The Portal Of Wonderland Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Availing a Convenient Weapon

Shi Mu was in high spirits. He spread another piece of charm paper on the stone table. Then, he stabilized his mind, and started to draw another charm in a smooth manner.

Now, he had a successful precedent to refer to. Therefore, his speed was faster than before.

It was evening by the time Shi Mu finished drawing the third copy of the Body Lifting Charm. However, he was regretful since he could draw the charm only twice before the spiritual energy of the wind element spirit stone got exhausted.

He got lost in thoughts as he gazed at the two successful copies. He realized that the ability of his miraculous eyesight had started to appear weaker as the complexity of the magic charms increased.

However, he was satisfied with his progress. An ordinary Charm magician would have to rely on his perception if he were to come across such a complex magic charm. Therefore, his success rate would be lower than Shi Mus.

Shi Mu had made a breakthrough to the third stage of the Art of Accumulating Spirit Power and the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants. He also had the Body Lifting Charm up his sleeve. So, he would have a favorable chance to struggle through-to the high ranks in the annual competition. After all, the awards for the quarterly competition couldnt be placed in the same league as the great rewards offered for the victories in annual competition.

However, he needed to prepare a powerful weapon. He felt that his current blade was an ordinary blade that couldnt withstand the might of his Real Qi. He had realized this while practicing the Thirteen Series of Gale-Force Blade Art a while ago. Therefore, he had been unable to display his entire strength.

He thought about the situation carefully. Then, he returned to his bed and sat down cross-legged. He exhibited the posture of Five Hearts towards Heaven[1], and began to practice the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants.

*** ***

Shi Mu left his room early in the next morning. He followed the familiar path, and arrived in front of the blacksmiths shop. This shop belonged to Zhao family of the Flaming Beast Group.

"Brother Shi, youre a very busy person. How did you spare time to visit my small shop? Could it be that you are looking for this Elder Brother to forge something for you?" Zhao Ping spotted Shi Mu from a distance. He welcomed him with a broad smile.

"Brother Zhao, youre making fun of me. Its just that the competition is around the corner. So, Im looking for a good weapon. I think youre the only person who can do this task efficiently," Shi Mu replied with a smile.

Shi Mu had visited this place every time he had come to purchase pills in the past six months.

The tools and gadgets recorded in the Secret Arts of their Clan had always tempted his curiosity.

Previously, he didnt have much money. All tasks except forging were so inferior that he couldnt earn a lot of money.

However, his wealth had greatly increased in the past six months. Therefore, he had been constantly requesting Zhao Ping to forge ingenious weapons for him. As a result, the two of them had become familiar with each other with the passage of time.

"Oh! So thats the case. Brother Shi, please come inside," Zhao Ping said with a chuckle.

It was early morning. So, there was no one in the shop. Even the janitor disciples hadnt yet arrived; the room seemed lonely.

All kinds of sharp weapons were stacked-up on either side of the wooden shelves outside the shop. There were double-edged swords, halberds, Heaven and Earth Ring, Yuan Yang axes and some other mysterious weapons.

These weapons couldnt ignite Shi Mus curiosity even though he had repeatedly visited the shop and had seen these weapons several times.

"I wonder what kind of weapon brother Shi wants The weapons that you can see lined-up outside are the average pieces; the good ones are inside the room. Brother Shi, please follow me," Zhao Ping spoke with a smile. Then, he walked inside the room.

The inner room was smaller; it was almost half the size of the outside room. Around thirty weapons were placed in the several compartments that were arranged in the room. These weapons seemed to be of high quality.

"Im good at using knives and blades. So, I hope Brother Zhao would recommend a weapon with a hilt," Shi Mu looked around as he said.

Zhao Ping nodded. Then, he grabbed one weapon. It was more than two feet long; it was a silver blade. He handed it over to Shi Mu and spoke, "This blade is made of seabeds Cold Crystal; its as strong as iron. Its extremely sharp and tough. Its incisive blow can slash even a strand of hair into two. It has a cold aura."

Shi Mu grasped the blade and weighed it in his hand. Then, he knitted his brows.

The blade was incredible. But, it was too light to hold; it felt as light as a hair-strand to him.

"Its a good blade. But, its too light. Id prefer a heavier one," Shi Mu said as he handed the blade back to Zhao Ping.

