The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009: Each With Their Own Plans

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Everyone was speechless at this sight, and the solemn atmosphere turned strange. Even Dalun Ruozan had a different look in his eyes.

"Duwu Sili, how was it?"

Wang Chong drew back his gaze and grinned at Duwu Sili.

Duwu Sili deeply gazed at Wang Chong, and then he suddenly laughed.

"Boy, you truly are a lucky one. There's actually someone willing to exchange formation phenomena for your life!"

With his right hand, Duwu Sili tore apart the black cloth blindfolding Chen Bin. At the same time, his other hand unsealed Chen Bin's limbs and voice.

"Lord Marquis! No! You can't give the formation phenomena to him!"

The moment he opened his eyes, Chen Bin began to shout and yell, his voice both anxious and angry. The matter of formation phenomena was extremely important, and he had remained steadfast against endless pain and torture to prevent the secret from falling into Duwu Sili's hands.

But if Wang Chong gave the secret of formation phenomena to Duwu Sili, all his efforts would have been in vain.

"Duwu Sili, I'll never let you succeed!"

Seeing that the transaction was about to be completed, Chen Bin became resolved, his eyes flashing with determination as he fiercely bit down on his tongue. But before he could bite down and end it all, a steely palm firmly grasped his lower jaw.

"You want to commit suicide in front of me?!"

Duwu Sili coldly chortled as he spoke into Chen Bin's ear, and Chen Bin felt his heart sink like a stone.

Duwu Sili turned his head to Wang Chong. "Wang Chong! You have guts! As long as you give me the true formation phenomena, I will return your subordinate. What do you think?"


Wang Chong faintly smiled, his bearing not one bit inferior to the Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili.

"I will give the first half of the secret to formation phenomena to you. Once you release my subordinate, I will give you the other half!"

Wang Chong immediately removed the previous sheet of paper and flicked it at Duwu Sili.

Duwu Sili stretched out his hand and took it. This time, however, Duwu Sili unfolded the paper and carefully read it over. After a while, Duwu Sili took the first sheet of paper from the Celestial Wolf Cavalry officer and began to carefully compare them.

During this process, everyone remained silent in anticipation of his answer.

Incredible! I had always believed that the secret to formation phenomena was lost! To think that I would find the highest secret of formations in a place like Talas!

Duwu Sili's mind was raging as he gripped the two papers.

As one of the three most powerful Great Generals of the Western Turkic Khaganate, Duwu Sili possessed an insight and breadth of experience that no normal person could compare to. Things like gold, jade, or beautiful women would find it very difficult to move his heart. Even the finest weapons would do little to stimulate his desires.

But these two sheets of paper that probably weren't worth more than two taels of silver made his heart thump madly in his chest.

Formation phenomena! Duwu Sili had sought out this secret for more than half his life, but now, he held the secret in his hands, and only the last part was missing.

With his experience and knowledge, he could tell at a glance that Wang Chong had given him the real thing.

In those words, he could sense the profundity of the Great Dao and the principles of the world. It was impossible for Wang Chong to have fabricated this in such a short amount of time. No! No one could fabricate such words! The level of understanding and theory in these words had clearly surpassed Duwu Sili's Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation and could make any formation on the continent appear dim and lightless in comparison.

Most importantly, all the words flowed smoothly together, each concept linking cleanly to the next with no flaw or error.

If techniques like this could be fabricated in a single night, Duwu Sili would still have to throw himself to the ground in admiration. Even if it was fake, he would still admit defeat. This would only mean that he, Duwu Sili, was too blind and that he had deserved to be deceived!

Or perhaps, three or four months ago, Wang Chong had predicted that he would come to Talas, knew that he would crave the secret of formation phenomena, and then used a great deal of time and painstaking effort to create this fake secret of formation phenomena to deal with him.

But that was just a little too absurd!

"Boy, I can give you the hostage."

Duwu Sili raised his head, smiling as he put away the two sheets of paper.

"But how do I know that the second half is real and you haven't pulled any tricks? If it was fake, wouldn't all my efforts be for naught?"

At this moment, Anxi Vice Protector-General Cheng Qianli finally butted in, no longer able to endure this conversation. "Duwu Sili, you're a little paranoid. We already gave you the first half, and you've seen the power of the formation phenomena for yourself, but you still haven't handed over the hostage. How do we know you will release him? If we give you everything but you don't hand over the hostage, won't we be the ones suffering an even greater loss?"

The Great Tang's side had already displayed enough sincerity, but Duwu Sili seemed to want even more, getting an inch and demanding a foot.

