The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: The Kings Of Cavalry Clash Ii
Chapter 1085: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

"Careful! They're attacking from the flanks!"

The flanks of the Mamelukes fell into panic and disorder, but the Mamelukes were able to exert their formidable fighting power and organizational abilities to immediately form basic defense lines on their flanks before the four thousand Wushang Cavalry could impact.

In this world, probably only the Mamelukes were capable of forming two defense lines in less than a second.

But even so, it was still too late.

Both were supreme cavalry forces with similar levels of strength, so no matter what measures were taken, the result had already been decided.

In a flash of scimitars and swords, the cavalry clashed, but the defense line set up by the Mamelukes was only able to last a few moments before the torrent-like charge of the four thousand Wushang Cavalry dashed them to pieces.


All was mayhem as the four thousand Wushang Cavalry knocked countless Mamelukes to the ground to be trampled to death by countless warhorses.


Beneath the fluttering black war banner, Aybak's pupils constricted. The Mamelukes were used to crushing their opponents with overwhelming force through a direct charge, so they had never expected the Tang to take this line. Moreover, the area those four thousand Wushang Cavalry had chosen to attack was exactly the weakest part of the Mamelukes' defense. Aybak had wanted to issue an order, but he had been too late.

Rumble! Dust billowed into the sky as innumerable warhorses fell to the ground. In a single clash, the Mamelukes had suffered severe casualties. They had not lost in terms of strength or formation, but to Cui Piaoqi's tactical mind and ability to command.

"Mass charge! Break them!"

Cui Piaoqi's cold and deep voice resounded like a bell over the battlefield as he led the charge into the Mamelukes from the front. Meanwhile, the four thousand Wushang Cavalry were continuing to charge back and forth, cutting apart the Mamelukes and preventing them from reassembling and organizing a defense.

Ten Charges Ten Victories!

This was originally the very last of the ten great formations of the apocalyptic era, and in terms of offense, it was inferior to the Asura Hell Formation. But Cui Piaoqi, after deep thought, had decided to divide his army into two. Six thousand Wushang Cavalry would directly oppose the enemy using the Asura Hell Formation. Meanwhile, four thousand Wushang Cavalry would use the Cutting Formation of the Ten Charges Ten Victories Formation to attack the Mamelukes at their weakest point and throw their formation into chaos.

Reality proved that Cui Piaoqi's tactics had played a decisive role.

In this clash of armies, the Mamelukes had never even planned to deal with this kind of eastern tactic. They had immediately been routed and thrown into disarray. No one had expected this.


Aybak clenched his fists, his face immediately contorting into a nasty grimace and his body trembling in rage. But no matter what he said, it was already too late.

Cui Piaoqi, this really is your style. I knew that you wouldn't let me down.

As Wang Chong watched all this take place, a smile finally appeared on his face.

Back then, Wang Chong had chosen Cui Piaoqi to be the number one general under his command not only because of his extraordinary strength, but more importantly because of his ability to make impromptu decisions on the battlefield. No matter the occasion, he would always make surprising and unconventional decisions that were suited to the situation on the battlefield. No one else under Wang Chong's command could compare.

In this clash, the Wushang Cavalry had indisputably crushed the Mamelukes and determined their place as the strongest cavalry in the world.

"Congratulations to user! For defeating the Mamelukes, you have been rewarded 1000 points of Destiny Energy!

"Congratulations to user! The Wushang Cavalry have obtained the title of 'Strongest Cavalry'. You have been rewarded 2000 points of Destiny Energy!

"User has completed a hidden side mission, 'Heroes vie for supremacy, cavalry contend for dominance', and has been rewarded an extra 1000 points of Destiny Energy for a total of 4000 points of Destiny Energy!"

A string of messages rushed through Wang Chong's mind, but he didn't have the leisure to worry about them. This battle was no longer a clash between soldiers, but a war in which the fates of the east and the west were on the line. As the strongest force of the Great Tang side, the ten thousand Wushang Cavalry were not only facing the Mamelukes. Behind the Mamelukes were the six thousand Mutri Great Cavalry and the five thousand Celestial Wolf Cavalry.