Zhao Ping was startled. This Cold Crystal Iron blade was twenty-five kilograms in weight. It was strong enough to support and withstand ones Real Qi. Moreover, it was the best weapon for an ordinary Hou Tian warrior. Suddenly, he recalled the extraordinary strength Shi Mu had displayed when he had forged the iron pieces. Therefore, he accepted the fact.

Then, he moved and picked-up a long bronze blade. He extended it towards Shi Mu and said, "This blade was made by forging a red bronze stone. It weighs almost seventy kilograms. Brother Shi, try this one."

Shi Mu gripped the hilt of the blade and flicked his wrist.

"Shua" "Shua" a series of blade-shadows flashed with repetitive piercing sounds; a chilling cold aura was spread inside the room.

Suddenly, a trace of astonishment flashed through Zhao Pings eyes as he noticed Shi Mus astounding strength; he realized that Shi Mu was on the verge of stepping into Hou Tian intermediate stage. He couldnt even see any variation in his blades movement.

Suddenly, the blade-shadows dissipated. Shi Mu gazed at the blade for a while. Then, he shook his head and said, "Its still a little light. Do you have a heavier one?"

Zhao Ping was dumbfounded. This blade was enormously heavy. But, he had still found it to be light

"This is the heaviest blade in my shop. Its quite heavy almost seventy kilograms..." Zhao Ping said gloomily. Then, he stopped speaking; he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

"Whats the matter, Brother Zhao?" Shi Mu noticed that Zhao Pings countenance had changed. So, he asked with raised eyebrows.

"If you want to have a heavier blade a real treasure then I do have one in my shop. But, this blade is special..." Zhao Ping spoke in a hesitant manner.

"Oh! Whats so special about it? You can talk to me without any hesitation." Shi Mus eyes lit-up brightly; there was an expression of curiosity in them.

"Let me fetch it first. Then, Ill talk about it. Brother Shi, please wait..." Zhao Ping entered a back room. He re-appeared with a long, narrow and ordinary-looking wooden case in his arms.

Shi Mus eyes flashed. The object inside the case seemed to be extremely heavy as Zhao Pings veins were protruding from his muscles. In fact, it seemed that he was straining himself to walk.

"Bang!" Zhao Ping placed the box on the table with a dull thumping sound.

Shi Mus eyes sparked as he opened the lid. Suddenly, a strange look flashed across his eyes.

A long and thin blade lay inside the box. It was dark-black in color. It didnt look magnificent at the first glance. But, Shi Mu realized that it wasnt an average blade as he took a closer look. The surface of the blade revealed a faint-black luminescence.

Shi Mus eyes dazzled with excitement. He grabbed the blades hilt and picked it up.

Suddenly, his complexion changed. The blade was extremely heavy even though it looked ordinary; it weighed at least two-hundred-and-fifty kilograms. It was hard to tell what sort of material was used to forge it.

"Its an exquisite blade!"

Shi Mu brushed its surface with his finger. Suddenly, an ice-cold feeling transmitted through his finger. He couldnt suppress his yearn to try it out. Therefore, he held the blades hilt.

A black shadow flashed as he waved his arm. It streaked across a black piece of stone kept for testing weapons.

"Crack" the piece of stone got divided into two equal halves with a mild sound. The stone was made-up of refined steel. However, it was slashed into two parts in a clean and precise manner.

Shi Mus eyes glittered brightly. He had slashed-off the stone without feeling any resistance. He had felt like he had cut a piece of tofu.

"Brother Shi is born with great strength! This blade is made-up of a foreign object a meteor iron that fell on the earth. When I discovered it I spent a huge sum of precious materials, and invested three months to forge it. And the result was fruitful. It turned out to be incomparably sharp. Id say that Ive never forged such an incredible weapon in my entire life." Zhao Ping was mesmerized as he saw Shi Mus swift movement. He had lifted the blade easily even though it weighed two-hundred-and-fifty kilograms. So, he was satisfied, and held his thumb up in approval. Then, he gave an introduction of the blade with pride.

"Its really good! I want this one" Shi Mu sized-up the black blade from top-to-bottom, and returned it to its case. Then, he nodded with satisfaction as he spoke.

"Brother Shi, dont rush into making a decision. Theres still something about this blade that I havent told you yet," Zhao Ping interrupted Shi Mu and said as he waved his hand anxiously.


1)A meditative posture