The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Bone Forging Pill

Chapter 105: Bone Forging Pill!

You rascals, wait outside. Feel free to walk and play around, I would like to see if anyone in the Four Quarters Embassy dare to stop you all. Ill leave a huge hole in anyone who dares to trample on my pride today!

The old fellow spoke arrogantly.

Ill fetch you all back after I meet that decrepit geezer!

Yes, grandfather. Were still waiting for you to show them your might!

The Xu Clan offsprings fawned shamelessly on their grandfather with a bright smile.


From afar, Cousin Wang Li, Wang Zhu Yan, and Wang Liang stepped forward and glared furiously at the Xu Clan members.

These fellows were annual visitors to grandfathers birthday banquet, and under the name of offering blessings, they came to wreak havoc.

No one could understand why grandfather would allow these unwelcomed fellows in each year.

Heh, how can the Wang Clan treat their guests like that? Does the Wang Clan not educate its offsprings on the proper way of welcoming ones guests?

The offsprings of the old fellow lifted their head arrogantly.

Hehe, little lad, if the one who said those words was your grandfather, I might still reconsider the matter on his account. You all are just brats, I advise you all to scram to the side obediently.

Abusing his seniority, the old fellow chirped in.

Old turtle, is this all you can do? To think that despite your age, all you can do is to bully the young folks like us!

Wang Chong couldnt hold himself back anymore.


In an instant, everyones gazes immediately fell onto Wang Chong. Upon hearing the nickname old turtle, the old fellows face turned crimson as if he was injected with chicken blood.

The faces of the Xu Clan offsprings also darkened as they glared savagely at Wang Chong.

Wang Chong didnt bother avoiding them either. Walking out from the fake hill, he slowly walked over to Old Geezer Xu.

Every family had guests whom they dont welcome.

Old Geezer Xu was one of them.

Wang Chong couldnt stand his arrogance.

Hehe, back then, during the political change in the royal court, you hid in your own turtle shell, not daring to move at all. Only when everything was nearly settled did you send an army of troops over, earning yourself the title of Duke of Xu. Old geezer, if you arent a turtle, who else is?

Walking over, Wang Chong didnt mince his words at all. The nickname of old turtle that he gave him in his previous life didnt come from nowhere. In Wang Chongs opinion, it wasnt luck at all. The other party was just a coward, and the only reason why he managed to become the Duke of Xu was because he saw that the situation was settling down, and he made use of the opportunity to step out and earn himself merit.

You stinky brat!

Turning to look at Wang Chong, Old Geezer Xus body trembled, and his face became as red as a pigs liver. Back then, during the political change, Xu Shao arrived late, and numerous people made use of this fact to attack him. It was his greatest sore spot.

He didnt expect that Wang Chong would flip it out today.

You, come here! I promise that I wont throw you over the wall!

Wang Chong was no fool. Seeing Old Geezer Xus eyes turn red, he immediately retreated.

Duke of Xu, since youve arrived, you should enter!

At this moment, a calm voice echoed in everyones ears.

Heh, little bastard, Ill let you off for now on your grandfathers account!

Hearing the voice, Old Geezer Xus anger dissipated, and he roared in laughter. Flinging his sleeves, he tilted his head upward. With an arrogant expression saying I wont waste my time quarreling with a little brat like you, he walked into the hall.

Behind him, the offsprings of Old Geezer Xu also copied his haughty attitude.

That old turtle and little turtles truly share the same blood!

Wang Chong criticized them in his mind.

The old fellow was of the same generation as the old master, and his qualifications made it impossible for Wang Chong to do anything about him. All he could do was to grab onto his sore spot and infuriate him.

Little brat, the name you came up with is quite good. Judging from how distressed the old geezer looks, he seems to be exceptionally sensitive to it.

Wang Zhu Yan walked over from the distance, and a smile slowly crept onto her face.

Old Geezer Xu was the typical uninvited guest that one would meet at a party, and it wasnt the first time he had come over to cause trouble. He had already been visiting since Wang Zhu Yan was a child.

However, this was her first time seeing him getting so agitated to the point that his eyes turned red.

The next time he dares to act impertinently here, well call him old turtle together! Lets see what hell do about that!

Saying those words, Wang Zhu Yan couldnt help but chuckle.

Wang Chong also laughed as well.

Honestly speaking, even though Old Geezer Xus behavior was unseemly for an elder, playing off his seniority and wreaking havoc at grandfathers birthday banquet every year, he didnt do anything much other than that.

Wang Chongs impression of him wasnt too bad. Just getting back at him by insulting him as an old turtle was enough for him.


Just as Wang Chong was speaking with Wang Zhu Yan, no one noticed that the eldest granddaughter of the Ye Clan, Ye Yinping, was also looking at them. Harrumphing lightly, it was hard to tell what she was thinking of, but she suddenly approached the offsprings of Duke of Xu.

Wang Chong!

Suddenly, a loud bellow sounded. Instantly, everyones attention was captured by the voice. Turning around, Wang Chong saw a young and haughty figure stepping forth from the crowd.

Do you have the guts to battle with me?

From afar, the person pointed a finger at Wang Chong and spoke with an overbearing tone.

For a brief instant, the entire Erudite Pavilion fell silent. This sudden shout has attracted the attention of all in the area.

Be it the Imperial Army guards, Cousin Wang Li and Wang Liang, big aunt, uncle, Duke of Hu, Elder Ma, Elder Zhao, Elder Sun, and their offsprings Everyone turned to look at the commotion.

