The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063: A Battle Without Precedent In History Vii
Chapter 1063: A Battle Without Precedent in History (VII)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The sight of the blazing golden flame at the center of the battlefield, the motionless deity standing in front of the steel defense line, made the vast sea of Arab cavalry explode into heaven-shaking cheers.




Any of the hundreds of thousands of elite Arab cavalry who saw this sight felt the blood and passion seethe in their bodies. Rumble! The invigorated Arab cavalry immediately began to charge through the gap that Qutaybah had created.

Wang Chong and Gao Xianzhi both grimaced at this sight.

"Everyone, hear my order! Attack!"

Gao Xianzhi's voice resounded over the battlefield. At the same moment, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Chong, and Wang Yan all lunged at Qutaybah.

The Arab War God!

Even though the letters from the Khorasani had given a detailed description of his power, it was only now that they were exchanging blows with him that Wang Chong and the others knew just how powerful he really was.

"Ballista soldiers, fire! Aim at the gap!"

"Mo Saber Unit, prepare to enter the field!"

Wang Chong's eyes were red and his skull pounding. He currently felt an unprecedented danger, but there was no time to think. Wang Chong immediately joined Gao Xianzhi and the others in assaulting Qutaybah.

The Arab Governor of War was the origin of the entire crisis. If they couldn't kill or stop him, not even blocking the gap and killing the Arab cavalry charging in would be able to avert their defeat.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The vajra pestle, Stellar Energy chains, Sword Qi, metal fists… all kinds of attacks swept toward Qutaybah. The combined strength of these four was enough to make anyone pale in fright and have any Imperial Great General fleeing for the hills. But the Governor of War managed to block every one of their attacks.

Clangclangclang! The golden sword in Qutaybah's hand moved like a lightning bolt, blocking, deflecting, and slashing. None of the Tang attacks were able to even get close to his body. In this battle of one versus four, Qutaybah even had strength to counterattack. This horrific strength gave everyone an unprecedented shock, and none was more shocked than Wang Chong.

Many things had changed about the Battle of Talas. This was the first time in Wang Chong's life that he had ever clashed with the Arab Governor of War. If he hadn't intervened in Talas, Wang Chong might have gone his entire life without hearing the name 'Qutaybah'.

Too powerful! HIs strength is beyond that of a peak Great General. It's at an even more sublime level. I didn't think that the Arabian Empire would be home to such a powerful foe!

Wang Chong's mind was in absolute turmoil, his astonishment almost impossible to describe with words.

"Lord Marquis, we've come to help you!"

At the most intense moment of battle, the rumbling of hooves filled the sky. The four thousand Wushang Cavalry were riding toward the godlike Qutaybah at incredible speed.

"Cutting Formation!"

With a bellowed order, the Wushang Cavalry switched formations, scattering into several dozen teams.

The Cutting Formation was a branch of the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation. It was a special formation meant to deal with extremely powerful opponents.


Wang Chong's expression contorted in shock as he saw the Wushang Cavalry approaching from every direction, his eyes almost bursting apart with rage. Qutaybah was almost inconceivably powerful. This was not an opponent an ordinary Cutting Formation could deal with. The Wushang Cavalry could deal with Brigadier Generals and even ordinary Great Generals, but Qutaybah was beyond their power, was not something they could stop.

Even though Wang Chong had ordered them to stop, his order had come too late. The deaths of Elder Fang and Elder Du had provoked all the Wushang Cavalry, and their eyes were red and their bodies seething with rage.


"Avenge the elders!"

The thousands of Wushang Cavalry approached as quickly as lightning bolts.


The Wushang Cavalry became one with their shrieking warhorses, accelerating to incredible speeds as they converged. A few moments later, forty to fifty Wushang Cavalry had reached Qutaybah.


Qutaybah was currently fighting against four opponents when he suddenly heard a fierce cry and turned his head. Boom!Qutaybah kept one hand on his sword as he floated in the air, his other hand extending toward the Wushang Cavalry charging at him. Suddenly, a vast sea of Stellar Energy surged out of Qutaybah's body and swept through the air.

One second later, everyone witnessed a mind-blowing sight. Qutaybah wielded his sword with one hand to fend off four Great Generals while his other hand moved to stop the rush of the Wushang Cavalry. The Wushang Cavalry were lifted off the ground, their hooves of their horses kicking at the air as Qutaybah's Stellar Energy fixed them in the sky. One, two, three… several hundred Wushang Cavalry were frozen motionless in the air.


