The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062: A Battle Without Precedent In History Vi
Ziyad had never met the Governor of War in his entire life. His understanding of Qutaybah was restricted to the legends. Abu Muslim, however, had actually met him a few times when they were meeting with the Caliph. When Ziyad thought about his earlier proposal, he suddenly understood why his governor, Governor Osman, and Mameluke Commander Aybak had all done nothing.

Qutaybah's power had already surpassed the bounds of mortal imagination. When a person reached a certain level of strength, they could have absolute confidence in controlling the battlefield and simply didn't need the help of others.

Ziyad was far from the only one shocked by this display of power. As one of the four highest Tang commanders at Talas, Wang Yan had also never imagined that a barbarian commander from a western country could possess such horrific power.

"Western barbarian, hand over your life!"

With a mighty roar, Wang Yan's Mighty Miracle God lunged forward in a cloud of dust.


Winds howled as an enormous metallic fist shrouded in incredible power flew at the Governor of War.

In the midst of the churning dust and furious waves of energy, Qutaybah's imposing figure seemed like a tiny ant in front of this massive arm.

But then there was a ringing clang of a sword, resounding far into the distance. In that moment, time seemed to stop.


Qutaybah's eyes flashed with cold light as he pulled his sword 'God's Might' out of the ground and slashed at the enormous Mighty Miracle God.


There was a dazzling burst of light that blinded everyone watching, and by the time it had faded, the Governor of War was no longer on the ground. He was now in the air, right in front of the Mighty Miracle God, his sword swinging down at its body.

Brroooom! To the disbelief of countless people, the mountainous figure of the Mighty Miracle God was sent flying like a ragdoll by Qutaybah's casual strike, landing several thousand feet away in the middle of the Tang army.


With a boom and a chorus of screams, hundreds of Tang soldiers were instantly crushed into pulp by the Mighty Miracle God, severed limbs and gore flying into the air. Meanwhile, the enormous strength that the Governor of War had used to send the Mighty Miracle God flying now devastated the earth, sending dust billowing into the air.

With one strike, he had shattered the Tang defense line. With his second strike, his overwhelming power had thoroughly defeated one of the Great Tang's Great General commanders.

Qutaybah's terrifying might was fully displayed in these two strikes.


Endless shock!

The entire army was utterly quiet, everyone stunned by Qutaybah's horrific strength. No one had expected that the power of Wang Yan's Mighty Miracle God, the condensation of the strength of so many soldiers, would be unable to withstand even one slash from this Arab governor's sword.


Wang Chong's eyes immediately went red at this sight. Before this battle, Wang Chong, Wang Yan, Gao Xianzhi, and Cheng Qianli had made many calculations and predictions. Afterward, each of them had taken a region of the defense line to supervise. But Wang Chong had never expected that this enemy governor would be so powerful that he could heavily injure his father with just one strike.


Wang Chong immediately roared, Stellar Energy pouring into his feet as he lunged at the Governor of War.

"Eastern infidel, die!"

Qutaybah stood in the center of the battlefield, his eyes cold and his expression cruel. Without the slightest hesitation, Qutaybah strode forward and swung his sword once more at the fallen Mighty Miracle God. Given Qutaybah's terrifying strength, this slash was certain to kill Wang Yan.

"Not good!"

Elders Fang and Du were both alarmed by this sight. As Qutaybah jumped into the air and swung his sword like a lightning bolt, both elders immediately rushed at Qutaybah.

Wang Yan was the weakest of the four Tang commanders, so before the battle, Elders Fang and Du had been assigned to assist Wang Yan by bolstering his strength through formations. But now, they had become the people closest to Wang Yan who were most capable of aiding him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Elder Fang and Elder Du soared into the air, their sleeves waving, the steel walls that Qutaybah had tossed aside immediately stood back up. Under the control of the two elders, these steel walls shot like cannonballs into the ground around Qutaybah. One, two, three, four… in the blink of an eye, the pair had succeeded in arranging eight steel walls around Qutaybah.

The moment the formation was activated, Qutaybah vanished in a flash of light.

"Wonderful! Milord, get out of here!"

