The Portal Of Wonderland Chapter 454

Chapter 454 A Battle Among The Stars

Chapter 454: A Battle Among the Stars

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Shi Mu focused his gaze and started scanning the surrounding of the planet.

It was a dimly-lit on the surface, where streams of gigantic, dirt-yellow air accumulated on its surface to form many large yellow vortices. Sparks of lights escaped from the eye of the vortices, with lightnings occasionally coursing in and out of them like gigantic serpentsit was a terrifying sight to behold.

Through these air streams, one could see that the surface of this planet was filled with schisms as wide as a lake where countless crimson lava, not unlike fresh blood, gushed through these interweaving cracks freely.

As they ran, they widened the channels they coursed through in a speed visible to the naked eye.

In a flash, Shi Mu had a feeling that this large, dirt-yellow planet was like a wounded, moribund man hanging on to the last thread of life in despair, even though it was becoming more and more pronounced that he would soon expire.

Suddenly, Shi Mu heard a blare from one of the dirt-yellow vortices below him! The single bellow was filled with anger and indignation; But most of all, it was filled with pain.

Shi Mu turned his head to the direction of the sound, shocked.

Countless silver arcs started to surface in and out of the vorticesbefore all of them seemed to come together to form a single, gigantic silhouette, which then exited a single vortex with a demonic miasma circling around it.

Shi Mu watched, his eyes trying to see through the clock of demonic miasma and saw that it was a six- to seven-hundred yard large demonic ape covered in grey fur. Its eyes were bright as torches as it clutched an antiquated, two- to three-hundred yard long hammer in its hands.

Spine-chilling gashes could be seen cutting across its chestand they were indeed fresh wounds, as the flesh around them were still raw while blood was still pouring out from the cut as Shi Mu watched. It was gravely-wounded, and its blood was pouring downward onto the land below like a red drizzle.

It made Shi Mus heart jumpedmostly because this was the first time he had ever seen such a creature of such mammothlike proportions!

But that was not all that had surprised him. Next, he heard cries sounding out, one after another. from the vortices like an onslaught of wavesall of them emitted from the vortices on the surface of the same planet. Silhouettes of about the same sized each leaped out from the dirt-yellow vortices in successions.

All of them were demonic apes, with their own demonic miasma hanging around them like a shroud. Together, they formed a concentrated packwith rough estimation going up to millions!

These demonic apes did not necessarily belong to the same group or clan; Some of them were spotted with red fur, some, were green, others were white or black. Some of them even had shorter fur than the others, while some spotted much, much longer fur. The size differences between them were quite shocking toothe smallest among them could be about a hundred-odd yard tall, while the largest among them had far exceeded thousands.

There was a single similar feature shared among all of them other than being demonic apesall of them looked like they were gods of calamities, with their eyes widening in fury while they moved their battered bodies out of the vortices that had spat them out while they growled in blatant dissatisfaction.

Aucch! Aucch!

All of the apes were shrieking as they charged towards the space opposite of them. The one leading them all was an ape so large that it was larger than thousands of yards, with a demonic miasma around it being so thick that it was almost tangible as well as a mien so petrifying it could suffocate a man.

It was a short-haired green ape, wielding a sky-scrapping rod on its hand as dirt-yellow glows reflected from its surface.

Next to the green ape was a jet-black one with every single muscle protruding out of its body. On its two hands each was a single day-sundering axe. Every single strike of the axe left an arc of black in the air.

On the right side of the green leader ape was a skinnier white app wielding a saber crafted from unknown rock, its superior speed palpable from the way it charged.

Closely tailing behind the trio was an ape with crimson long hair, its both hands wielding two hill-sized hammers made from sort of red bronze emanating layers of red lights.

Behind these thousand-yards large apes were millions of demonic apes following their lead closely, with all kinds of heavy weapons strapped to their hands. It was such a stupefying sight to behold that Shi Mu watched without closing his mouth for several minutes.

Then, when he finally pulled his head out of the scene and raised his head upward to see where these apes were charging athe managed to be even more shocked.

There was another legion of troops awaiting the incoming apes in the space opposite these apes. Under the black, starry backdrop of space, hundreds of silver fleetsall emanating a hazy auralined up in a neat row as if they were each a single crest of a huge chain of silver mountains. They shone so brightly that they had eclipsed the lights of the stars around them.

These silver fleets each spotted a shuttle-like shape, spotting a wide, puffing middle with two narrow ends. On their surface were reliefs depicting all kinds of bizarre totemic art; A silver wing made from light sprouted on each side of the ship, with nigh-corporeal golden glyphs hopping from the wing with its soft glow.

Every single fleet also spotted the same pillar jutting out from its cathead not unlike a bowsprit, with its very tip boasting the design of a ferocious chimera staring down at any enemy ahead of it.

Standing even before them were eight golden Jiao dragons hovering in the air, their tails chained by hundreds of silver lights connecting them to the fleets behind them.

Every single silver ship was encircled by soft puffs of clouds, mist and vibrant rainbows, with the latters arc looming over every single shipit made every single ship in the fleet t look like a paradise of its own.

Shi Mu could see through the seven-colored clouds to the deck, where it was packed with uncountable warriors each donning armor of different colors.

