The Queen Of Everything Chapter 159

Chapter 159: I Promise To Feed You

Su Cha felt like she had just seen the tip of the iceberg.

The once distant and mysterious real world had begun to reveal its peculiar self to Su Cha.

Her heart throbbed, but Su Cha did not ask Bo Muyi about what she had just heard.

After hanging up, Bo Muyi nested his head in the crook of Su Cha's neck for a long time without moving.

Su Cha felt his warm breath on her ears, but she could not feel his emotions.

"Cha Cha."

After a long pause, Bo Muyi continued softly, "Do you really like me?"

Although his voice sounded bright and gentle, Bo Muyi was in low spirits.

It seemed like he had finally asked the question he had suppressed in his heart for a long time.

At that moment, Bo Muyi felt extremely nervous.

His mouth went dry, and his fingers curled up towards his palm.

He should not have asked.

But, he could not help it as he had become increasingly greedy.

He wanted more