The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083: The Mamelukes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Faisal slowly drew the scimitar from his back and held it high over his head.

"Move out!"

Boom! Faisal swung his scimitar down and charged forward. Behind him, the ten thousand Mamelukes who lived to fight and kill roared and charged forward in a mighty wave.



The Great Tang commanders were on constant guard, and so the moment the Mamelukes began to move, Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi, and Cheng Qianli immediately sensed something and turned to look.

"Milord, the Mamelukes have moved out!" Xue Qianjun said.

The Sassanid emissary from Khorasan had given the Great Tang a great deal of information. Thus, even though the Mamelukes were appearing in Talas for the first time, almost all the elite commanders of the Great Tang were able to recognize them at a glance.

"Banahan, I'll have to trouble you to move out," Wang Chong suddenly said.

"Haha, I've also heard much about the Mamelukes of Arabia. To exchange blows with them at Talas can be considered fulfilling one of my dreams."

Banahan faintly smiled and rode off.

The greatest weakness of the Wushang Cavalry was that it lacked a Brigadier General commander. This was because Wang Chong had spent too little time in the military and did not have this kind of individual under his command. Thus, selecting an appropriate Brigadier General commander for the Wushang Cavalry was a decision that Wang Chong had needed a very long time to make.

Banahan was very powerful, a famed general of the Western Regions. More importantly, Wang Chong had helped Banahan by fulfilling this Ferghanan Chief's long-cherished wish of upgrading the Great Fire Crow Art to its highest level.

This was also the reason Wang Chong had chosen him.


In the rear of the Tang army, a warhorse snorted and stomped the ground, its mane fluttering in the wind. Banahan and Cui Piaoqi stood side by side, while behind them were the ten thousand Wushang Cavalry. Tempered by war, this force of cavalry had grown even stronger. The clashes with the Mutri Great Cavalry and Celestial Wolf Cavalry in particular had honed the skills of these soldiers and endowed them with an aura which seemed to hold the entire world in disdain.

There was no one in the world that the Wushang Cavalry could not defeat.

"Everyone, hear my order! Move out!"

Cui Piaoqi had a somber expression as he pulled out his sharp Wootz Steel sword, which coldly glimmered beneath the overcast sky. Rumble! The ten thousand Wushang Cavalry took up formation and charged out from the rear with a thunderous momentum.

Neeeigh! As the cries of the horses rang through the air, time seemed to stop. In this moment frozen in time, a black warhorse completely covered in armor shot through the gap in the steel defense line, its mane blowing in the wind while its pitch-black eyes reflected the dense ranks of the Arab cavalry and the countless scimitars in their hands.


The warhorse collided with one of the Arab horsemen beyond the defense line, sending both the rider and horse flying. At the same time, an inky-black war halo exploded from beneath the hooves of the horse. In a flash of light, the sharp edges of this massive war halo cut two approaching Arab horsemen asunder.


As this warhorse landed on the ground, time regained its normal flow. Ten thousand Wushang Cavalry surged into the Arab cavalry like a horde of beasts, a torrent of water.


Shrill screams resounded through the battlefield as the Wushang Cavalry charged through all opposition in their way, knocking down the Arab cavalry like dominoes. Four thousand, six thousand, eight thousand… the Arab losses were climbing with dizzying speed.

Not since it had been established had the Wushang Cavalry ever reached the scale of ten thousand men, and now that it had, it underwent a quintessential transformation. The ten-thousand-strong Wushang Cavalry possessed completely different levels of momentum, offense, and ferocity.

"Out of the way! Out of the way! It's that force of Great Tang cavalry!"

"Run! We're no match for them!"

"Have the Mamelukes deal with them!"

The Arab cavalry outside the defense line were in complete disorder, with the forces under Abu Muslim especially already beginning to flee.

All the soldiers under Abu Muslim had already experienced the horror of the Wushang Cavalry, with many of their fellow soldiers having died to the swords of these cavalry. In terms of lethality, the Wushang Cavalry were tantamount to a moving group of Great Tang ballistae.

Rumble! The ten thousand Wushang Cavalry kicked up a cloud of dust as they charged at the Mamelukes, throwing the surrounding Arab soldiers into chaos in the meantime.

