The Portal Of Wonderland Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Competition

Linghu Kuan looked at Zhong Xiu, but didn't speak anything. He simply nodded and raised his hand to make a gesture.

A few attendants had accompanied Linghu Kuan when he had arrived here. However, all of them had stood outside the door this entire time, and had been waiting for their next order. But, it seemed that they had finally received some instructions since they had moved towards the Floating Cloud Carriages. They then started to inspect the goods on those carriages in a careful manner.

The grey-robed old man's face looked gloomy. He didn't order his subordinates to begin their work. Instead, he-himself walked over to the Floating Cloud Carriage that had been sent by the Dark Moon Cult, and began to check it with his sharp eyes.

As for Wang Rui Kun, the enchanting woman, and other people of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce they kept standing in the same place. All of them were silently looking at the scene. Also, they would occasionally throw glances at Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu who stood in the centre of the venue.

The atmosphere of the venue felt subtle at this time.

A quarter-of-an-hour passed like this. Linghu Kuan's subordinates had checked the goods of the seven carriages by now.

A few of them whispered to each other. Afterwards, a young man gave Linghu Kuan the nod. Simultaneously, he handed a small wooden box to him.

Linghu Kuan received the box, and opened its lid. He threw a glance inside, and his eyes lit up.

He didn't have to look inside for long He immediately closed the lid, and received the wooden box.

However, this series of small actions from him had captured everyone's attention.

"The inspection of these seven carriages has been done Everything is in accordance with the list," Linghu Kuan said in a calm and relaxed manner.

Everyone in the surroundings had already guessed this outcome. But, their hearts still received a jolt of shock when Linghu Kuan announced it. Meanwhile, the enchanting woman shot a glance at Zhong Xiu with a complicated look in her eyes.

"Elder Zhong has stuck to her promise. She is truly worthy of being a part of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. It's truly admirable," Linghu Kuan showed a faint smile as he said to Wang Rui Kun.

"City Lord Linghu is over praising." Wang Rui Kun said.

"This young friend seems unfamiliar to me. I wonder what I should address him as Is he also a member of the Chamber of Commerce?" Linghu Kuan's gaze shifted towards Shi Mu, and he asked.

"I'm Shi Mu I'm just a friend of Zhong Xiu. That's all." Shi Mu and Linghu Kuan looked at each other whilst Shi Mu replied.

Linghu Kuan nodded, and didn't ask anything afterwards.

Meanwhile, the grey-robed old man of the Dark Moon Cult had also returned. His face looked as heavy as water at this time.

The fact was that he had inspected the goods on the carriage with utmost attention He had checked them multiple times in an attempt to seek out some mistakes. But, he had failed in doing so

"Elder Lin, is there any problem with the goods?" Zhong Xiu asked.

"No Everything is fine. Everyone, this Old Man has some matters to deal with. So, it's time for me to take my leave," the grey-robed old man said. He then clasped his hands together to bid farewell to Linghu Kuan and Wang Rui Kun. Then, he came out of the crowd, and walked away alone.

A few of disciples of the Dark Moon Cult quickly stepped forward, and took the goods down the Floating Cloud Carriages. They then received them in their storage rings, and dashed behind Linghu Kuan.

The people in the courtyard didn't say anything loudly when they saw them departing. They only sent the few stewards who stood at the door to see them off.

"Vice President Wang, your noble Chamber of Commerce suffered some setbacks while transporting these goods. But, it found the ways to rectify that very quickly. This incident once again puts the stamp on Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's superb crisis-handling ability and credibility. Therefore, I think that the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce is still the most appropriate organization to take charge of the Rising Sun City's auction this time," Linghu Kuan said.

"Thank you so much for placing trust in the Chamber of Commerce, City Lord. We'll plan and manage the auction with all our strength. And, we'll live up to the City Lord's high hopes," Wang Rui Kun's face beamed with exultation when he heard these words. So, he cupped his hands, and replied with deep veneration.

Linghu Kuan nodded in response. Then, a string of casual conversations took place between them for a while. After that, Linghu Kuan bid him farewell, and departed.

There were a large number of goods on the carriages that belonged to Linghu Kuan. So, it was naturally not easy for him to receive all the goods in the storage ring. Therefore, he took away the seven Floating Cloud Carriages along with him for the time being.