But that was not the most aghast part of the sceneno, the ones who took the cake would be a few hundred of gigantic men in yellow robes, each of them about millions of yards tall, standing behind the wall of silver fleets. All of them spotted the same mop of golden, curly hair, their expression solemn and placid. On their body, hanging slightly askew, was an amber robe with a large golden drum strapped onto their waist.

These large golden drums looked like toys as they hung on their waist, but that was only so when in relative to the giants, as they were all about thousand of yards long in actuality. Their surface was surprisingly economical with mystical runes, while the middle of the drum was drawn with a portrait of a behemoth with a large jaw.

The giants in the golden robe looked downwards at the swarming millions of demonic apes with an unperturbed expressionnot even a single glint of any kind in their eyes. Their hands clutched on greenish-black drum mallets, and they raised their arms simultaneously to the same level as their chest.

Then, in the exact same speed and fashion, they swung their arms downwards and hit the drum tied to their waist.


A wave of invisible ripples spread out to all sides as the giants beat on their drums. As the ripple spread towards the bowsprit of the ships before them, the bizarre chimera jaw opened widely as a dart of golden light flashed from the inside.

In a split second, hundred rays of lights projected out from the ships like golden javelins towards the legion of demonic apes below indiscriminately.

The leading four gigantic apes let out a huge burst of bellows at the sight, raising their weapons high above them while lights flared from them before each of them used a technique of their own to deflect the onslaughts of golden rays swarming towards them.

Very soon, it became apparent that despite the numbers of powerful, thousand-yard large apes, most of the army was made up of normal, hundred-yard demonic apesso when the golden javelins started bombarding them from above, cries and wails of agony started to blare almost instantaneously.

One of thema seven to eight hundred yard long green ape was shimmering with green light as it crossed a pair of axes before its chest in an attempt to block out one of the golden rays. Unfortunately, the golden ray proved itself to be capable of penetrating the axes and the apes chestas well as a few other apes behind it, their demonic miasma putting basically zero defense to the attack.

Then, despite their size, the gigantic apes instantly incinerated as soon as the golden rays pierced through their bodies in balls of golden flames.

Many in the apes army suffered the same fate. As tides of bloodcurdling cries rose and waned, hundreds of demonic ape turned into ashes in an instance.

The attack of the golden javelins kept raining down from the silver fleets above, as if they would never run out of ammo while they reaped the lives of the demonic apes below. However, it didnt seem to deter any of the apes who managed to survive the bombardment as they followed the lead of the four gigantic apes continuously towards space.

Shi Mu was appalled and quite frightened by what he was seeing, so he pulled his eyes away from the scene and turned to the golden-robed giants with the large mallets. They were swinging their shoulders as they hammered on the drums on their waistand every time they hit the drum and blared out a note, the same pale golden lights would spray out in droves.

Shi Mu felt them like the rumble of thunders. Every beat punctuated his ear forcefully as if they were meant to shake the earth; Whats more, they were starting to pound on Shi Mus heart, forcing his own heartbeat to pound exactly to their rhythm.

Shi Mu wanted to avert his gaze from them, but he found out he was unable to pull away anymore. Instead, his eyes stay glued to the hammering giants in their golden robes.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the beats intruded into his ears, Shi Mu was starting to feel a sense of numbness perforating his entire being. It was as if his bones and tendons had all been breaking down bits by bits as the beat rang on, causing them to start to slump; His strength was even starting to leave him, as if they were being sucked out from his body, leaving him weak and at the verge of collapsing.

It was then when he suddenly felt a single shroud of blackness suddenly loomed over him. At the same time, that strength-sapping feeling ceded instantly, his eyes now free to ,ove away from the giants in golden robe.

Shi Mu lifted his head towards where the shadow came fromand his mouth hung agape.

Standing behind him was a towering ape tall enough to reach the sky, clad in golden armor. It was about million of yards tall, and as it stood it was like a sky-scrapping mountain it was more than just several or even tenfold of all the other demonic apes he had seen. Even the mien radiating from its body was even more pervasive than the other gigantic apes.

Every single plate and chain golden armor on the behemoth ape was linked together into a single armor. On its surface, snake-like glyphs were carved onto them as golden lights coursed through them.

On the middle of the golden brigandine was a relief of a beasts pate. The beast was holding onto a ring, its eyes flaring gold, giving off the whole relief a dominating look.

Shi Mu was standing right beside the apes foot like a little ant near to a sky-scrapping pillar, so there wasnt much for him to even see purely because he was too small. This was also the same reason why the ape had eluded Shi Mus observation.

Its presence was only make known to Shi Mu once the ape looked downward, casting a looming shadow on himonly then Shi Mu knew that a mountain-like fearsome god had been standing behind him this whole time.

Shi Mu took a sharp inhale of breath as soon as his eyes made sense of the face looking downwards. It wasnt just a single headit was a row of three heads.

They were three of them on top of the apes shoulders. The one in the middle was watching the scene before them with a calm visage.

The one on the left was turning a little askew as it lowered its eyes on Shi Mu. It barred its fangs, its face filled with anger.

On the right side of the heads was also askew as it watched Shi Mu with a side-eye, but this one was twinkling with a smile without a single sign of ferociousness.

The middle head of the golden-armored behemoth apethe one with the neutral, calm visagehad a single vertical eye in the middle between its two eyes. It was half-opened, with very faint golden lights coursing through it.

Behind the golden-armored behemoth ape were six muscular arms, all of them covered by golden armorso, in entirety, the ape had three heads and six arms!