The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: A Battle Without Precedent In History Iii
Chapter 1059: A Battle Without Precedent in History (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Siege weapons!

Short-range siege weapons!

Their range was much shorter than catapults, but their power and sturdiness far surpassed them. The attacks of these Silver Behemoths immediately created a gap in the Tang defense line that was impossible to fill.

"Kiiiill!" With this ringing war cry, countless Arab cavalry immediately charged through!

"Kill them!"

The Arabs had savage expressions on their faces as they poured into the Tang lines like floodwaters through a sluice gate. At this moment, the terrifying might of cavalry and the ferocity of the Arabs were fully displayed.

Bangbangbang! Tang soldiers were sent flying high into the air like ragdolls from the intense collisions. The gap in the defense line was soon home to a scene of absolute chaos. In the face of the endless Arab attacks, the gap began to widen, and chaos began to spread.

"Hold! Don't let them get in!"

"Stop them! If they get in, we'll lose!"

"Kill! Everyone, follow me!"

At this sight, all the soldiers became frantic. The shieldmen, axemen, spearmen, and mercenaries all went red in the eyes as they furiously charged into the gap. But they were too late. The tens of thousands of Arab cavalry had been charging at the first defense line for some time and they had now finally found a vent for the pent-up pressure.


Screams filled the air as the soldiers were mowed down by the Arab charge. Even in death, they were still trying to charge forward, but the strength of a single individual was far too limited. Trying to stop these incessant waves of charging cavalry was like an ant trying to shake a tree.

"Iron Wall Army, get ready!"

Gao Xianzhi furiously pulled out his sword, and with his bellowed order, the four thousand soldiers of the Iron Wall Army assembled, their bodies exploding with a powerful aura as their eyes locked onto the gap.

Defeat was already taking shape and the strength of ordinary soldiers was incapable of stopping this steel flood of Arab soldiers. Only the Iron Wall Army could fill this gap.

"Move out!"

Gao Xianzhi waved his sword forward, and the determined Iron Wall Army immediately strode forward, streaking like a comet toward the gap


When they arrived at the gap, all the Iron Wall Army soldiers pulled out their swords. The four thousand swords began to vibrate as one, creating an intimidating pressure.

"Kill them all!"

The leading Iron Wall soldier's eyes flashed cold as he swung his sword down and led his soldiers like wolves lunging at a flock of sheep into the Arab army.

Plush! His sword immediately stabbed through a horse charging, piercing through its rider and out their back. Thump! With a shake of his wrist, the Iron Wall soldier tossed aside the deceased rider and horse. The horse and rider together with their armor weighed nearly one thousand jin, but they seemed to be practically weightless as they were flung off the soldier's sword and into a group of Arab cavalry.


After killing the first Arab horseman, the Iron Wall soldier strode forward and stabbed through a second horseman. Boom! Boom! Boom! The Iron Wall soldier confidently strode forward, his every step firm and determined. Squelch! Blood gushed out around this Iron Wall soldier, each of his blows mowing down the Arab cavalry like weeds.

Despite all the Arab cavalry present, not a single one was able to stop this Iron Wall soldier.


The four thousand soldiers of the Iron Wall Army used this method to advance unstoppably through the Arab army, carving a bloody path.


Horses whinnied in terror. Even the well-trained and fearless Arabian warhorses took fright at the cruel and terrifying momentum of the Iron Wall Army, rearing up on their hindlegs and attempting to get out of the way.

But the four thousand soldiers of the Iron Wall Army continued to advance at terrifying speed. No matter how many Arab cavalry charged at them, nothing could stop their assault. One thousand, two thousand, three thousand… the famed Arab cavalry weren't even able to last a single blow in front of the Iron Wall Army. They were cut down in batches, their corpses piling up on the battlefield.

"Kill them!"

The first to realize what was going on were Qutaybah's Crimson Moon Vanguard. A horseman of this famed vanguard waved his scimitar and soon charged at an Iron Wall soldier in front of him.


The large Crimson Moon Scimitar left a long scar in the air, its dark red surface reflecting the savage face of this Crimson Moon Vanguard. The Crimson Moon Vanguard were extremely experienced in combat and had killed countless formidable opponents. Using a 'Crimson Leap', he exerted all his strength. His scimitar had enough strength to shatter steel, let alone flesh and blood. But while confronting this mountain-sundering blow from the Crimson Moon Vanguard, the Iron Wall soldier stood firm like a rock standing tall in a river. His face was emotionless and his eyes gave the Crimson Moon Vanguard a cold glance as he stabbed forward with his sword.

