The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Elders Recognition

Chapter 101: Elders Recognition!

The matters regarding the regional commanders and utilizing Hu talents were considered as minor affairs. Many of such discussions were being carried out in the royal court on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the utilizing Hu talents initiative came from the hands of the prime minister, and the emperor had given his approval as well. That made it even more difficult to object to it.

It wasnt worth falling out with them over such minor affairs.

But at this moment, after hearing Wang Chongs words, no one dared to think of them minor affairs anymore.

A tinge of embarrassment colored the faces of the elders in the conference hall.

As experienced old officials, failing to notice the potential calamity that a policy could bring was a huge oversight. For an instant, the entire conference hall was silent.

Everyone was still unable to recover from the shock of Wang Chongs final three words.

Autonomous military districts, this wasnt something that one should be underestimated. This was a gigantic torrent that would shake the pillars of the empire. Upon recalling how casually they treated this matter, the elders immediately felt terrified.

The Hu promoting the Hu, this wasnt just a possibility, it was a fact. They had seen many of such affairs back then, and Wang Chong was simply voicing it out.

The Hu started learning riding and shooting when they were ten. On the other hand, the Han were still studying classics, learning about propriety, or farming. On this aspect, the Hu possessed an inherent advantage.

If it was like Wang Chong said, the Hu would indeed monopolize the military from top to bottom. The Han would find themselves being unable to be promoted, and this could potentially threaten the continuation of their society.

Wang Chong didnt say anything, but the anxiety he felt didnt pale to anyone else.

As though giant waves, memories struck him one after another. Upon recalling all that he had experienced in his previous life, Wang Chongs heart felt incomparably heavy.

Just the regional commander policy and the decision to utilize Hu talents had caused the Great Tang to fall deeply into the calamity of the formation of autonomous military districts.

A huge portion of Great Tangs brightest history was filled with the pages of the Hu and foreign tribes.

Geshu Han, Go Seonji, An Sishun, Kangya Luoshan, Fumeng Lingcha Of these great generals, who of them is a Han?

Were there really no great generals among the Han?

If there were no great generals among the Han, how did the Qin manage to keep the Xiongnu beyond the Great Wall when they were at the strongest? If there were no great generals among the Han, how did the Han expel the the Xiongnu to the Yin Mountains? If there were no generals among the Han, then what did General Wang Chongsi, who promoted Geshu Han, count as?

What about those old subordinates who fought alongside grandfather against the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganate?

The regional commander and utilize Hu Talent policies caused the powerful sword of the Great Tang to be directed toward their own hearts. All Han talents found all their routes of promotion been shut down completely!

When that catastrophe struck, and all of the brilliant generals and commanders of the Great Tang met their demise, what Wang Chong was left with was a dark night sky.

In the skies of the Great Tang, the general stars were dim. Other than Wang Chong and a few other old elders who were in their eighties and nineties, there were nothing else. When their age took a toll on them, and those old elders left as well, what Wang Chong felt was unprecedented loneliness, pain, and helplessness.

What does standing alone on the shore to ward off the sea feel like?

What does standing alone in the storm to withstand the batter feel like?

What does standing alone at the top of the mountain to face the boundless darkness feel like?

Loneliness, incomparable loneliness!

That was what Wang Chong felt then. Even though he gave it his all, he was unable to reverse the ultimate fate that awaited the Great Tang and the entire Central Plains.

The pain permeated deeply into his bones, and if it was a wound, he would have been dyed completely scarlet

And the source of it all lies here!

His Majesty will be arriving later, I have to give this matter some thought before reporting it. Chong-er, you should take your leave first. Brothers, you all should rest as well!

At the top of the hall, the old master suddenly spoke.

As a retired minister of the Great Tang, the old master weathered through all kinds of storms, and there was rarely anything that could agitate him.

But at this moment, everyone could clearly hear a slight quiver in the old masters calm voice. Indubitably, his agitation has already reached his very core.

Everyone could catch the scent of an incoming storm!

With the current standing of the old master, every single word he said and every single action he made could generate huge tremors in the royal court.

The old master rarely interfered in the matters of the royal court, but when he did, the entire royal court would move.

Grandfather, Ill be taking my leave then!

Wang Chong stood up and bowed. There was nothing else he could do.

Regardless of the results, he has already given his best for this matter.

Wait a moment, Young Master Chong!

Just as Wang Chong prepared to leave the conference hall, one of the old subordinates who had remained silent the entire time stood up from his seat.

Elder, whats wrong?

Wang Chong turned around in surprise.

Hahaha, Sheng Jie, come here! Hurry up and greet Young Master Chong!

The white-haired elder smiled as the beckoned to the person behind him.

Elder Sun!

