The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074: Divine Prison Army

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Milord, it's one of the Arabs' top-class armies!"

Kong Zi-an turned to Wang Chong with a deeply worried face. Others had yet to notice, but Kong Zi-an had noticed at a glance that the army that had appeared on the left flank was not made of ordinary elites. This was a powerful existence on par with the Iron Wall Army. No ordinary soldiers could possibly stop it.

"Zhao Fengchen!" Wang Chong immediately said without turning his head, his eyes coldly flashing.

"Yes, Milord!"

Zhao Fengchen turned his head and glared at the heavily armored soldiers on the left flank. With a wave of his hand, he charged forward.

"Xuanwu Army, hear my orders! Follow me!"

In the blink of an eye, the eight thousand soldiers of the Xuanwu Army had departed from behind Wang Chong.

Mere moments later, a bestial roar came from the rear of the Arab army.

The Arab cavalry behind the thousand-some Silver Behemoths that were frenziedly charging at the three thousand soldiers of the Divine Martial Army suddenly acted like they had encountered some mighty flood, and began to run off to the sides.

At almost the same time, Wang Sili's mind trembled as if he had sensed something. Raising his head and looking at the origin of the disturbance in the Arab ranks, Wang Sili clearly saw clouds of bloody mist rapidly charging in his direction. Even though he couldn't see anything in this bloody mist, he could sense an unprecedentedly terrifying killing intent.

"Everyone, hear my order! Assemble the soldiers and stand ready!"


The crisp cry of a scimitar resounded through the sky. Before Wang Sili had any time to investigate, a figure leapt out of the distant Arab army like a ghost, drawing an arc over the battlefield as it descended with thunderous momentum at Wang Sili.


A strand of sharp saber energy as thin as a hair flickered toward him. When Wang Sili had first noticed this man, he was still more than one hundred feet in the air, but now, the man and his saber were already right in front of him. This slender saber edge was as thin as a sheet of paper, but it rapidly expanded in Wang Sili's eyes as it slashed down at him.


Without any time to think, Wang Sili raised up his Starving Wolf Greatsword and barely managed to block this terrifying strike.

The Arabian scimitar clashed with the Starving Wolf Greatsword, unleashing a powerful shockwave that swept through the area.

Bang! The act of blocking this attack immediately sent Wang Sili flying more than one hundred feet backward.

At the very last moment, Wang Sili stomped his foot down, slamming through the rock to firmly anchor his body in the ground.

Wang Sili immediately raised his head to his distant opponent. Across from him was a bearded Arab general with hawkish eyes and a high nose, equipped in dark red armor and seething with red mist as he stood where Wang Sili had once stood.

This person was clearly rather stunned to see that Wang Sili had managed to stop himself, but he quickly broke into a savage smile.

"Are all of you clear on Lord Qutaybah's orders? Retreat means death! Kill all of them!"

Mansur savagely laughed as he waved his saber forward.

Rumble! Countless Arab cavalry dressed in the same dark red armor rapidly galloped past him. The cruel and savage auras on their bodies made them seem like a pack of beasts lunging at the three thousand soldiers of the Divine Martial Army.

"Hmph, so it was a top-class Arab army!"

Wang Sili snorted in derision as he instantly understood what was going on. It was clear that the Arabs, seeing that the Divine Martial Army had moved out, had dispatched their own top-class soldiers. But the Divine Martial Army was the strongest and most elite force in the illustrious Big Dipper Army of Longxi. It had never feared any opponent.

"Come! I'd like to see just how formidable the Arabs really are!"

Wang Sili's eyes glimmered with cold light as he raised his Starving Wolf Greatsword, his eyes exploding with determination.

The Divine Martial Army would never retreat from this foreign battlefield, nor was there any force that could make this veteran and experienced army retreat, not even the Blood Beast Army.

"Everyone, follow me! Charge!"

Wang Sili waved his sword, not waiting for the opponent to attack as he led his three thousand men in a charge against the clearly numerically superior Blood Beast Army. Bang! With a stomp, Wang Sili shot into the air like a cannonball toward the commander of the Blood Beast Army, Mansur.

A dazzling halo exploded from his feet, almost tangible as it rumbled and clattered. Seven stars could faintly be seen in this halo.

Behind Wang Sili, light and shadow intersected, forming what was clearly a massive starving wolf as large as a mountain!