Even more so, the eyes of those offsprings, who greeted Wang Chong under the orders of their grandfathers, gleamed in anticipation to what that was about to happen.

Wang Chong was the first person who won the acknowledgement of their grandfather, but honestly speaking, they still didnt know much about him.

Xu Xuan!

Narrowing his eyes, Wang Chong immediately recognized the other party. He was the most talented offspring of the younger generation of the Xu Clan, Xu Xuan.

However, it wasnt because of this that Wang Chong knew of him. It was because even though he was the same age as him, his reputation in the capital was much more resounding than his.

Other people has given him the nickname of Capable Xu in recognition of his superiority compared to those of the same generation, as though a swan standing amidst a group of chicken.

Wang Chong knew that even though he was only sixteen-year-old, his cultivation has already reached Origin Energy Tier 7. He was much stronger than Wei Hao, Gao Fei, and the others.

Even Su Bai, whom Wang Chong sent to jail, was unable to match up to him.

Other than Wang Chongs big brother, elder cousin, Yao Feng, and those of their generation, there was nearly no one in the capital who could defeat him.

Due to his outstanding abilities, there were signs of him becoming a leader of the scions in the capital.

However, what that baffled Wang Chong was Xu Xuan, who had always looked down on those of the same generation as him, stepping forward to challenge him.

Hmph! Wang Chong, it cant be that youre afraid? Are you still a man? With this, you expect us to bow down to you and call you Young Master Chong?

The icy and disdainful voice of a young lady sounded. In an instant, everyones eyes were fixated on Wang Chong.

Wang Chong quickly glanced in the direction of the voice, and he saw the fair-skinned and proud Ye Yinping.

So its her!

Wang Chong chuckled. He was still wondering why Xu Xuan would suddenly turn his attention to him. From the looks of it, it seemed that Ye Yinping was behind it. Rumor has it that the Xu Clan martial arts genius, Xu Xuan, has been courting Ye Yinping, but he was heartlessly rejected every time.

Ye Yinping probably promised Xu Xuan something for the other party to provoke and humiliate him.

Yinping, dont worry. I will definitely humiliate this lad to the point that he dies of shame to vent your frustration!

Turning around, Xu Xuan whispered gently to Ye Yinping. At the same time, he subconsciously reached out for Ye Yinpings slender hands.


Disgusted, Ye Yinping struck away Xu Xuans hands without any hesitation.

Rejected in public, Xu Xuan was embarrassed. With his hands stuck awkwardly in midair, Xu Xuan could only direct all of his anger toward Wang Chong.

Wang Chong! Do you dare to accept my challenge? To think that despite being a clan of generals, the Wang Clan doesnt even have a single man

Fine! Ill compete with you!

Before Xu Xuan could finish his words, Wang Chong interrupted and replied decisively.

Xu Xuan was both strong and an experienced fighter. There were no scions of the same age in the capital who could defeat him.

Wang Chong had been training hard recently, and it just happened that he wanted to spar with someone see the results of his hard work.

Xu Xuans cultivation might be a level higher than his, but Wang Chong wasnt worried at all. Furthermore

Scanning the surroundings, Wang Chong saw Duke of Hu, Elder Ma, Elder Zhao, Elder Sun All of grandfathers old subordinates and their offsprings were standing among the crowd, looking at him expectantly.

Even though they were forced to acknowledge him as Young Master Chong, they still didnt know much about him. If he were to back down now, how would these people view him?

Ye Yinpings purpose of fanning Xu Xuan to deal with him was for this very purpose.

He couldnt back down now!

Hehe, fine!

Xu Xuan didnt expect Wang Chong to accept his challenge, and it took him awhile before he recovered from his daze. With menacing eyes, he spoke:

Wang Chong, you have agreed to this duel yourself. In a duel, theres no such thing as holding back, so dont blame me if you get hurt!

Even if it wasnt for Ye Yinping, just the fact that Wang Chong has insulted his grandfather as an old turtle was sufficient a reason for Xu Xuan to teach him a lesson. What else could be more satisfying for his grandfather than to step on the grandson of that old geezer in the Four Quarters Embassy on his seventieth birthday?


With a step, dust flew into the air. A powerful aura immediately billowed from Xu Xuans body. With a darkened complexion, he walked intimidatingly toward Wang Chong.

Wait a moment!

Wang Chong suddenly called.

Why? You wish to back down?

Xu Xuan taunted.

Heh, if you want me to fight with you, you should at least put something on the line!

Wang Chong spoke. Just a moment ago, a fantastic idea appeared in his mind. This Ye Yinping might have actually done him a huge favor instead.

What do you want?

Stopping in his tracks, Xu Xuan frowned. He had crossed blows with numerous people in the capital, but there was never any wager involved.

Hmph, doesnt your Xu Clan have the Bone Forging Pill? You wish to challenge me? I welcome you! However, you have to take out a Bone Forging Pill! I refuse to conduct any unprofitable business!

Shaking a finger in the air, Wang Chong said.


Upon hearing the three words Bone Forging Pill, the faces of Wang Zhu Yan, Ye Yinping, Cousin Wang Li, Xu Xuan, and the other offsprings of the Xu Clan immediately changed.

Injected chicken blood (Its a direct translation but in this case, its a double pun)
Normally, its used to describe those who are extremely excited/ thrilled/ agitated. For example, if Jack is excited, perhaps Jill could ask Did someone inject chicken blood into you?

Just in case anyone misunderstands, the author mentioned a physiognomist named Xu Shao (who divined Cao Caos fate) two chapters ago. It is completely different from the Xu Shao here, and the Physiognomist Xu Shao plays no part in this story.