At this sight, even Osman, Abu Muslim, and Aybak couldn't help but gasp. They knew that Qutaybah was strong, but not this strong. This was something that the word 'strength' could no longer describe. Not even Abu Muslim wearing the Eye of the Demon God could unleash such immense amounts of energy.

"This fellow might be brash and crazy, but his strength is simply unbelievable," Osman murmured in shock.

In the past, he had been somewhat unconvinced that Qutaybah deserved the title of Arab War God, but now, he had nothing to say. Absolute strength was absolute truth. With a sublime strength that put him on the same level as gods and demons, Qutaybah was worthy of possessing this title that put him above all.


Booom! There was an explosion of howling wind in the distance as the Wushang horseman closest to Qutaybah suddenly exploded into pulp, pulverized flesh and blood spurting out from the chinks in the armor.

Even that suit of Meteoric Metal armor was nothing more than scrap metal in Qutaybah's hand. Then there was a second, a third, a fourth… As countless people watched, more than a hundred Wushang Cavalry were pulverized, leaving only their empty shells of Meteoric Metal armor to drop to the ground with a clang.


With a furious roar, Li Siye charged forward on his Ferghana steed and jumped into the air. His massive Wootz Steel sword slashed down into the thick sea of Qutaybah's Stellar Energy.

Someone of Li Siye's strength was incapable of threatening a powerful Arab War God like Qutaybah, but Qutaybah was currently fending off four Imperial Great Generals with one hand while holding up several hundred Wushang Cavalry with the other. His strength was being pushed to almost the limit, and Li Siye's appearance had completely disrupted this balance. Like the last straw on the camel's back, Li Siye's strike began to cause ripples to run through the layer of Stellar Energy.

Li Siye's massive sword was like a knife slowly cutting through a thick cake as it cleaved apart the thick and vigorous Stellar Energy around Qutaybah.


The calm and composed Arab War God finally showed a tiny hint of concern.

"Let me!"

As the Governor of War reached his limit, a massive metal axe flew through the air and hacked into the barrier of Stellar Energy around Qutaybah.

The Gangke King had also entered the fray, joining in on this encirclement of Qutaybah.

"I as well!"

"Count me in as well. Let's see how strong you are!"

In a flash, Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, and Ferghanan Chief Banahan shot into the air to join the battle.

Qutaybah's face instantly grimaced, his veneer of calm finally crumbling. Even with his transcendent strength that far surpassed that of Abu Muslim and the others, not even he could simultaneously endure the attacks of so many Great Generals and Brigadier Generals.


Qutaybah finally and without hesitation mobilized all the Stellar Energy in his body. Majestic energy exploded out of his body, sending powerful shockwaves, one after another, sweeping the area around him. Under these enormous vibrations, Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Li Siye, Xi Yuanqing, and Lou Shiyi were all sent flying like ragdolls. As they landed, they sent dust and gravel flying into the air.


At the same time, the countless Wushang Cavalry were also thrown aside along with their horses. In a flash, an area with a radius of thousands of feet around Qutaybah was strewn with fallen figures.

But after sending so many experts flying, the dazzling golden light around the seemingly invincible War God Qutaybah finally dimmed a little, his complexion slightly paling.

Even though Qutaybah was called a War God, he was not a real god. Dealing with so many people at once had consumed a significant amount of Stellar Energy.


After sending everyone flying, Qutaybah placed both hands on his sword and leaped forward, his eyes glimmering with cold light. Without hesitation, he chose to attack Gao Xianzhi. He had recognized at a glance that Gao Xianzhi was the strongest of this group and posed the greatest threat. Unlike Abu Muslim and Osman, he had little interest in weaklings. Only killing the strongest could sufficiently interest him.

But though Qutaybah had moved quickly, Wang Chong was even faster. As Qutaybah leaped forward, a figure stood up and immediately swung a massive vajra pestle at the mid-air Qutaybah. At this moment, the enormous girth of the Godking Yama was of great advantage. Even though Qutaybah had jumped very quickly, he could not get out of range of the Godking Yama.


The suddenly approaching vajra pestle made the leaping Qutaybah, his body shining with a divine radiance, show a tiny hint of surprise in his eyes.