Swoosh! The sharp edge of the sword pierced through the warhorse and then through the Crimson Moon Vanguard and out his back. At this moment, time seemed to stop, and the large Crimson Moon Scimitar froze in the air. Man and horse, weighing more than one thousand jin, were held aloft by a single sword.

"H-…how? How could the eastern world have such powerful warriors!"

This Crimson Moon Vanguard's eyes were wide in utter disbelief.

At the moment of his death, he felt a deep chill in his heart. After participating in the conquest of so many factions and killing so many foes, for the first time, he discovered that this world was also home to a warrior so skilled in the art of killing. His Crimson Moon Scimitar had not even fully swung down before he was pierced through his vitals. That strike had been clean and straightforward, performed with no extraneous strength. It was the product of his worst nightmares.

Rumble! The four thousand soldiers of the Iron Wall Army continued their unstoppable charge. Dust churned and the earth rumbled as the Crimson Moon Vanguard were cut down.

"Craftsman team, get ready to repair the gap!"

A loud and bright voice resounded over the steel defense line, and the creaking of machinery began to rise from the rear of the Tang army. Operated by countless craftsmen, long mechanical arms of complicated construction ferried the heavy steel walls hanging from them to the front of the defense line. Boom! As the steel walls dropped down, the long steel spikes extending from their bottoms plunged into the rock and earth. In the blink of an eye, a new steel wall had appeared on the defense line, followed by a second, a third…

Meanwhile, the four thousand soldiers of the Iron Wall Army had created a straight line across the battlefield, holding the gap against the endless Arab attacks.

No matter how many Arab soldiers charged in, the four thousand soldiers remained immovable. The actions of the Iron Wall Army rallied the rest of the soldiers, and the shieldmen, axemen, sabermen, and spearmen swiftly formed a new defense line.

"All Wushang Cavalry, wait for my order. Prepare to move out!"

Meanwhile, Wang Chong had been coldly observing those enormous silver weapons from atop the White-hoofed Shadow. After knocking over the first batch of steel walls, these silver siege weapons had been rapidly moved away to another spot on the defense line.

Although the Iron Wall Army was powerful, it could not take care of those silver siege weapons. The danger was still present and the tens of thousands of Arab cavalry were still capable of pouring through any other gap created.


As the hundreds of silver siege weapons were just about to reach another segment of the defense line, Li Siye suddenly pulled the massive sword from his back and charged out of one of the gaps in the walls, his eyes coldly flashing.

Ten Charges Ten Victories!

Li Siye and his several thousand elite Wushang Cavalry immediately exploded with an enormous aura as they executed one of the ten strongest formations of the apocalyptic era.

Ten Charges Ten Victories had always been a formation meant to be used against a far more numerous enemy. There was a heaven-shaking rumble, the tremendous momentum of the four-thousand-some Wushang Cavalry completely drowning out that of the tens of thousands of Arab cavalry on the front lines.


Screams filled the air as halo clashed against halo, weapon struck weapon, and warhorse crashed into warhorse. Wherever the Wushang Cavalry went, chaos and collapse followed. No one could stop them—not Qutaybah's elite soldiers, not Abu Muslim's soldiers, and not Osman's soldiers.

"Huang Botian, bring a group and block those Arab soldiers! Kong Zi-an, you lead a group to destroy those silver weapons!"

Li Siye swiftly ordered the four-thousand-some Wushang Cavalry into two groups.

Bangbangbang! One group of Wushang Cavalry immediately turned and charged at one of the silver weapons. Their swords swinging down left Arab soldiers screaming in pain while their warhorses sent them flying more than a hundred feet. The superb Arabian scimitars were cut to pieces upon first collision with the Wootz Steel weapons.

Many Arab cavalry didn't even have time to react before a cold light flashed, cutting their armor into pieces. Only when they lowered their heads in shock did they realize that the blood drenching the sky was spurting out of their chests, after which their eyes dimmed and they dropped to the ground.

"Everyone, hear my order! Pay no attention to the other Arab soldiers. Focus all your attacks on the gears and joints of those silver weapons. Those are the weak points! If we break them, the Arabs won't be able to use those weapons!"