Wang Rui Kun gazed at Linghu Kuan and his people as they departed. Then, he turned around, and looked at Shi Mu once. He then turned around, and walked in.

"Elder Zhong! Elder Zhao! Both of you, come along with me. The rest of you may disperse," Wang Rui Kun's voice suddenly resounded.

Everyone in the courtyard looked at each other a few times. They then dispersed in succession.

"Big Brother Shi, you go to the residence, and wait for me. I'll be back right away," Zhong Xiu said to Shi Mu.

"Okay. But, be careful," Shi Mu nodded. He didn't say anything afterwards. He simply turned around, and walked out of the courtyard.

"Elder Zhong, I can see that you've turned an inauspicious start into a blessing. Congratulations," the enchanting woman walked over, and said.

"Thank you," Zhong Xiu said.

"It turns out that your subordinate has a strong character. He has indeed left us gobsmacked! Do you remember the day you had first set foot in this pavilion? They say that this man had been in disguise of that grey-dressed attendant who had accompanied you here that day," the enchanting woman glanced at Shi Mu who had already gone far from there, and then said.

"Vice President is waiting for us," Zhong Xiu didn't respond to the opposite party's enquiries. She instead took a step, and moved in the front direction.

The enchanting woman let out a snort as she saw this. Then, she also followed suit, and walked forward.

Wang Rui Kun stood in the main hall of the Black pavilion with his hands folded behind his back... He was apparently occupied in some deep consideration.

Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman walked into the hall, and stood firm behind him.

Wang Rui Kun turned around, and looked at Zhong Xiu. A gentle smile spread across his face, and he said, "Elder Zhong, you were able to recover the lost goods at the right time. This act of yours hasn't only enabled the Chamber of Commerce to restore its reputation. But, it has also saved us from paying heavy compensation. Your contribution to the Chamber of Commerce is truly noteworthy."

"Vice President Wang is over-praising me. It's my fault that this troublesome situation was created in the first place. So, it was obviously my responsibility to solve this problem," Zhong Xiu said.

"If you say so But, I've introspected on this point profoundly over the recent days. It can't be denied that our Chamber of Commerce had clearly been the target of those robbers. Even so the Chamber of Commerce didn't try to look for the goods for their retrieval. Instead, we pushed everything on you," Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu listened to him, but didn't speak anything in return. She remained silent because she could see that Wang Rui Kun had something on his mind

"There had been a rumor buzzing everywhere prior to this incident. Fortunately, you turned out successful in resolving this issue. And, I think this news would perhaps circulate throughout the Rising Sun City in no time so much so that even other barbarian cities would come to know about it. It would play a crucial role in the further development and prosperity of our Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce in the Western Continent. I know that Elder Zhong can finally set her mind at rest today. But, as for me I'll make an honest report to the President on this matter. In addition, I'll record this as your splendid contribution to us," Wang Rui Kun said.

"Thank you so much, Vice President." Zhong Xiu's eyes brightened up, and she bowed to him in respect.

"Of course, Elder Zhao had also made a remarkable contribution when she had gone to the Sinking Sand City to carry out a mission. So, both of you are rare talents of the Chamber of Commerce," Wang Rui Kun turned his head to look at the enchanting woman as he said.

"Many thanks, Vice president. I've just performed my duty. That's all," a look of delight appeared on the enchanting woman's face as she replied.

"To be honest I had asked both of you to come over here because of an important matter. I want to announce something before you two," Wang Rui Kun abruptly changed the thread of conversation, and said.

Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman restrained their mind as their eyes took note of Wang Rui Kun's solemn facial expression.

However, Wang Rui Kun didn't speak anything immediately. He instead took out a green jade slip from his bosom, and said, "This is the message that I had received from our Respected President a few days ago."

Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman's facial expression changed as they heard this statement. The President of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce was a very mysterious person, and it had always been hard to catch a glimpse of him. In fact, he would rarely appear in front of the public. But, something big would occur every time he would show up in public.

