The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: Qutaybah Retreats

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Boom boom boom! One step at a time, the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers rapidly advanced with an unstoppable momentum. It appeared as if anything that stood in their way would be crushed into powder.

The Mo Saber Unit advanced with such incredible speed that it took only a few moments for it to arrive at the most intense part of the battlefield. The Mo Saber soldiers at the very front of the formation suddenly swung their seven-foot Mo Sabers at the charging Arab cavalry.


The cries of warhorses filled the air, the Mo Sabers descending just as the Arab horsemen had raised their scimitars. In a flash, both horses and riders were cleaved into two. Screams instantly began to ring through the air as the thousands of Mo Saber soldiers tyrannically tore through the battlefield.

Warhorses thumped to the ground and several thousand Arab corpses were soon added to the battlefield, yet this was only the prelude to the assault of the Mo Saber Unit.


Suddenly, the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers roared as one and raised their sabers. Holding them close to their chests, they strode forward. Boom! As the second wave of Arab cavalry charged, the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers struck once more. A single slash of their sabers instantly wreaked havoc through the Arab ranks, with nearly ten thousand Arab soldiers falling to their weapons. As churning dust billowed into the air, the Mo Saber Unit continued its advance.


With another shout, the dense wall of Mo Saber soldiers continued their advance, a surging flood that could not be stopped. Boom! Another wave of Arab soldiers screamed as they fell to the Mo Saber Unit, their blood drenching the ground. The Mo Saber Unit was still advancing, even picking up speed.


Yet again, the Mo Saber Unit cut down thousands of Arab soldiers, their advance never once slowing. It seemed like nothing in the world could stop them. Either the enemies would die or the Mo Saber Unit would die. There was no possibility of a third result. In this battle, the length of the Mo Sabers displayed their advantages. As if exemplifying the saying 'one inch longer, one inch stronger', the form of the Mo Sabers was ideal for slashing. Before the Arabs even had time to attack, the attacks of the Mo Sabers would have already landed.


The Mo Saber soldiers continued to retract, raise, and slash their sabers. Wherever they passed, they left piles of corpses in their wake. They proceeded through the battlefield with a thunderous momentum, faster and faster, stronger and stronger, until finally…


"Hurry and retreat!"

The horrifying momentum of the Mo Saber Unit finally made fear appear in the eyes of the Arab cavalry, and they began to holler in fear. The tremendous lethality of the Mo Saber Unit was only secondary to its terrifying and unstoppable advance. No matter how soldiers charged at these Tang soldiers, it was all useless. It didn't even seem possible to slow their advance by a single step.

No one would retreat as long as it was still possible to defeat one's opponent, but when victory seemed hopeless, that was when fear struck.

Neeeigh! Tens of thousands of warhorses whinnied, the fear of their riders even beginning to infect them. They began to struggle against their reins as they tried to get out of the Mo Saber Unit's way.

Behind this unit, the Divine Prison Army, Divine Martial Army, and Dragon Stallion Army were approaching in a flood of steel.

"Damn it! How did the Tang get so many powerful reinforcements!"

An Arab general at the gap clenched his teeth as his eyes widened in shock. This terrifying pressure that seemed capable of crushing all was something he had never seen in an enemy before while serving the Governor of War.

Rumble! The Arab soldiers charging through the gap took fright as they saw their front line being constantly cut down, and they finally began to retreat.


At this moment, the metallic horn calling for withdrawal blared out from the distance. This signal for retreat was so sudden that there was a brief moment where the entire battlefield was eerily still. Rumble! Then the hundreds of thousands of Arab elites that had been surging toward the Tang defense line immediately began to retreat at even faster speeds, withdrawing to the west.


So abrupt was this fortuitous event that all the Tang soldiers were momentarily struck dumb. And then, all of them began to charge after the retreating Arabs.



At this moment, no one was more stunned than the Governor of War, Qutaybah, who was still hovering in the air with his sword in hand as he maintained a stand-off with the Demonic Emperor Old Man. Just as he was proactively seeking out the Demonic Emperor Old Man's flaws and preparing to fight, his army had suddenly begun to retreat.

