The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: Great Distortion Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The swarthy-faced general had a vast aura that showed telltale signs of a Great General's demeanor. This was clearly someone who had reached the peak of the Brigadier General level.

If one focused their senses, they would realize that this man's vast aura contained a sliver of fierce and crazed murderous intent. It was like a cruel and savage beast had disguised itself in the fur of another beast, but it had left its sharp canines for all to see.

"Dama Trimo!"

A talented youth from one of the great clans couldn't help but gasp in shock at the sight of this general, immediately recognizing him. Several others also appeared stunned as they retreated backward in fear.

Dama Trimo!

This was the number two individual of the Ü-Tsang Empire's Yarlung Royal Lineage, a terrifying peak Brigadier General. But this was not why people feared him. Dama Trimo had also once studied martial arts at the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, but his murderous nature was too great, and the martial arts he cultivated were also extremely murderous. In addition, Dama Trimo was a capricious man who had once committed murder in the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple. For this crime, the masters of the Holy Temple ran chains through his bones and hung him from the cliffs at the back of the Great Snow Mountain for seven years.

Only after his murderous intent had greatly decreased did they finally release him. He was later placed under the Yarlung Royal Lineage's Great General Namri Songtian. Even with Namri Songtian's formidable Great General cultivation, he just barely managed to suppress Dama Trimo's killing intent and demonic energy. Even so, it was rumored that Dama Trimo would occasionally fall into madness and kill his own men.

For this reason, Namri Songtian would only send him out for extremely important wars.

No one had expected that this demonic killing god suppressed by Great General Namri Songtian would be released, and it appeared like there was no one around to control him. Someone of his murderous nature was highly likely to end up killing everyone here.


Dama Trimo coldly snorted as he swept his eyes over the crowd, already seeing the fear in their hearts.

"Relax. The Holy Temple gifted me a Buddha knife to suppress my martial arts and murderous nature, so I won't be attacking any of you."

Dama Trimo scornfully laughed and then patted his back. It was only then that everyone noticed that Dama Trimo was carrying a golden dagger on his back. A red '卍' was carved onto the sheath, and from a distance, one could feel a pure Buddhist energy within the blade of this dagger.


This Buddhist dagger with the brand of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple and the calm expression on Dama Trimo's face made everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

"Paying respects to General!"

Everyone lowered their heads.

Dama Trimo was a legendary figure of the outer temple, and he was far stronger than anyone else present. Only Great Generals were capable of suppressing him.

"Hmph, let's go. Talas has people I can kill. I have no interest in any of you!"

With a cold laugh, Dama Trimo rode through the crowd.

Behind him, Dayan Ersongrong, Darlag Nyetsai, and the other experts of the plateau's ancient clans exchanged thoughtful glances. Afterward, the forty thousand elites from the tribes and clans of the plateau gathered together into a single flood that began to make its way toward Dalun Ruozan.


Time slowly passed. To the north, past Ü-Tsang, in the distant city of Talas, Stellar Energy was raging through an elegant study, coiling around it like an enormous python and cramming into every nook and cranny. In the center of this frenzied stream of Stellar Energy were the dazzling images of the sun and moon.

If one looked carefully, one would discover that a youth was seated cross-legged beneath the sun and moon. This figure was the center of this room. All the Stellar Energy circled around the room before eventually flowing into Wang Chong's body.

The Great Destruction Art!

This was the final and strongest move of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. There was a saying that went 'One produced Two, Two produced Three, and Three produced all things'. In the martial arts of the Central Plains, the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was 'One' and it was also the strongest technique in the world.

Although the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was inferior to the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art, it was also extremely powerful. For this reason, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art represented 'Two'. It could be seen through the Dao of Yin and Yang, the root of the heavens and earth, and the rising and falling of the sun and moon.

When the Yinyang Energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art reached its extreme, one could use the Yinyang Art to cultivate the Great Destruction Art.

This technique was the strongest technique of the evil path and was also the technique the Demonic Emperor Old Man used to dominate the world. Countless experts and old seniors of both the righteous and evil path had died to this technique. But this great power came with excruciating difficulty.

