The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006: Duwu Silis Compromise

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Retreat! Hurry and retreat!"

Dalun Ruozan's eyes widened, his expression contorting as it lost all of its former confidence. In a flash, he understood that he had once more fallen into Wang Chong's trap. Dalun Ruozan had never imagined that it was possible to hide such a large ape, but Wang Chong had buried it in advance some distance from the Turkic camp.

Only after he had finished preparing this had he led out the Wushang Cavalry.

Dalun Ruozan had only been thinking about dealing with Wang Chong, and had forgotten that Wang Chong had other tricks at his disposal.

I was still too careless! As expected, in fighting with him, you can't leave a single thing up to chance!

Dalun Ruozan clenched his fists, his face suffused with rage.

He had always thought that this operation was too easy, but the thought of killing Wang Chong had dominated his mind. If Wang Chong could be killed, it would have an enormous effect on the Battle of Talas, Ü-Tsang, the Western Turkic Khaganate, and all the other countries bordering the Great Tang.

All of them would have one less huge threat to deal with.

If Wang Chong continued to develop in this manner, in the future, no one would be able to stop him!

But in the end, Wang Chong had exploited his momentary 'greed'!

"Everyone, retreat!"

Dalun Ruozan's eyes were filled with panic. The giant ape's attacks were far too astonishing, and the several thousand Mutri Great Cavalry could do nothing against it. Moreover, this time, even Dalun Ruozan was in its range.

Roooar! An enormous fist suddenly began to fly toward Dalun Ruozan.

"Great Minister!"

Cries of alarm came from all around, and Dalun Ruozan himself paled. He was astonishingly intelligent and also knew a little martial arts, but this was only in his superb and meticulous control over Stellar Energy. His true cultivation level wasn't very high at all, at least not up to Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje's level.

"Beast, halt!"

With a furious roar, a curved saber flew through the air to smash into the ape's fist with a thunderous impact. The earth-shattering power of this saber managed to push the giant ape's steely fist several zhang off course. This was the scimitar thrown by the distant Dusong Mangpoje, who had an extremely nervous expression.

But Dusong Mangpoje had still underestimated the power of the giant ape in Wang Chong's hands. Rumble! As the right hand was jolted off course, the giant ape raised its left arm and punched at Dalun Ruozan with an equally astonishing power.


The earth quaked and dust churned several dozen zhang into the air. The ground sank where the fist landed, forming countless cracks and fissures around the impact site.

"What a pity!"

In the distance, Wang Chong couldn't help but sigh from within the Godking Yama as he watched the ape punch down. Duwu Sili, Huoshu Huicang, and Dusong Mangpoje truly were powerful Great Generals, but the greatest threat was Dalun Ruozan. He was the brains of the three Great Generals, applying their strength where it could be most effective.

Dalun Ruozan had been scheming against him in this operation, but Wang Chong had also been scheming against Dalun Ruozan.

"Great Minister, are you okay?"

In the distance, Huoshu Huicang loosened his grip and scattered the dust on his body with a burst of Stellar Energy. As he looked at Dalun Ruozan in front of him, he showed an expression of deep concern and anxiety. At that moment, Huoshu Huicang had sensed that Dalun Ruozan was in danger and immediately acted to rescue him from under the ape's hand.

Huoshu Huicang had managed the Ngari Royal Lineage together with Dalun Ruozan for more than twenty years now. The two had shared life and death together, confronting innumerable challenges, and had developed an extremely deep friendship.

From a certain perspective, their relationship had transcended that of superior and subordinate and become one of best friends until the very end.

"I'm fine!"

Dalun Ruozan shook his head, his eyes looking past Huoshu Huicang to rest on the distant Wang Chong. In that moment, countless thoughts flitted through his eyes. Dalun Ruozan was not someone who did not care about his own safety. It was just that he knew that he was safe the moment Huoshu Huicang had appeared.

What he was more concerned about at this moment was still Wang Chong.

Although the giant ape was invincible, Wang Chong was not. If Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, and Duwu Sili could combine their strengths, they could still kill Wang Chong!

But this thought remained in Dalun Ruozan's mind for only a few seconds before a voice extinguished any hopes of it being realized.

"Hahaha, Dusong Mangpoje, Duwu Sili, Huoshu Huicang… I can't believe that as Great Generals, the three of you would team up on a single youth. Do none of you have any shame? Come! I, Gao Xianzhi, will accompany you!"

A loud voice rose from the distance. At the start, it appeared to be several hundred li away, but in the blink of an eye, its source appeared in everyone's perception. As everyone turned their heads, they saw that the owner of that voice was now several thousand zhang away, arriving with the power of a destructive storm.

