The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: The Mo Saber Unit Takes Form
"What's going on?"

Wang Chong frowned as he glanced in the direction of the noise, at the same time calling over a soldier of the Anxi Protectorate army.

"Milord, it is the people of the Qiluo Tribe. Several lambs froze to death last night, and the Qiluo people say that lambs freezing to death before winter is an inauspicious sign and they want to leave," the Anxi Protectorate army soldier reported.

The Anxi Protectorate army had spent many years in the Western Regions, and the majority knew a few Hu languages and understood the tribes of the Western Regions. When Wang Chong's army arrived at Talas, he had entrusted the coordination of the Western Regions tribes to the Anxi Protectorate army.

"Lambs froze to death?"

Wang Chong's brow creased.

"We also found it rather strange. Lambs freezing to death isn't too big of a concern, but the Qiluo people regard lambs very highly. They say that with the care of the mother, lambs would never freeze to death under normal circumstances. In the past, the lambs have always been able to survive, with only two or three occasionally freezing to death. But this year, snow hasn't even fallen, yet ten-some lambs have already died. The Qiluo say that this is an ill omen."

The Anxi Protectorate army soldier lowered his head and bowed.

Wang Chong's brow creased even more tightly. A thought came to him, and those ideas in his mind became clearer and clearer. But Wang Chong said nothing.

"How are you prepared to handle this matter?" Wang Chong said.

This was a crucial period in the war preparations, and these tribes of the Western Regions were responsible for the resupplying of the Qixi Protectorate army and Anxi Protectorate army. This tribe could not be allowed to leave at this time. If the Qiluo Tribe were allowed to leave, the other tribes would also begin to demand to leave, which would have a massive effect on the two protectorate armies.

"General Cheng has already brought Ferghanan Chief Banahan with him to resolve the matter. Banahan has a significant reputation in the Western Regions, so this matter should be settled soon," the Anxi Protectorate army soldier said.

Wang Chong gave a slight nod at these words, and his creased brows unfurled. It seemed like Gao Xianzhi had also realized the severity of this problem and had dispatched Cheng Qianli and Banahan to handle it. With these two important figures stepping forward, the problem of the Qiluo people would be quickly resolved.

"Tell General Cheng that if this situation happens again, tell the tribes of the Western Regions that the Great Tang will pay compensation for any livestock that have frozen to death," Wang Chong said.

"Yes, Milord!"

The Anxi soldier froze for a few moments, but he soon bowed and went off to deliver the message.

The Anxi Protectorate army and the Qixi Protectorate army were currently administering their own armies, but in order to improve communication and coordination, they had stationed soldiers in each other's camp to accept any assignments from the other side. This soldier of the Anxi Protectorate army standing outside Wang Chong's door had been dispatched by Gao Xianzhi to Wang Chong's side.

After sending off the Anxi Protectorate army soldier, Wang Chong whistled over the White-hoofed Shadow and rode off toward the training ground in the western part of the city.

Talas had three training grounds, which could hold two hundred thousand people in total. The first training ground was occupied by the Wushang Cavalry while the second training ground had been taken by Wang Chong to train the most unique kind of soldiers in all of Talas.

Hwooooo! The cold winds howled around Wang Chong as he rode toward the second training ground, but before he had even arrived, he could sense an intense shaking. Unlike the rumbling of a cavalry charge, this was a shaking that came like the beating of waves, carrying a certain cadence. At the same time, it was also accompanied by shouting.



These shouts were bursting with vigor and energy, all of them imbued with a fearless resolve that would never retreat.

The Mo Saber Unit!

Wang Chong faintly smiled as he urged his horse forward, and he soon arrived at the second training ground.

This enormous training ground was paved with gray brick, its edges lined with wooden mannequins. On the training ground, nearly ten thousand elite soldiers had divided themselves into three human walls and were in the middle of bitter training. Each of them wielded a thick iron cudgel more than seven feet long, and each of them was repeating the same three simple actions: hack, slash, sweep.

Although these actions were simple, the sensation of these ten thousand soldiers performing the same action in unison was truly intimidating to behold.



All these soldiers' faces were red, their backs caked with sweat. All their strength was put into repeating these simple actions.


Upon seeing Wang Chong, the Gangke King, Xi Yuanqing, and Lou Shiyi went up to welcome him.

"The Mo Saber Unit has already begun to take form. Milord, please inspect!"