There was a thunderous rumbling as the Wushang Cavalry, Mamelukes, Mutri Great Cavalry, and Celestial Wolf Cavalry descended into a melee. The ringing of weapons, screams, and the trembling earth created a mighty din as these four elite cavalry forces fought, and the situation of the battle became uncertain once more.


Screams suddenly rose from another direction. While the Wushang Cavalry were defeating the Mamelukes and descending into a battle of three versus one, the Mo Saber Unit had appeared and had immediately begun to deal a massive blow to countless Arab cavalry.


The ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers stepped forward as one, cutting down ten thousand Arab cavalry in the space of a single breath, sending severed limbs flying into the air. Although there were only ten thousand of them, the fact that they were using the human wall formation meant that their lethality was even more startling than the Wushang Cavalry, their aura even more intimidating.


After killing the foes before them, the ten thousand Mo Saber soldiers advanced once more, their seven-foot Mo Sabers swinging down. Chaos ensued once more and the earth groaned as another batch of nearly ten thousand Arab cavalry was felled. In two swings of their sabers, nearly twenty thousand Arab cavalry had been slain. Nothing in the world could be more intimidating.


At the front of the army, Li Siye gripped his saber with both hands as he led his soldiers to march over the corpses and advance for a third time. This time, many of the Arab cavalry backed up in fear, but there were still many Arab cavalry who charged at the Mo Saber Unit.


An Arab horseman shot toward a Mo Saber soldier near Li Siye in a streak of light and slashed down with his scimitar. If this scimitar struck true, even a mountain would be sundered.

But the Mo Saber soldier didn't even blink in front of this attack. As the Arab horseman charged up, bang! The long Mo Saber struck the Arabian scimitar. The ease with which the Mo Saber slashed was fully displayed here as the Arabian scimitar shattered into pieces with a ringing clang.

"This is impossible!"

The Arab horseman's face was stricken with fear, but it was too late. The sharp saber cut through his flesh, and this Arab horseman that had charged so valiantly forward was cleaved in half along with his armor and horse.


Chunks of flesh dropped to the ground as the Mo Saber soldier stood with his saber gripped in his hands, a warrior god descended to the earth.


Two more Arab horsemen who were charging over took fright, pulled on the reins of their horses, and immediately began to fall back.

This army's tyrannical fighting style, dreadful killing power, and unique method of advancing had an enormous psychological impact on the Arab elites.


Li Siye's voice rang out once more, and the Mo Saber Unit formed back up into their straight and grandiose human wall. Of the four words of 'Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain', 'Mountain' was the most unique. It wasn't merely used for heavy attacks, but also served as a signal for the army to gather and reconsolidate.

As the Mo Saber Unit advanced, it was certain to run into various problems that would cause shifts in the formation. Thus, at times like this, the 'Mountain' order was used to call for a reconsolidation.

The power of the Mo Saber Unit lay not just in the Mo Sabers, but also in the human wall formation. Without this formation, the Mo Saber Unit would be unable to produce as much psychological impact or exert as much lethal force.

In the distance, beneath the black Arab war banners, Abu Muslim turned to Osman.

"Osman, send out your other army. Normal soldiers won't be able to stop them."

The individual strength of the soldiers in the Mo Saber Unit wasn't very great, at least not when compared to the Blood Beast Army or the Fearless Army. But when they gathered together, not even the Fearless Army was as deadly.


Osman nodded and waved his arm, after which a messenger quickly rode to the rear.

The Tiber Army!

This was the last elite army under Osman's command, but Osman had far fewer resources than Qutaybah or Osman. As a result, this army was inferior to the Fearless Army in both strength and numbers. Moreover, in a campaign not too long ago, the Tiber Army had come under a powerful ambush and had suffered significant casualties. Thus, Osman had hoped to wait a little longer to deploy this army so as to avoid further losses.

But now, it was compelled to enter the battlefield. In addition, the strength of the Mo Saber Unit was still not able to compare to the strength of top-class armies. This was the only reason Osman could accept this decision.

A few moments later, another army rumbled onto the battlefield toward the Mo Saber Unit. At this moment, Abu Muslim, Osman, and Aybak had dispatched all their best soldiers. Even the Mutri Great Cavalry and the Celestial Wolf Cavalry of the Tibetans and Western Turks had entered the field.

The three empires party to the trilateral alliance had deployed almost all their men to the battlefield.