"Haha, Duwu Sili, if you haven't seen it, you naturally won't know!"

Wang Chong finally spoke, his expression relaxed as if having long known that Duwu Sili would ask this question.

"The second half might be fake or it might be real. Duwu Sili, you have a paranoid personality, and I'm not prepared to persuade you. You can choose to stop the transaction. I don't get my subordinate and you don't get the formation phenomena, and we both go away empty-handed. But you can also choose to believe in me and take a risk. In this way, I can get my subordinate and you can get the true formation phenomena. Make your choice!"

Duwu Sili's expression froze. He had never expected Wang Chong to so frankly admit that the second half could be fake. He was caught off guard and now didn't know how to choose.

If he had heard these words from Wang Chong earlier, he would have turned around and left, but now that he had seen those two papers regarding the formation phenomena and seen the vast horizon and enormous power within, Duwu Sili found it very difficult to look away.

"Boy, you're getting too conceited! I've already received two parts of the secret to formation phenomena. If you dare say such words to me, are you not afraid that I'll just kill him now?"

Duwu Sili slowly turned his head to Chen Bin as he spoke, his eyes growing cold. His fingers slowly began to clench, power slowly traveling to the tips. With just a single move, he could shatter all of Chen Bin's bones and kill him.

"Heh, Duwu Sili, Chen Bin is my subordinate and I value him highly, but to you and the Western Turks, he's just an insignificant 'nameless soldier'. To exchange the life of a nameless soldier for the secret of formation phenomena… Duwu Sili, you're already getting quite the deal. Are you really willing to kill him?"

Wang Chong grinned, his sharp eyes cleaving like swords into the deepest parts of Duwu Sili's mind.

Dalun Ruozan's eyes flickered at these words, a flash of curiosity and interest in their depths.

Duwu Sili still did not understand Wang Chong that well!

Debating with him? Even Dalun Ruozan was no match for him, so how could Duwu Sili be?

"Haha, okay!!"

Duwu Sili laughed and made the choice that Dalun Ruozan had expected.

"Boy, I can make a deal with you, but we'll hand off at the same time. I'll count down from three, and at 'one', I'll throw your subordinate to you and you'll throw what I want to me. We'll act at the same time, and no one is permitted to play any tricks! If I discover that what you've given me is fake, I'll first kill Chen Bin, and then I'll slaughter all your subordinates!"

"Haha, of course! If I discover that you haven't let him go or plan to kill him midway, I'll destroy the paper and make it so that you'll never get a chance to learn the secrets of formation phenomena. This is the first and last time I'll make a deal with anyone!"

Wang Chong chuckled and waved his sleeve.

In the end, Duwu Sili had been unable to resist the allure of formation phenomena. But as long as he could save Chen Bin, it was all worth it.

In the end, Wang Chong and Duwu Sili, the commanders of the Great Tang and the Western Turks, reached an agreement. But not only did the atmosphere not relax, the tension was turned up to the maximum.

"Qianli, get ready. If something looks wrong, immediately move to stop Duwu Sili and save Chen Bin!"

Everyone was so focused on Wang Chong and Duwu Sili that little attention was paid to Gao Xianzhi, who had been silently observing the entire situation from behind Wang Chong. At this moment, his lips moved as he used a message transmission technique to whisper into Cheng Qianli's ear.

Wang Chong and Duwu Sili had genially reached an agreement, but few people noticed that endless killing intent was seething beneath the calm surface. Duwu Sili and Wang Chong had agreed to exchange after counting down from three. In that instant, Wang Chong could only succeed if Duwu Sili was focused on taking the paper recording the method of formation phenomena, convinced that it was the real thing.

But if Duwu Sili thought that he had been tricked or that Wang Chong wasn't going to give him the real thing, he would definitely turn and kill Chen Bin. If that happened, Chen Bin would be doomed. Moreover, Chen Bin was already right next to Duwu Sili, so even Gao Xianzhi would find it very difficult to save him.


Cheng Qianli gave an almost imperceptible nod, a grim look on his face.


A weighty and steely voice thundered through the skies. With this voice, the exchange between Wang Chong and Duwu Sili had begun. The atmosphere suddenly became somber and grim. Kaclack! The joints of Duwu Sili's fingers cracked as he grasped Chen Bin's neck.

His expression was cold and sinister, completely different from when he was negotiating with Wang Chong.


Duwu Sili placed his other hand behind him, its joints also crisply cracking. Not far behind him, Shamask and Chekun Benba suddenly tensed up, their expressions turning solemn as their gazes passed over Duwu Sili's hand.