The three gazed at Wang Chong with eyes full of respect. The Mo Saber Unit had been Wang Chong's idea and had received Gao Xianzhi's firm support. Moreover, he had ordered the Anxi Protectorate army to fully cooperate with Wang Chong in this endeavor. Everyone had been influenced by these two Protector-Generals into putting all their focus and strength into this day-and-night training. However, only Wang Chong could evaluate their actual performance.

Wang Chong said nothing as he slowly swept his eyes over the training ground, but even he had to admit that the training carried out by Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, and the Gangke King had surpassed his expectations. Of course, Xi Yuanqing and Lou Shiyi were both veteran generals of the Anxi Protectorate army who had participated in numerous battles. With the cooperation of these two, his Mo Saber Unit would be able to develop much faster than expected.

But Wang Chong did not lightly open his mouth. Suddenly…


Under the flabbergasted gazes of Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, and the Gangke King, Wang Chong turned around and unleashed an incredible pressure. The air rumbled as this almost tangible energy engulfed the training ground, impacting with the Mo Saber Unit.

Waaaa! This abrupt assault left the group of Mo Saber soldiers training closest to Wang Chong in a state of turmoil.

With Wang Chong's current level of strength and his formidable Psychic Energy, he could produce a pressure that no ordinary soldier could endure. The entire Mo Saber Unit had their training disturbed, the turmoil traveling through their ranks like a chain of dominoes.

But just when the Mo Saber Unit was about to collapse, the situation suddenly changed. Those ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers had originally been training individually, but under Wang Chong's stimulation, they seemed to awaken. All their auras merged into a single whole, one that was as tough as steel and even more terrifying than Wang Chong's pressure.

A second later, this vast pressure collided with mountain-toppling momentum against Wang Chong's pressure. The earth trembled for a moment while the air over the training ground exploded with a metallic clattering.


Wang Chong's White-hoofed Shadow let out a cry as it suddenly took several steps back.


Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, and the Gangke King all urged their horses forward in shock.

"I'm fine!"

Wang Chong waved his right hand and stopped them before they could arrive. As he gazed at that steely wall of energy formed by the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers, his eyes shone with a sharp light and a joyful smile appeared on his face.

The strongest point of the Mo Saber soldiers was not their individual strength, but the fusion of their energies into a single defensive wall, both impregnable and fierce. They would be both a steel wall and a forest of sabers. The energies of ten thousand warriors fused into one could kill gods and demons. It was precisely this kind of invincible resolve that made them invincible when they charged on the battlefield.

Behind him, Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, and the Gangke King also understood, and they looked upon the massive training ground with contemplative gazes.

When Gao Xianzhi and Wang Chong had first issued this order, the three of them had not understood why they needed to create this unit, especially in a situation where they were lacking soldiers. But none of them had any doubts now. Even from Xi Yuanqing's and Lou Shiyi's perspectives, this aura was extremely shocking and symbolized a strength that could alter the tide of a battle.

"Do you see it? In the future, train them by emphasizing their spirit, energy, and mind, as well as their strength. This is the essence of the Mo Saber Unit!" Wang Chong sternly said.

"This general understands!" the three replied in unison.

Wang Chong said no more and urged his horse into the ranks of the Mo Saber Unit to inspect them one by one.

"Have your left hand grip one foot up the hilt while your right hand grips three feet up the hilt. This is the best way to display the power of the Mo Saber. In addition, when slashing, move your waist accordingly. Don't just use your Stellar Energy. You also have to use your body's physical strength."

"Yes, your subordinate understands!"

"Your movements are wrong. When you raise the saber over your head, your arms can't be too tense. Rather, you have to leave strength in reserve. You're building up strength in this process, like a winding gear. If you pull too tight, you'll place too much burden on your body and the attack will have mediocre power!"


As Wang Chong slowly rode through the Mo Saber Unit, he corrected the movements of the soldiers.

This was a new kind of soldier with no precedent, so Wang Chong could only correct them one by one. Behind him, the Gangke King, Xi Yuanqing, and Lou Shiyi were slowly beginning to understand what was special about this unit and began to carefully listen and note down everything that Wang Chong said.

"General Xi, General Lou, time is limited, and the Mo Saber Unit doesn't have much time left to train. I hope that all of you can remember the advice I gave just now. I leave this task to you. I trust that you will do well!"

"Milord, be at ease. We will do our utmost!" the three replied together.

Flap flap! An eagle suddenly descended from the skies toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong's brows rose as he extended a hand for the eagle to perch upon. As Wang Chong glanced through the letter tied to the eagle's leg, his face brightened in joy.

"They've finally moved out!"