"Huoba Sangye, you should move out as well! We can't miss out on this feast!" Dalun Ruozan suddenly said.

A few moments later, the earth rumbled and clouds of dust billowed as the six thousand Mutri Great Cavalry transformed into a blazing torrent and followed behind the Mamelukes.

"Shamask, Chekun Benba, go as well!"

Not far from the Tibetans, Duwu Sili gave a similar order, his eyes flashing.

Of the three parties in this alliance, the Arabs had already committed nearly ninety percent of their soldiers, and even the Tibetans had dispatched their men. Duwu Sili naturally couldn't open himself up to criticism by doing nothing.

A few moments later, there was yet another massive rumbling as the five thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry charged out.

The tension of the battlefield once more increased. Ten thousand Wushang Cavalry, ten thousand Mamelukes, six thousand Mutri Great Cavalry, and five thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry… This was a battle between some of the finest forces of cavalry in the world, and it instantly became the focus of everyone's attention.


As the armies approached, the quaking of the earth intensified and the air practically groaned with tension.

Cui Piaoqi, it's time for you to show your abilities! Wang Chong thought as he gazed at that heroic figure.

All of the officers at Wang Chong's side had served him for a very long time, with a significant number having served with him in the war of the southwest, experiencing that cruel and bloody battlefield. It was precisely because of their shared experiences that Wang Chong deeply understood them and was confident in giving them command over soldiers.

A case like Cui Piaoqi's, where someone who Wang Chong had no relationship with whatsoever was given command over his most elite Wushang Cavalry, was simply unheard of. But even though Cui Piaoqi had no astonishing achievements on the battlefield, Wang Chong trusted him the same as he would Li Siye or Xu Keyi.

Cui Piaoqi was different from the other people at Wang Chong's side. When they had first met at Wushang Village, Cui Piaoqi had already been very strong, but this was not the reason Wang Chong had selected him. The most important reason was that Cui Piaoqi was born to be a most outstanding and most valiant commander.

His ability to observe and learn was on a level that most people would find difficult to imagine. In his last life, Cui Piaoqi had been the strongest war general under Wang Chong's command. He was completely capable of commanding an army and holding his own, and his abilities were only a little less than Wang Chong's.

"Second Brother, I hope you did as I said and gave those things to him," Wang Chong muttered to himself as thought back to that scene from more than two months ago…

"Little Brother, what is this?"

In the Qixi Protectorate headquarters, Wang Bei looked doubtfully at the thick stack of papers Wang Chong had given him.

"Second Brother, keep these things for me. In a little while, someone will come here, and I need you to give these things to him. If there's something he doesn't understand, I hope that you will be able to give him a detailed explanation," Wang Chong earnestly said.

Wang Bei was still confused, but in the end, he nodded.


Cui Piaoqi's talent for war and comprehension ability were only second to his own. Wang Chong had originally intended to keep him out of this war, but if the nest were overturned, would any egg survive? If he really did need reinforcements for this Battle of Talas, Cui Piaoqi would be the best man for the job.


The supreme forces of the east and west drew closer and closer together, their auras intensifying. Roooar! A grim and solemn aura appeared around the ten thousand Mamelukes, and as their halos began to oscillate at higher frequencies, the light over their heads began to darken.

A shroud seemed to descend over the Mamelukes, placing them in another world.

The terrifying roars from within the shroud grew louder and louder. These were the cries from the world of the dead.

At this moment, the Mamelukes seemed to connect the worlds of the living and the dead. The energy of an ancient civilization from several thousand years ago was surging into this terrifying and bloodthirsty army. As the ten thousand Mamelukes built up speed, it seemed like nothing could ever stop them. Whether living or dead, they would all be cast into that horrific world of death!

Two thousand feet, one thousand feet, five hundred feet…

The distance was closing!

Faisal's eyes glowed with a sinister light while a bloodthirsty smile floated on his lips. At this distance, he could already clearly make out every soldier of the Wushang Cavalry. Their aura, equipment, strength, halo, and that valiant will… They truly surpassed any kind of soldier he had ever fought before.

Faisal had no doubt that this dauntless force of cavalry charging at full speed would be capable of even pulverizing a mountain.

But the more this is the case, the more worth killing they are! Faisal gleefully thought to himself.