"Respected President has sent this message. He is desirous of further expanding the business between our Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce and the Demon race. Therefore, he has decided to choose one of the Elders from the younger generation to act as the special envoy to the Demon Race. The chosen person will have to leave for the Beautiful Gauze region; this region falls in the central part of the Western Continent. Moreover, that person will have to carry out the first negotiation with the three big Demon tribes there," Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu couldn't help but make a guess in her heart as these words surfaced in her ears. However, she still retained the same serene facial expression on the surface.

On the other side, the enchanting woman didn't reveal any unusual look.

"I must say that Elder Zhong has handled this difficult situation very calmly. In fact, she has handled this matter very efficiently. And, this has saved the Chamber of Commerce a lot of loss. As for Elder Zhao her remarkable contribution to the Chamber of Commerce is also praiseworthy. Both of you are exceptional talents of the Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, I have reached at a decision after a discussion with the other Elders I would appoint one of you to serve as the special envoy to the Demon Race. And, I must say that I've received full authority of this matter," Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu felt a sudden jolt in her heart when she heard these words. And then, her face exposed a red gleam of excitement.

The Demon Race had always been excluded by everyone. But, the fact was that it was regarded as the greatest power in the Western Continent. In addition, they had plentiful amount of various resources in their possession.

The Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce claimed to have already expanded its business across the Western Continent. But, it still had very limited business-dealings with the Demon Race. In fact, it had only had a few business deals with some small and medium-sized tribes. However, there was a time when the Chamber of Commerce had wanted to have further business contacts with the three most powerful tribes of the total 72 demon tribes. But, it hadn't been able to make any progress

However, it suddenly seemed that the resourceful and magnificent President of the Chamber of Commerce might've done something. And, it also seemed that the three biggest demon tribes also wanted to extend their hands in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. So, this matter had finally undergone a favorable change.

One of these two women would soon be appointed as the special envoy to the Demon Race. She would be sent to the Rising to the Heaven Mountain Peak to complete this negotiation. Let's presume that appointed person carried out this negotiation appropriately Then, that accomplishment would have an astonishing impact on their development in the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce.

Zhong Xiu sank into deep contemplation. The fact was that she wasn't very ambitious about achieving higher status in the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. But, there was a possibility that she could get her freedom by means of this business deal. Then, she would be able to stay with Shi Mu.

"The auction that takes place once in every ten years in the Rising Sun City is an opportune moment for both of you to showcase your capabilities." Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman couldn't refrain from exchanging a quick glance with each other as soon as this statement was made.

"The Rising Sun City has long and narrow eastern and western regions. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce always sets up an auction venue in both east and west regions of the city. And, you two will be in-charge of all the respective preparations this time. The one who would show-case an outstanding performance in the auction shall be chosen as the special envoy to the Demon Race this time," Wang Rui Kun said.

"How will the east and the west auction venues be allocated?" Zhong Xiu asked.

"It will be decided on the basis of your degree of contribution to the Chamber of Commerce. The person who has marked higher contribution will be eligible to choose a place first," Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu's brows creased as she heard these words. She had recently joined the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. So, her merits and achievements couldn't be compared with the enchanting woman's in any respect.

"I've already calculated this, and found that Elder Zhao's contribution to the Chamber of Commerce is relatively higher now. So, she wins the right to choose the place first," Wang Rui Kun said what Zhong Xiu had expected.

The enchanting woman's face beamed with exhilaration.

"Thank you so much, Vice President. In that case I would choose to manage the western auction venue," the enchanting woman said.

"That's good. Then, the eastern auction site will be supervised by Elder Zhong," Wang Rui Kun looked at Zhong Xiu as he said.

Zhong Xiu didn't give him any reply. She simply nodded.

"There isn't much difference between the eastern and western auction sites of the Rising Sun City. The only thing that matters here are the various aspects of your abilities you would display during the process. The preliminary publicity and popularity of the auction are the key factors that directly contribute to the commission of the auction," Wang Rui Kun said.

"Thank you for your guidance, Vice President Wang." Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman bowed to him, and said in a reverent manner.

"Well, you two can leave now. I'll send someone to share some of the details of the auctions with you in a little while. In addition, the goods that the City Lord has entrusted the Chamber of Commerce for the auction will be equally distributed between you. Both of you still have two months of time before the auction. So, prepare for it efficiently," Wang Rui Kun said.

Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman again bowed to him in order to bid him farewell. Then, they withdrew from the hall.