The three thousand soldiers of the Divine Martial Army showed no hesitation, much less fear. Raising up their three thousand swords, the dense ranks of the Divine Martial Army marched forward with incredible speed at the enormous pack of beasts that was the Blood Beast Army.

"Hmph, seeking death!"

Mansur coldly chuckled, a hint of sinister cold flashing through his eyes. Clang! Raising his scimitar, Mansur shot toward Wang Sili like a ghost.

The Blood Beast Army was the most valiant and pugnacious army under Qutaybah's command. In the northern war zone, Mansur had never encountered anyone who was a match for him. Even these Tang would be incapable of stopping his Blood Beast Army.


There was a heaven-shaking explosion as Mansur and Wang Sili crashed into each other like meteors, producing fierce gales and a sandstorm that rapidly expanded through the battlefield.

Bangbangbang! Scimitars and swords collided in the air, creating a deafening metallic cacophony.


In an explosion of Sword Qi, a soldier of the Divine Martial Army clashed weapons with a muscular soldier of the Blood Beast Army. Both possessed incredible and ferocious strength.

A massive shockwave was created by their clash, but both soldiers were unperturbed and both showed no signs of backing down.

Strength, speed, agility, and experience forged through hundreds of battles… the abilities displayed by these two men far surpassed those of any other elite soldiers. Even in terms of weapons, the two found it hard to find any advantage.

The armor and scimitars of the Blood Beast Army had been produced using Qutaybah's influence, forged by the best weaponsmiths from the finest materials the empire could provide. As for the Divine Martial Army, Geshu Han had similarly used his status as Big Dipper Great General to request resources from the Sage Emperor.

The armor and weapons of the Divine Martial Army were made by the finest smiths of the imperial household. Their weapons were tough and dense. Even a thousand cruel and intense battles would not be able to harm them.

Boomboomboom! In the blink of an eye, the three thousand soldiers of the Divine Martial Army were engaged in pitched battle with the Blood Beast Army.

Each move and technique of the Divine Martial Army soldiers was exquisite and clean. These were moves meant to swiftly dispatch their opponents, but were also difficult to defend against.

Although the Blood Beast Army soldiers were a little lacking in this aspect, they were also skilled in the art of killing. More importantly, they had the numbers on their side.

"Divine Prison Army, move out!"

Atop his White-hoofed Shadow, Wang Chong had been keeping a close eye on the battle between the Divine Martial Army and the Blood Beast Army. The two armies had very similar levels of strength, but the soldiers of the Blood Beast Army were more numerous. The Divine Martial Army alone would not be able to pierce their defenses. If he wanted to defeat the Blood Beast Army, he would have to dispatch an even stronger force.


With a mighty rumble, the four thousand soldiers of the Divine Prison Army pulled out their swords and marched out from behind Wang Chong.

As they moved out, a dreadful flood of murderous energy surged out of their bodies.


At almost the same moment, the air droned as a vast and magnificent Sword Qi appeared in the sky. It spanned across the heavens, creating a momentary vacuum and seeming to cleave apart the sky. Let alone the Arab army, even the Tang soldiers around the Divine Prison Army felt an intense shock.

The sharp and fierce energy exuded by the Divine Prison Army was like tens of thousands of extremely sharp little swords. It made one want to get as far away as possible.

The Divine Prison Army was the most unique of all the reinforcements. These soldiers did not talk or smile, and the energy rising from their bodies was even sharper than that of the Divine Martial Army. They were like an unsheathed sword that was ready at a moment's notice to commence the slaughter.

Most puzzling of all was that no one knew where this Divine Prison Army had come from. There was no record of this force in the military records of the Great Tang.

Boom! As the Divine Prison Army moved out, all the soldiers behind the first defense line rushed to the sides to open a path for it.

"A good chance! Kill them all!"

The opposing Arab cavalry rejoiced at this sight. Even though they had been charging at the defense line for so long, they had failed to open any sort of gap. But now, the Tang had made a gap themselves, an extremely rare chance that they had to exploit.

Neeeigh! Warhorses cried out and metal clattered as thousands of Arab cavalry gleefully charged into the gap.

The four thousand Divine Prison Army soldiers seemed unperturbed as the flood of Arab cavalry rushed in, but they suddenly began to march faster. They raised their swords and charged forward with an unstoppable momentum.