As his eyes flitted between the immovable and unfathomable Demonic Emperor Old Man, the distant storm of approaching energy, and the slowly recovering Wang Chong, Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, and Gao Xianzhi, Qutaybah clenched his teeth and finally made his choice.

"Tang, we will meet again!"

After one last glance at the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Qutaybah chose to retreat from the battlefield, his body blinking away into the distance.

Qutaybah had consumed far too much Stellar Energy in dealing with Wang Chong and the Wushang Cavalry. Qutaybah did not have the confidence to defeat the Demonic Emperor Old Man while he was not in peak condition.


The air howled as the Governor of War vanished into the distance in a streak of golden light, leaving a long trail behind him in the air.

"How was it?"

A familiar and extremely elderly voice came from next to the Demonic Emperor Old Man. In a gust of wind, the Wushang Village Chief appeared like a ghost next to the Demonic Emperor Old Man, holding a cane and gazing at the distant figure of Qutaybah.

His speed was a little slower than that of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, who had cultivated the Myriad Spirit Sea Art. Although he was still very fast, he had been delayed by a minor matter and hadn't been able to arrive on time.

"This fellow is very strong. I've never encountered such a formidable opponent before! In addition, I'm afraid that he's already begun to touch upon that realm," the Demonic Emperor Old Man said.


The Wushang Village Chief was somewhat startled and his gaze turned grim. Both he and the Demonic Emperor Old Man knew of the realm above the peak of the Saint Martial realm. Anyone who touched that realm was assuredly a legendary expert.

"Let's put that aside for now and help out these children. With their strength, they will be hard-pressed to fight this level of expert."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man very quickly turned his gaze to Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli.

Although Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli were illustrious individuals of the Western Regions, with Gao Xianzhi even being a Great General and Anxi Protector-General, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was much older than they were. Even Gao Xianzhi was just a child before the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man floated to Gao Xianzhi's side. Raising him up from the ground, he patted his palm heavily against Gao Xianzhi's shoulder. Booom! There was an explosion of wind as the Origin Energy in a vast area flowed into Gao Xianzhi's body like rivers flowing into the sea.

At the same time, this vast sea of almost tangible Origin Energy also flowed into Cheng Qianli, Xi Yuanqing, and Lou Shiyi.


Everyone was left dumbfounded by this sight.

"So powerful!"

As they sensed the strength in their bodies increase, Cheng Qianli and Xi Yuanqing stared in shock at the Demonic Emperor Old Man. This was the first time they had seen Wang Chong's master. The two of them believed themselves to be extremely powerful martial artists, but the power of the Demonic Emperor Old Man was already beyond their imagination.

None of them had even imagined that someone could understand and control Origin Energy to such a sublime level. The rest of the Saint Martial realm experts were like children compared to this man.

"What powerful energy!"

Gao Xianzhi was right next to the Demonic Emperor Old Man and his body was shrouded in thick Origin Energy, so he naturally could perceive the most. The elder next to him had a body bursting with explosive energy. Gao Xianzhi could sense tens of thousands of energy vortices on this elder's body.

He had never sensed such terrifying energy on anyone before. This was like the energy of tens of thousands of storms compressed into the shape of a single man.

At this moment, he was even finding himself rather fortunate that this man was an ally, not an enemy.

Is this Wang Chong's back-up plan? Just where did he find such a powerful martial artist?

Gao Xianzhi was deeply moved. He had always regarded himself as very strong, but there was still a large gap between him and this elder, and if this elder had not appeared to stop Qutaybah, the consequences would have been too gruesome to imagine.

Master's Myriad Spirit Sea Art seems to have gotten even stronger!

None was more ecstatic at this moment than Wang Chong.

His master had been silent for a very long time after his dantian was shattered, but after cultivating the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, his master had soared in power. Every time Wang Chong saw his master, Wang Chong could sense that his master had developed an even deeper understanding of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

Not even Wang Chong could estimate the level his master had reached.

It appeared that he had already completely overcome the original flaw in his body.