Meanwhile, a fierce gale sprang up in the place where shadow had been just now. Also, the surrounding air started to vibrate intensely. Then, a dazzling black light burst out! It seemed as if a black sun had emerged out of nowhere.

Suddenly, an immense spiritual pressure swept across the surroundings; the intensity of this spiritual pressure seemed to be slightly inferior to that of Mo Yun Yang's imposing aura.

"An earth-ranked warrior!" Mo Yun Yang was profoundly shocked.

Mo Yun Yang was in the air when a grey light flashed in his hands. And, a strange-looking grey-colored curved-sword appeared in his hand. He hacked it down as soon as it appeared.

A large sword-light emerged in the air; it was a few feet in size. It then slammed down with a flash of grey light towards the spot where the shadow was.

A cold snort spread from the black light at this time. Then, a fist shot out by taking advantage of the intense surge in this air; it was covered in black light. It collided with the gray sword light.

A muffled sound was heard. And, the gray sword light was routed like a paper paste in one fell swoop!

This scene shocked Mo Yun Yang to the core. He was about to unleash another attack when he saw dozens of magic charms departing from the darkness in front of him. Then, those magic charms shot toward him.

These magic charms were exuding bursts of intense magic-power waves. A few of them contained astounding might! This filled Mo Yun Yang's heart with a sense of apprehension.

Then, a ray of light flashed in the darkness, and the flying magic charms lit-up with assorted rays of light.

Mo Yun Yang's facial expression changed. His body had been swooping. However, it made an abrupt stop, and quickly shot backwards.

His response was obviously very fast. However, the speed of those magic charms was even faster. Moreover, these magic charms were constantly changing their positions. They continued to flutter both up and down. Therefore, they soon surrounded Mo Yun Yang from all sides.


All the magic charms simultaneously radiated all kinds of glaring rays of light. Suddenly, an earth-shattering explosion burst out, and engulfed Mo Yun Yang.

Those Winged Cranes Tribe's barbarians were left startled as they saw this scene. The waves of magic-power that had proliferated from the center of that explosion had made their hearts quiver with fear.

It was hard to say whether Mo Yun Yang had survived this explosion or not.

Suddenly, a silhouette flew out of the place where the shadow was, and pounced towards these Formula magicians.

The silhouette of a man could be vaguely seen in this shadow; this man's entire body was covered with a layer of black scales. There was an infuriated look on his face, and a cold expression in his eyes.

"Ah! Ah!"

Two painful screams resounded. These screeches belonged to the two formula magicians who stood the nearest. They hadn't gotten enough time to respond, and had been struck and killed by the black silhouette on the spot.

The black silhouette flashed from one place to another like a ghost. Simultaneously, pitiful screams rose from all directions. Seven or eight formula magicians had been slaughtered one after another in a span of few breaths Most of them had gotten killed by a mere punch.

All these people were Star-ranked magicians. As for Shi Mu he had already gone into beast mode through the totem body-transformation. In addition, he had drawn support from a high-ranked wind-attribute magic charm. Therefore, there was no way these people could've resisted Shi Mu's attacks since they had been casted from such a close proximity.

The tremor of the black light-curtain continued to increase as an increasing number of formula magicians were slaughtered one after another. It eventually felt as if the black light-curtain could dissipate at any moment.

Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu were still confined in the Formula. Both of them had been stunned for a moment when they had seen this situation. However, a glimmer of exultation had bloomed across their faces soon after.