If Wang Chong hadn't absorbed the enormous Stellar Energy reserves of the King of Giants Ghareeb Hassam, bringing him to the peak Brigadier General level, he wouldn't have had the ability to cultivate the Great Destruction Art. Even so, cultivating this technique was still extremely challenging.

The Great Destruction Art had three minor levels. The first level was the Great Distortion Art, the third level was the Great Spacetime Art, and the third and complete level was the Great Destruction Art!

Each level was more difficult to cultivate than the previous two supreme techniques Wang Chong had learned.


After some time, the motionless images of the golden sun and red moon on Wang Chong's shoulders began to slowly approach each other. Boom! Suddenly, the thick coils of Stellar Energy in the room shone golden and red, and began to fuse with each other. Space began to twist and blur as if some invisible hand was clenching and twisting it.

If one looked from one side, one wouldn't be able to see what was happening on the other. All objects seemed to lose their original appearance while the rumbling Stellar Energy seemed to feel even more dangerous than before.


The first to be affected were the wooden floorboards of the room. They began to bend upward, with fibers peeling off them as they did so. Rumble! As the Stellar Energy surged past, the floorboards transformed into tens of thousands of wooden fibers that were swept up to spin around the room with the rest of the Stellar Energy flood.

Crackcrackcrack! The porcelain cups in the room began to shatter, these fine and exquisite pieces exploding into white powder. This debris joined the wooden fibers in spinning furiously around the room.

Following the porcelain were the wooden tables and shelves. They vanished in the blink of an eye, transformed into countless tiny pieces that joined the Stellar Energy pythons coiling around the room. At the very end, even the two simple beast-shaped incense burners fell to the pressure. Tiny cracks began to spread along their metal surfaces, and then they completely collapsed.

The Lord of Talas was extremely rich, and his two incense burners had been exquisitely crafted by the best Arab smiths. Even those precious Arabian sabers and swords could only leave shallow marks on these incense burners, but Wang Chong's Stellar Energy had caused these incense burners made of refined iron to explode into tiny metal grains.

And it was still far from over. The pressure in the room was only increasing, as was the energy bursting from Wang Chong's body. The golden sun and red moon intensified in color and brightness. Swoosh! A black spatial crack appeared in the distorted air above Wang Chong, followed by a second, a third…

These thin black cracks were all mouths that opened into a dreadful abyss.


Suddenly, a trace of inharmonious energy flitted through the room, like a lightning bolt in the middle of a storm. In that moment, all those expanding cracks vanished, and even that furious flood of Stellar Energy in the room dissipated into nothing.

Bzzz! Without the support of the Stellar Energy, the wooden fibers, grains of metal, and porcelain powder dropped to the ground. Peace and serenity were restored to the room.

"Haaa, what a pity. I was just a little off!"

With a soft sigh, Wang Chong opened his eyes. As he glanced at the devastation around him, he quickly stood up.

The Great Destruction Art was the strongest of the three techniques and also the most difficult to cultivate. Wang Chong had originally planned to cultivate the Great Distortion Art and then begin working on the Great Spacetime Art, but… he had failed. Yet Wang Chong had not come away empty-handed.

Although he had failed, Wang Chong had received a great boost to both his physical energy and Psychic Energy. His Stellar Energy had also increased and become much fiercer.

Wang Chong raised his head and said, "Someone, clean this room up."

"Yes, Milord!" A respectful voice came from outside.

Wang Chong nodded and stepped over the debris to reach the door. Hwooo! Upon opening the door, he was immediately greeted by a cold blast of wind. Wang Chong narrowed his eyes as he felt a slight chill.

The weather's getting colder and colder, Wang Chong silently noted.

Dark clouds had gathered above Talas and the air was frigid. According to the usual seasons of the Western Regions, there was still quite some time until snowfall, but Wang Chong could already feel the temperature dropping. There were many places in the city where stoves had been lit to drive away the cold.


As Wang Chong was thinking, he was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of scuffle mixed with shouts in the Hu language.