The two slightly exhaled as they swiftly rushed toward Wang Yan.

The Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap was the oldest formation these two knew. Through this technique, the pair had succeeded in trapping many formidable individuals, including Dayan Mangban. At this moment, the formation had managed to win Wang Yan a chance of survival.

But the two had barely managed to run a few steps before there was a massive boom. The earth cracked and groaned, and the Four Symbols Yinyang Soul Trap that Elders Fang and Du had set up immediately crumbled. A terrifying Sword Qi shot out from the array, splitting in two as it pursued the two elders. These two streams of Sword Qi almost immediately caught up to the two elders and struck true. The expressions of the elders froze on their faces as they dropped to the ground, their bodies cleft in two.

"Elder Fang!"

"Elder Du!"

This sight caused the eyes of all the Tang soldiers to redden in rage, particularly the four thousand Wushang Cavalry, whose eyes were almost bursting apart from rage.


Elders Fang and Du had an extremely important status in Wushang Village, and they had watched many of the Wushang Cavalry grow up. No one had expected that they would be killed on the battlefield in such a fashion. In a flash, the Wushang Cavalry were charging over.

"A clown's tricks!"

Qutaybah stood out from the sundered earth like an immovable mountain as he stepped out from the ruins of the formation. The formation arts of the east truly were special, but there was nothing that Qutaybah's sword could not cut through.

Just when Qutaybah had raised his sword to finish off Wang Yan and end the life of one of the enemy commanders, a massive roar suffused with both fury and sorrow came from above.


The voice was still ringing in his ear as a massive vajra pestle made of Stellar Energy crashed down onto his head.


Qutaybah's eyes narrowed in surprise. This Tang commander was clearly a little stronger than the Tang commander he had just defeated. But he quickly gave a sneer of derision.


The enormous vajra pestle had impacted with Qutaybah's body, but his body did not explode in blood and flesh, nor was he sent flying out of the battlefield. As the vajra pestle of Wang Chong's Godking Yama thundered down, it was suddenly fixed in the air several feet above the ground.

"How could this be!"

Within the Godking Yama, Wang Chong felt his mind reeling from the shock of this sight.

Wang Chong had put all his strength into this attack, but Qutaybah had unexpectedly managed to easily block it.


Qutaybah looked up at the Godking Yama and gave a cruel smile. Everyone could now clearly see that it was the enormous sword that Qutaybah had thrust into the ground that had blocked Wang Chong's dreadful strike, stopping it through the simple act of sticking out of the ground.

Qutaybah raised the sword with both hands, and a tsunami of power instantly exploded out of his body.


No one had seen how Qutaybah had attacked. By the time they had realized, an astonishing Sword Qi wrapped in golden light had already impacted the Godking Yama. Boooom! Even with the Karmic Battle Armor, Wang Chong was thrown back, the Godking Yama sliding backward on the ground, digging out two deep furrows, as it was pushed by this mountain-toppling strength.


Qutaybah's eyes flashed with icy light as he prepared to pursue. Suddenly, he noticed something and raised his head. Instantly, his icy and pitch-black eyes clearly reflected two figures, one large and one small.


Before Qutaybah had made his attack against Wang Chong, the sky had dimmed as a silver river of Sword Qi shot through the sky. At the other end of this Sword Qi, one could clearly see none other than Gao Xianzhi!

"Wang Chong, I've come to help you!"

As Gao Xianzhi's attack arrived, the earth swayed as a massive metal fist wrapped in ten-some chains of Stellar Energy shot with thunderous force at Qutaybah's body.

Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli, the two commanders of the Anxi army, had both come at the same time.


Shockwaves of energy swept through the surroundings. The impact from this clash far surpassed that of any other clash, with the churning dust and streams of energy completely shrouding Qutaybah's body.


The winds ravaged the earth, churning up so much dust that it was impossible for anyone to see what was happening in this battle. But suddenly, a point of golden light appeared deep in the cloud of dust. It immediately began to expand, bursting into its surroundings. Boom! Boundless waves of energy exploded out from the cloud of dust, carrying with them two figures.