The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Appears

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Qutaybah suddenly raised his head and stared at Wang Chong, his entire body beginning to seethe with terrifying killing intent.


A destructive Stellar Energy erupted like a volcano from Qutaybah's body and swept like a storm through the battlefield.


Wang Chong, Wang Yan, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Banahan, Xi Yuanqing, Lou Shiyi, Li Siye, and everyone else groaned as they were thrown into the air like ragdolls. Plush! As Wang Chong crashed to the ground, he trembled and vomited blood.

"Too powerful!"

Wang Chong clambered to his feet, his eyes depressed as he looked at that figure in the sky. Qutaybah was far more powerful than he had imagined. The four of them were simply not capable of stopping him.

In the air, Qutaybah surged with killing intent, everything for one thousand feet around him twisting according to his will.


In a golden flash of light, Qutaybah gripped his sword with both hands, swung it into the air, and slashed down. His target was clearly the distant Wang Chong.

This slash was suffused with Qutaybah's hatred. It shot like a thunderbolt through the air, and before anyone could react, the attack was already right in front of Wang Chong. Given Qutaybah's dreadful strength, if this attack struck true, Wang Chong was doomed.

"Lord Marquis!"



All the Wushang Cavalry and Qixi Protectorate army soldiers became frantic, as did Gao Xianzhi and the other commanders.

But all of them had been injured in the battle with Qutaybah. They could only watch helplessly.

Just when it seemed like Wang Chong would die to Qutaybah's sword…


An elderly roar exploded from the distance. In a flash, vast quantities of Origin Energy began to gather, transforming into a destructive storm that appeared right in front of Wang Chong and smashed against Qutaybah.

This storm had appeared very abruptly and gave out dreadful rumbles and roars. Even space itself seemed to groan and depress at the pressure exerted by this storm.

Qutaybah's eyes chilled at the sight of this storm of Origin Energy. He leaned his body forward rather than try to dodge, his sword swinging down at the storm. Boooom! There was a golden flash of light and an enormous explosion as that storm of Origin Energy was cleaved in two and vanished into nothing.

With the storm dispersed, Qutaybah could finally see what was going on.

A giant blue hand formed from Origin Energy was pulling Wang Chong backward.

Even someone as experienced as Qutaybah felt his eyes widen at this never-before-seen sight, a solemn light within them. But Qutaybah quickly reacted, his eyes growing even colder and harsher.

"Do you think you can escape from me!"

Qutaybah gripped his sword and unleashed yet another dazzling and vast thunderbolt of an attack at Wang Chong. Ever since Qutaybah had gained his seat as Governor of War, he had never been defeated or even injured. Wang Chong had not merely injured him, but pierced his palm while countless soldiers watched, causing a drop of his precious blood to stain the ground. This was unacceptable to Qutaybah. Anyone who did this to him would have to die.


The howling Sword Qi made the entire world tremble and lament in fear. Although he was also an Imperial Great General, Qutaybah had a strength that exceeded the bounds of imagination. Just when it seemed like Wang Chong was once more about to be slain, a figure approached at astonishing speed and slammed into Qutaybah's attack.

"Who is it? Who dares to wound my disciple!!"

That elderly roar suffused with rage once more exploded from the skies. At the same time, a fist containing the power of an avalanche shot forward.


There were no words that could describe that explosion. It seemed like the entire world had been blown to pieces, the shockwaves from this clash rising more than ten thousand feet and suppressing all other noise on the battlefield. When everything finally settled down, one could see the golden Qutaybah standing off against a black-clothed and white-haired elder, who stood sentinel in front of Wang Chong with eyes seething in rage.

At this moment, all was quiet and time seemed to have stopped.

"Just who are you? You managed to receive a full-strength blow of mine!"

Qutaybah grimly and warily stared at the black-robed elder.

In Qutaybah's illustrious and victorious career spanning decades, no one had ever been able to take a full-strength attack from God's Might with just their fists.

"Where did this foreign barbarian come from that he dares to act so atrociously in front of this old man!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's hair danced in the wind as he stood in front of Wang Chong, and he clearly seemed on the verge of exploding with fury.


Absolute silence!

Neither the Governor of War Qutaybah nor the Demonic Emperor Old Man could understand what the other was saying, but it was clear that neither was willing to back down. Qutaybah's eyes narrowed into slits as he examined the Demonic Emperor Old Man, seeking out any flaws. But his great sword, God's Might, remained motionless.

