The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064: A Battle Without Precedent In History Viii
Chapter 1064: A Battle Without Precedent in History (VIII)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The young Tang commander was able to recover much faster than Qutaybah had expected, the Stellar Energy explosion apparently having had a very limited effect. But though Qutaybah was surprised, he quickly regained his composure, redirecting the massive sword God's Might to slash against the black vajra pestle.

Booom! Wang Chong's vajra pestle simply wasn't capable of enduring the weight behind this attack and instantly exploded. But this attack had won everyone a rare chance to catch their breaths.

"Lord Gao, attack his back!

"Lord Cheng, attack from above. Use the chains to restrain his movements!

"Father, you attack his left shoulder!

"I'll take him on from the front!"

Wang Chong immediately issued a string of orders and then rose up, the vajra pestle once more forming in his hands as he assaulted Qutaybah. Qutaybah truly was powerful, but Wang Chong had the Karmic Battle Armor, which somewhat mitigated the power of Qutaybah's attacks. Thus, even though Wang Chong wasn't the strongest of the four Tang commanders, he had the strongest defense. He was the only person on the battlefield who could stand up to Qutaybah.


With Wang Chong leading the charge, the tempo of the battle suddenly shifted. The four Tang Great Generals were able to exert a pressure on Qutaybah that only increased with time.

"Yama's Fury!"

"Mighty Miracle Strike!"

"Six Ultimate Majesties God Technique!"

"Desolation Shackles!"

The four Great Generals used all their power.

"Banahan, Gangke King, Xi Yuanqing… pay attention to his massive golden sword. Assist from the sides and try to restrain his sword."

Wang Chong issued another string of orders, and the three immediately changed their target to Qutaybah's sword, causing yet another shift in the battle.

"Great Fire Crow Art!"

"Three Star Qi Condensation Art!"

"Beast God Strike!"

The three Brigadier Generals barraged Qutaybah's 'God's Might' sword with their most powerful attacks. Qutaybah was a mighty individual who was normally capable of killing people like the Gangke King with a single slash of his sword. But he was currently using more than half of his strength to suppress Wang Chong and the others. More importantly, just as Wang Chong had determined, Qutaybah needed to utilize the massive sword to fully display his power. With the sword restrained, Qutaybah's strength immediately dipped.


Winds raged and Qutaybah's eyes flashed with cold light as he turned his head to face Wang Chong. Wang Chong wasn't the strongest person here, but his intelligence played a far more important role in this battle than his strength.

This small alteration in tactics had allowed Wang Chong to completely disrupt the tempo of Qutaybah's attacks!

This was what was truly fatal to Qutaybah!

"Insignificant junior, I'll kill you first and then the others!"

Clang! Qutaybah suddenly held aloft the golden sword with a single hand, pointing it up to the sky. Rumble! A blazing golden Sword Qi suddenly shot into the sky, and Qutaybah's energy also swelled.


"Wang Chong, dodge!"

"Not good! Get out of the way!"

Gao Xianzhi and the others immediately sensed danger, grimacing in shock as they launched their strongest attacks against Qutaybah. But their attacks were too slow.


With a thunderous boom, Qutaybah's golden sword merged with the magnificent Sword Qi and transformed into a golden lightning bolt that streaked through the air at the Godking Yama. As everyone watched, a thin black line appeared on the Godking Yama, extending from its head to its feet. Kaboom! The Godking Yama split in two and then exploded into pieces.

"Lord Marquis!"

Cries of rage and grief resounded through the skies as the eyes of the Wushang Cavalry reddened. Rumble! Thousands of Wushang Cavalry began to charge at Qutaybah as if they had gone insane.

Boomboomboom! The Wushang Cavalry incessantly battered against the thick Stellar Energy around Qutaybah. In the past, they would have never succeeded in this, but Qutaybah had used a powerful Sword Qi technique to kill Wang Chong, giving them this opportunity. Under this thick barrage of attacks, even Qutaybah's thick barrier of Stellar Energy began to weaken.

But even so, Qutaybah remained composed as ever, relying on his powerful Stellar Energy to resist the attacks of the Wushang Cavalry.

"Nothing but ants!"

After killing a Tang commander, Qutaybah turned with an icy expression to the Wushang Cavalry. But suddenly…

Thump! A slender figure suddenly shot out from the ground, drawing an enormous arc through the air as it shot toward the dazzling figure of Qutaybah.

"Great Distortion Art!"