Wang Chong was taken aback for a moment before he realized what was going on. Delight gushed through his heart. The old subordinates of his grandfather would often bring their offsprings to the Four Quarters Embassy to meet grandfather. This was a sign of respect, as well as a mean to maintain their partnership.

By allowing these offsprings to meet Duke Jiu, their partnership could be passed down to the next generation.

Even so, these old subordinates of grandfather wouldnt allow their offsprings to come into contact with any Wang Clan member other than the old master. 

When the old master and his subordinates reminisce the past, they would listen obediently by the side, not speaking a word. Regardless of whether it was with his elder brother, second brother, or Cousin Wang Li They never had any interactions with them.

But now, grandfathers old subordinate, Elder Sun, actually brought his grandson to greet him! This was something that had never happened before!

Wang Chong understood the meaning behind this simple gesture. It was a mark of submission and loyalty.

Elder Sun was trying to have his grandson submit and pledge his loyalty to him. In the future, when the two of them grew up, even if the old master and Elder Sun passed away, the Sun Clan would continue to support the Wang Clan.

This was a continuation of authority!

Without a doubt, Elder Sun was using this straightforward method to express his extreme approval of Wang Chong! This was something unprecedented.

At that instant, Wang Chong turned to look at his grandfather.

Hehe, Chong-er, go on!

Sitting at the top, the old master was dazed for a moment before he smiled. He didnt expect such a sight either. This Sun Buren had the temper reminiscent of a stone in the latrine, so his actions came as a pleasant surprise.

Ning-er, Xiao Zhu, what are you two dawdling about for? Come over and greet Young Master Chong!

At the same moment, Elder Ma stood up and beckoned the children behind him with a smile.

Old Ma and Old Sun, I cant allow you all to monopolize him. I am growing fonder of Young Master Chong the more I look at him. You little fellows, hurry up and go over. Otherwise, Young Master Chong would be taken away by those two old fellows!

Duke of Hu called. Then, grabbing two children with a hand each, he threw them over as though throwing a ball. The two children were also dexterous, and they managed to ward off the force of their landing. Running over quickly, they squeezed with the others to get into Wang Chongs surroundings, calling Young Master Chong Young Master Chong non-stop.

At the same time, the other elders also sent their offsprings over.

In an instant, the entire conference hall grew lively. Upon seeing the sight, the elders chuckled.

Ive finally succeeded!

Looking at the group of people of the same age or older than him, Wang Chong felt exhilarated. These group of old subordinates of the old master was known for being difficult, and obtaining their approval was harder than ascending to the heavens.

Big brother, second brother, cousin, little uncle, uncle, father, and big uncle, all of them had fallen tragically. Thus, it was completely beyond Wang Chongs imagination that he would gain all of their approval in a single gathering.

Elder Ye and Duke of Hu have already acknowledged him long ago, and Elder Ma and Elder Zhao soon followed suit. Along with Elder Sun and a few others, all of the most important subordinates of the old master have approved of him!

In an instant, Wang Chong felt indescribable joy. With their help, Wang Chong would gain boundless strength in the future!

Young Master Chong!

Just as Wang Chongs thoughts were wandering, a deep, powerful, and grave voice sounded by his ears.

Returning from his thoughts, Wang Chong saw a sixteen to seventeen-year-old youngster standing before him. Wide shoulders with a head taller than him, he stood rigidly with a lowered head, and his attitude was extremely respectful.

Looking at the youngster, Wang Chongs heart suddenly beat furiously.

Zhao Jingdian!

Seeing this slightly stiff and honest-looking youngster, all of the thoughts, except for one, disappeared from Wang Chongs head:

Good brother! Weve met again this life!

Time seemed to have slowed countless times at this moment. Looking at that familiar yet slightly foreign face, Wang Chongs eyes reddened, and he suddenly felt a lump in his throat.

General, lets meet again in our next life!

For an instant, something seemed to tear out from his mind, and he transcended through space and time. Amidst flames of war that covered the skies and cries of the horses that shook the heavens, he saw a ferocious figure seated atop a war steed. Without any hesitation, the figure charged forth determinedly into hordes of enemies, leaving him with just a back devoid of any regrets.

Good brother, theres no need for us to meet in our next life. In this life, well be good brothers as well!

Looking at the person before him, that determined figure and the slightly stiff person before him overlapped together.

Wang Chong felt his nose sour, but even more so, he felt gladdened and delighted.

My brother of the previous life, we have finally reunited.

I am Wang Chong!

With a grin, Wang Chong stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhao Jingdians hand. In an instant, the stiff youngster finally rose his head, and a tinge of astonishment flashed across his eyes

General Star
Its a myth that each brilliant general will have a star that represents them in the sky. 

Sun Clan (pronounced as Soon Clan)
Sun Buren had the personality like a stone in the latrine
There are two parts to this phrase
Like a stone in the latrine Smelly and hard.
Meaning, hes an obstinate and difficult person.