The Record Of Unusual Creatures Chapter 412

Chapter 412: The Allied Army's In Trouble?

The demons weren't a threat at all, they were trifling in the demonic world. Even if they these demons were a lot stronger than humans, they were just child's play in the eyes of these superhumans. As the two leading demons were taken out, the demonspawns which were a no more smarter than aninals were totally no match for the superhumans. They were dead before they could react; one was stabbed to death by Hao Ren, one was stabbed to death by Lily, one was slapped to death by Y'zaks, one was slapped to death by Y'zaks, one was slapped to death by Y'zakslet's cut to the chase: the rest of the demonspawns were finished off by Y'zaks singlehandedly.

The male officer raised his sword. But before he could say anything, the demons had crumbled from within. Bodies of demonspawns were strewn all over the place and quickly turning into hot ashes. The person who did this was no other than the succubus. The little officer had felt it too unreal, and things happened to be so good to be true...

Lanina wiped the blood stain off her rapiers and walked up to Hao Ren delectably. "Are you guys OK?"

The beardy guy and other men and women were nervous for a while. But when they saw the humble attitude of the succubus, they were convicned that Hao Ren was a real warlock. Though warlock was an occupation feared by many, it was on the human side, so they felt a sense of relief. Hao Ren came up to the human soldiers with his company and asked, "Are you from the allied army?"

The leading officer came to his sense. He began to eyeball and size them up before asking back. "Who are you people?"

"They're friends." The beardy man came up from behind and nodded to the officer. "If not for them, I'm afraid we would have been dead in the demonic barracks. He's a warlock, and his servant a succubus. But you don't have to worry about her."

Lanina nodded immediately, looked very submissive. "Yes, I'm summoned by my lord..."

The succubus lied without even blinking an eye. Had the two dead demonic guards heard what she said, they would turned in their grave. But then again, the identity switch really came in handy.

There was an occupation called 'warlock' in this world. Warlock could summon and command demons, and had a great deal of knowledge about the demonic world.

Sometimes, warlocks could be used by demons as a tool to invade the human world. Normally a demonic lord would simply disguise himself as a lower demon and got summoned by the warlock to invade the human world, the warlock would then be intimidated to open a temporary teleporting gateway for them. That was the reason why warlocks were suspected by many.

But there are two sides to every coin. Even if warlocks were feared by people, it was a proper occupation recognised all over the world: these were the people who knew the inside out of demons, all races in the human world which wanted to wage war against the highly combative demons would need to go through the warlocks. And they also needed warlocks to open the gateway for them if they were to invade the demonic world. So warlocks became the indespensible experts and guides in war against the demonsit was an occupation arose in the early days for the purpose of fighting the demons.

Just that the some of the later generations had gone rogue.

This was warlock, a group of mysterious, revered yet feared taboo scholars. They sometimes became an accomplice of the demons. But most of the time, they were the biggest help the camp of order could garner. Hao Ren had agreed with Lanina beforehand that using warlock as disguise was the best bet: when facing with demons they would say Lanina was in control, when seeing humans they would say he himself was the boss. Both of them hadn't really any sort of covenant between them after all, so they could say whatever they wanted...

The trick was so perfect that no one would have thought that demon and human would come to such mutual cooperationthanks to the mad demonic king who had made history trying to unite all races of the world but only manage to prove that human and demon could never see eye to eye. That gave Hao Ren a perfect background of disguise.

When the human officer heard that Hao Ren was a warlock, he was fearful as well as revering him. But judging from the submissive behavior of the succubus and also the killing of the demons, he was convinced. He was only curious about one thing now. "Nowadays, when is a warlock into spear, eh?"

Hao Ren guffawed and clenched the spear in this hand and looked up into the sky. "I don't know anything else..."

The human officer pursued the question no more: normally warlock would suffer mental shock after trying to take control of demons, their mind would become a little wobbling after performing a certain amount of demon summoning. And judging from the symptom of Hao Ren had manifested, he could be warlock master.

By now Vivian began speaking the mercenary narrative. "We had received call from the allied army and came to help but got separated from the convoy after passing through the gateway. We bumped into your men who were captured by the demons. Now can you bring us to the camp of the allied army?"

Lanina had observed the allied army for a certain time before she left this world. She had quite some solid intel about the allied army; though several months had passed the situation seemed to be not much changes. So they knew what to fudge.

The human officer carefully sized them up, confirming that aside from the succubus they were all normal human beings. He then nodded and said, "Follow me. We need people the most now. But please Mr. Warlock, look after your pet and don't let it run astray lest she could be manslaughtered."

They grouped into formation and left the place under the cover of Osidian forest, bypassed the patrolling demons and headed toward the allied army camp. The human spies naturally walked with the human soldiers. The beardy guy looked worried as he asked the officer. "It seems there are just you, where are the other races? Didn't they send their people too??"

"I knew it from the beginning. There's no need to feel disappointed." The officer lamented as he looked at the beardy guy with respectfully. "It couldn't go on like this. Even an important scholar like you were sent to collecting samples without even assigning a body guard, clearly it was..."

The beardy guy shook his head and said, "What can we do? It was just a loose coalition, a marriage of convenience. It's already a miracle they could stick together for all these years. The mad demonic king has disappeared for more than half a year, I think it's time they go their separate way."

Hao Ren was listening attentively from behind and got an insight: the beardy guy who appeared like other ordinary folk wasn't actually a soldier, most likely he was someone in disguise, someone of importance. But it wasn't known what had gone wrong with the allied army that he was sent out and left to diealmost.

So it was now easier to explain about the human soldiers. They were here ambushing the lower demons just because they wanted to rescue the beardy guy and the rest. Coupled with the fact that there were only human soldiers without other races joining the operation, it further reinforced the notion that trouble was brewing inside the allied army.

The convoy threaded carefully. They changed course constantly but in an orderly manner, circumventing the strongholds of the demons around the osidian forest. Some of the human soldiers dressed like priests who were were laying close-range barrier along the way to get rid of or disguise the scents that they had left behind. Obviously these veterans who had been working in the demonic space for many months were experienced.

Meanwhile, Hao Ren and the rest deliberately walked at the rear of the group. Vivian muttered to Y'zaks. "Now we're headed to the territory of the allied army. Do you feel the dilemma?"

"What dilemma?" Y'zaks was confused.

"They're your sworn enemy!" Nangong Wuyue chimed in. "Your foes who banished your back then?"

Y'zaks smiled wryly as if he couldn't care less. "Aren't demons also my enemy? It doesn't matter where I go, the world is already against me."

Hao Ren could feel his lofty aspiration in his wordsonly great man like Y'zaks could have uttered 'the world is agaisnt me' so lightly, so carelessly. This words were far more meaningful than what the hotheaded chaps who had done nothing but complained about the unjust of the world. What Y'zaks said was indeed a condensed thought of his epic past of being pursued by the whole worldtruly a bloody meaningful word.