With a furious roar, majestic Stellar Energy exploded out of Wang Chong's body. Space began to twist and distort as a powerful energy wrapped around Wang Chong's three-foot Wootz Steel sword and flew at Qutaybah's barrier of Stellar Energy.

Rumble! The inconceivable occurred. Wang Chong's Great Distortion Art caused Qutaybah's iron wall of Stellar Energy to ripple, distort, blur, and finally create a small gap. Wang Chong's Wootz Steel sword shot straight through this small gap.


Qutaybah's face twisted in shock. As he twisted his head, a hint of shock finally appeared on his aloof face.

The Godking Yama was 'dead', but Wang Chong was still alive. This in itself was quite astonishing.

Even more astonishing was that without the Godking Yama, Wang Chong had already fallen back to the peak Brigadier General level, with a massive gap in strength between him and Qutaybah, but even in this state, Wang Chong's Great Distortion Art had still managed to create a gap in Qutaybah's defense.

In truth, Wang Chong had been preparing for this single assassination attempt for an extremely long time. When Qutaybah came to this startling realization, Wang Chong's Wootz Steel sword was less than half an inch from his heart.

But this half an inch was enough for a tremendous stream of Stellar Energy to explode from his body, becoming an impregnable fortress that firmly blocked Wang Chong's Wootz Steel sword.

"Everyone, attack and hold him down!"

Gao Xianzhi and the others immediately began to seethe with Stellar Energy as they attacked Qutaybah. In a flash, three powerful streams of Stellar Energy had linked around Qutaybah. This vicious battle of martial arts had now become an even more dangerous battle of Stellar Energies.

This was the only method Gao Xianzhi could think of at the moment to restrain Qutaybah.

"Infidel, you're seeking death!"

Qutaybah floated in the air as he contended against the attacks of Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Banahan, and the others, pinning all of them in the air. But Qutaybah's callous gaze remained fixed on Wang Chong.

"War God Fortress!"

This was one of the mighty techniques with which Qutaybah had stunned the world and made his name. Although it was just a thin layer, it was nigh invincible. In his military career, Qutaybah had encountered many opponents, but none of them had ever succeeded in breaking through his War God Fortress!

"I will have you and the empire behind you slowly appreciate the taste of despair!"

Qutaybah's eyes glowed with contempt and scorn while his face exuded majesty and dignity. Even in this dangerous clash of Stellar Energy, he remained calm and relaxed. As a War God honed through fire and blood, he found that there was very little in the world that could shake him.

Wang Chong raised his head. "Is that so?" he said in Arabic.


Qutaybah's pupils slightly constricted and his expression shifted.

"You actually know how to speak our language!"

Qutaybah stared at Wang Chong, a tiny sliver of surprise in his eyes.

Wang Chong didn't reply, only coldly smiled as his body exploded with Stellar Energy. He once more exerted the full power of the Great Distortion Art as he used his Stellar Energy to launch a frenzied assault against Qutaybah.

"It's useless, ignorant ant. You have no understanding of power!"

Qutaybah quickly came to his senses and peered down at Wang Chong with naked disdain. The pacification of this eastern world was foreordained to require his intervention. Anything that Abu Muslim could not finish conquering would always have to be finished by Qutaybah.

"I will grant you death!"

Just when Qutaybah was preparing to end this battle…


There was a massive boom as the Wootz Steel sword that Qutaybah had blocked and pushed back suddenly managed to pierce through Qutaybah's War God Fortress through some extremely bizarre and inexplicable method. It shot toward Qutaybah's heart like a lightning bolt.


Qutaybah's face immediately twisted in shock, but there was no time to think. A wave of fierce Stellar Energy exploded out from his body while a hand shot down to block the Wootz Steel sword.

When everything had settled down, Wang Chong's Wootz Steel sword had been stopped one foot away, in a stand-off with a golden hand imbued with powerful strength.

Wang Chong's all-out attack had in the end still failed to break through Qutaybah's defense.

Drip! An almost imperceptible red wound appeared on Qutaybah's palm, and then a scarlet drop of blood dropped from the palm and struck the ground below.

This almost inaudible noise instantly shattered the silence.

In the air, the dazzling, composed and divine figure of Qutaybah shifted and wavered, a look of extreme shock in his cold eyes.


In his twenty-some years of campaigning, Qutaybah had always been invincible and victorious. No one had ever been able to harm him or even make him bleed. But on this nameless eastern battlefield, he had been wounded, bleeding a drop of his precious blood.