The Governor of War never feared battle, and stronger opponents would only stimulate more of his interest. This time, however, for the first time in his life, Qutaybah did not act with his usual impulsiveness. For the first time, he had encountered an unfathomable and intractable foe.

Very difficult to deal with!

This thought flitted through Qutaybah's mind as he examined the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

While Qutaybah was sizing up the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was also sizing up Qutaybah.

What a powerful barbarian!

This was the Demonic Emperor Old Man's first feeling.

The Central Plains was a land rich in martial arts, with various sects producing many talented experts. There were also formidable experts outside the Central Plains, but the majority of them were only the equivalent of sect masters. Rarely was any of them as powerful as this golden-armored barbarian. The Demonic Emperor Old Man sensed that this person's cultivation was already touching upon that sublime realm. The Demonic Emperor Old Man found himself somewhat in disbelief.

"Master, careful. This person is called Qutaybah. He's the War God of Arabia."

A weak voice came from behind him. Wang Chong propped himself off the ground with his palm as he looked up. Qutaybah was simply too powerful, and only his master was capable of dealing with him. In his prime, his master had been one of the strongest martial artists in the Central Plains, and he was probably now the strongest man on the side of the Great Tang.

If not even his master could deal with Qutaybah, then Qutaybah was truly uncontrollable.

"Chong-er, don't worry. Just leave this person to me," the Demonic Emperor Old Man said, his eyes still locked onto Qutaybah.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man really did want to fight with Qutaybah, but his expression was hesitant.

If he were alone, the Demonic Emperor Old Man would have already attacked, but if the two began to fight, Wang Chong was highly likely to be caught up in the battle, as he was in no condition to escape. In this situation, the Demonic Emperor Old Man could not fight with his full strength.

As the two remained in their tense standoff, on the verge of doing battle, bong! War drums began to thunder and the lands east of Talas began to quake. Dust billowed into the sky as the loud cries rang out through the air, a sign that a vast army was approaching Talas.

Before this army had even appeared, massive streams of saber, axe, and sword energy shot through the skies, causing space to twist.


A mighty shout rang over the earth, and in a flash of light, fully-armored and mighty Tang soldiers appeared on the hills to the east of Talas. They surged over the hills like a mighty flood, seeking to sweep over the battlefield.

"What's going on here?"

Beneath the black Arabian war banners, Ziyad's eyes flew upon. The Arabs had more than four hundred thousand elites, and if this were an ordinary army of reinforcements, Ziyad wouldn't have even blinked. But these soldiers were all comparable to Gao Xianzhi's Iron Wall Army. If they were also similar in size to the Iron Wall Army, Ziyad still wouldn't have worried, but to his consternation, he estimated that there were twenty to thirty thousand of these soldiers, perhaps even more!

How could this be possible?!

Even Osman grimaced at this sight. Just when he thought that he had finally understood the Great Tang, the Great Tang had once more revealed new facets of its power.

"Everyone, follow me! Attack!"

On the hills was a particularly prominent black warhorse with a white chestnut-shaped mark on its forehead. Wang Chong's second brother Wang Bei sat upon this horse, his eyes red with rage and the veins all over his body bulging as he stared at the distant battlefield and charged down the hills.


Countless enraged soldiers followed behind Wang Bei, shooting toward the Arab soldiers pouring through that distant gap in the defense line like a thunderbolt.

The Divine Martial Army, the Dragon Stallion Army, the Roaring Tiger Army, the Xuanwu Army, the Divine Prison Army… the finest soldiers of the Great Tang charged onto the battlefield. There were only sixty thousand of them, but their momentum and energy surpassed even the vast Arab army.

"Mo Saber Unit, attack!"

Yet the first to enter the fray was not the Divine Martial Army, Dragon Stallion Army, or the other elite reinforcements, but the Mo Saber Unit which had been waiting in reserve.


With this order, the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers suddenly swept forward as a single cohesive unit, raising their seven-feet-long Mo Sabers simultaneously. In this weapon’s first appearance on the battlefield, the ten thousand Mo Sabers were thrust into the air to form a forest of sabers that pointed toward the sky while the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers marched forward like a moving wall.