They could all see several figures approaching at incredible speeds under the faint starlight. The leader had a slender figure and elegant demeanor, as well as an aura that was like an unsheathed sword. Anyone who saw this man would feel insignificant and compelled to pay respect.

Gao Xianzhi!

At this sight of this figure, Dusong Mangpoje, Huoshu Huicang, and Duwu Sili all grimaced. Wang Chong and the giant ape were already hard enough to deal with. With the appearance of Western Regions War God Gao Xianzhi, this situation was getting worse and worse.

"Too powerful! He was clearly severely wounded by Abu Muslim! How did he recover so quickly!?"

Duwu Sili's face was twitching in shock.

Even Dalun Ruozan appeared apprehensive.

Judging by the speed and aura of Gao Xianzhi, he had mostly recovered from his injuries. The Anxi War God was even more powerful than Wang Chong, and if Gao Xianzhi had appeared, the other elite commanders of the Great Tang were not far behind. If they did not retreat now, they might truly be forced into a fight.


Dalun Ruozan dispelled any thought of dealing with Wang Chong tonight. All the Mutri Great Cavalry began to rapidly withdraw. Just a moment later, a massive vajra pestle flew through the air and crashed down in front of the Mutri Great Cavalry, the enormous construct of Stellar Energy thrusting into the earth.

Rooooar! At almost the same time, the giant ape leaped forward with a savage expression. Boom! It landed in front of the Mutri Great Cavalry, blocking their retreat. Crash! An enormous fist crashed down, pulverizing the ten-some Mutri Great Cavalry at the very front and sundering the earth.

The giant ape proceeded to immediately unleash a barrage of attacks against the Mutri Great Cavalry.

Even if there was no chance of stopping Great Generals like Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje, the giant ape was more than enough to deal with the Mutri Great Cavalry. Even if the Mutri Great Cavalry could flee, they would only do so after paying a heavy price.


The horsemen of the famed Mutri Great Cavalry screamed as they were thrown into the air by the giant ape's attacks like blades of grass.

In just a few short moments, two to three hundred of the precious Mutri Great Cavalry had been killed.


This was not the only danger the Mutri Great Cavalry were facing. At almost the same time, Li Siye pulled out his sword, instinctively sensing an opportunity, and rapidly gathered his troops for a charge on the Mutri Great Cavalry.


A thunderous roar suddenly rumbled through the night sky.

"Brat, do you still want the life of that Chen Bin? If you don't stop now, I'll kill him first, and then we can have our battle!"

Duwu Sili floated in the air, both shocked and enraged. The giant ape had appeared too abruptly, and now even Gao Xianzhi had appeared. The outcome of the battle was still up in the air, but if he did not stop Wang Chong and the giant ape, his own forces would suffer terrible casualties.


In a flash, the battlefield fell silent. The savage killing machine that was the giant ape suddenly stopped its attacks on the Turks and Tibetans, its scarlet eyes turning to the distant Duwu Sili.

"Duwu Sili, so… you propose a transaction?" Wang Chong indifferently said.

The battle fell eerily silent as Li Siye, Kong Zi-an, and all the other soldiers turned to look toward the two commanders.

Even Dalun Ruozan, Huoshu Huicang, and Dusong Mangpoje turned to look. If Wang Chong was so well-prepared, then this was a poor time for a battle. But now, the only people who could stop it were Duwu Sili and his hostage Chen Bin.

"I said nothing of the sort!"

Duwu Sili's eyes narrowed as he quickly regained his composure. In front of so many people, he would never admit to such a thing.

Wang Chong only smiled and gave Duwu Sili a profound glance.

"Wang Chong, this is an extremely rare opportunity. No one knows when the giant ape will die. While it's still useful, this is the best chance to use it to finish off the Western Turks and Tibetans." A soft voice suddenly spoke into his ear as Cheng Qianli and Gao Xianzhi arrived at his side. The Mutri Great Cavalry saw this pair and began to back away with fear in their eyes.

The reputation of a man was like the shadow of a tree. No one did not know the name of the Anxi Protectorate army's commander, and even the Mutri Great Cavalry somewhat feared him.

"There's no hurry! The giant ape has already killed some Mutri Great Cavalry, and they're a bit more prepared now, making wiping them out nearly impossible. The only ones who can move at this time are Duwu Sili and his Turkic cavalry, but the giant ape isn't even needed to deal with these ordinary Turkic soldiers. When we go to save Chen Bin, we can wipe them out all the same," Wang Chong confidently said.