The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086: Revelation Army

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The battle was growing more and more intense. At every moment, large numbers of cavalry were falling, and a bloody mist was seething in the air, only getting larger and larger.

As the battle continued, Wang Chong was waiting, Gao Xianzhi was waiting, and beneath the black war banners, Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and Dalun Ruozan were all waiting.

No battle could continue forever. Even the most evenly matched opponents would eventually reach an outcome, and when the battle was decided, it would inevitably result in complete victory for one side and complete defeat for the other.

Several hours quickly passed and the losses on both sides continued to rise. Thumpthumpthump! Several Tang soldiers became fatigued, and the Arabs took advantage of this moment of weakness. The sharp Arabian scimitars quickly hacked up their armor and plunged into their organs, causing their lifeless bodies to drop to the ground.

On the other side, ten-some Arab horsemen had their heads cut off and dropped to the ground.

Neither the Tang nor the Arabs were willing to back down. No matter how many men fell, someone would always be there to take the place of the fallen.

Under the distant black war banner, Abu Muslim looked away from the battlefield and to a nearby deputy.

"Pass on my order! Send the Enforcers! Anyone who retreats is to be immediately executed!"


The stalwart and burly deputy quickly left, and a few moments later, a force of around five thousand Enforcers marched out from the rear in a straight row. Each of them held a bright scimitar in their hand while their eyes viciously looked forward.

The Enforcers!

This was not an unfamiliar name in the Arabian Empire. In the early years of the Arabian expansion, the Enforcers were meant to prevent soldiers from escaping, but this force had been disbanded a very long time ago. It was not because the army had changed its policies, but because the Arabs were such brave and pugnacious people that the Enforcers were completely unnecessary.

As the Arabs conquered empire after empire, they were practically unstoppable. There was no problem of fleeing soldiers.

But now, the intensity of the Battle of Talas had forced Abu Muslim to take an unusual stance and recreate the Enforcers so that the army would redouble its assault.

The ferocity and cruelty of this battle far exceeded everyone's expectations, particularly with regard to the Arabs, who had the overwhelming advantage in numbers. Even the courageous Arabs were beginning to show fear in front of the terrifying lethality of the Tang.

Behind the first defense line, Xu Keyi turned worriedly to Wang Chong. "Milord, the soldiers can't hold much longer!"

Not even the war of the southwest could compare to the intensity and callousness of this battlefield.

Xu Keyi could see that even the Ultimate Martial Army was showing signs of fatigue; beads of sweat rolled down their faces, seeping into their armor, and flowing into their boots. If even the Ultimate Martial Army was in this state, one could imagine how the rest of the soldiers were faring.

"We have nowhere to retreat. We can only continue. Retreat is death. And the Arabs definitely aren't faring much better!" Wang Chong sternly said, his gaze turning to the right side, where Li Siye and the Mo Saber Unit were located.

The Mo Saber Unit had suffered large casualties. Five thousand of its soldiers had already fallen, their corpses scattered across the field, their armor shattered to pieces.

Though it had only been established a little more than a month ago, the Mo Saber Unit had lost half of its force in one battle.

But Osman's Tiber Army had also suffered severe casualties, with three thousand of its soldiers joining the bodies of the Mo Saber Unit. Even elite soldiers like this couldn't get much advantage in front of the tyrannical fighting style of the Mo Saber Unit. After all, the greatest advantage of the Mo Saber Unit was not in the individual strength of its soldiers, but how it attacked as a single unit.

"Xu Keyi, pass on my order. Beat the drums!"

"This subordinate will deliver this order!"

Xu Keyi bowed and quickly rode off.

Thump thump thump!

A few moments later, the loud banging of war drums began to rise from the back of the army. The sound of these drums caused the Tang soldiers to rally and roar as they once more flung themselves at the Arabs.

The beating of drums was a signal that could raise the morale of the army. After this period of sustained fighting, Wang Chong had chosen once more to raise morale by beating the drums. From this, it was clear that the situation of this battle was extremely precarious.

The Great Tang could not afford to lose, nor could it possibly lose!

Each soldier could sense the resolve carried by these beating drums. The blood rushed through their veins and their bodies exploded with every last bit of potential as they raised their weapons and brought them down on the Arabs.

For a moment, the screams of Arabs filled the air as the beating of the Tang war drums effected a subtle change on the situation.


Mere moments after the Tang war drums began to beat, the Arabs and Tibetans responded with their own rallying cry, the blaring of horns resounding over Talas.

The horns stimulated the Arabs into attacking with even more ferocity. Roaring and shouting, they blocked the suddenly-vicious attacks of the Tang.

As the drums beat and the horns blared, the battle became only crueler and more intense. The losses on both sides swelled once more, yet the situation remained a stalemate.


As time slowly passed and everyone was focused on the intense battle, the divine and dazzling figure of Qutaybah suddenly moved. His mighty Arabian steed, 'Victor', trotted two steps forward, its golden hooves stomping down on the ground. In an instant, a powerful energy traveled through the earth and spread in every direction.

This sudden movement immediately caused Abu Muslim, Aybak, Osman, and Ziyad to tremble and look toward Qutaybah.

No matter the moment, Qutaybah was always the center of the battlefield.

Abu Muslim, Osman, and Aybak criticized Qutaybah in private, but without realizing it, the three of them instinctively depended on him whenever it came to war.

"Pass on my order! Deploy the Revelation Army!"

A cold voice resounded in everyone's ears as the golden figure of Qutaybah waved its hand and gave an order.

This order immediately galvanized everyone around the four black war banners. Even Aybak had a glimmer of irrepressible excitement in his eyes.

It's finally being deployed!

This excited thought flitted through Aybak's mind.

The Revelation Army!

This was the strongest force under Qutaybah's command and the most terrifying army in the empire. In terms of fighting power, it was far above the Crimson Moon Vanguard, Blood Beast Army, and Death Army. Not even Abu Muslim's Fearless Army could compare to it. This was an army renowned throughout the empire.


The ground quaked as if a giant hand had slammed against the ground. A moment later, the last elite force of the Arab army finally took the stage. Bzzz! This army of five thousand golden-armored soldiers equipped with golden swords appeared in the rear of the Arab army.

In terms of external appearance, this army was quite similar to Qutaybah himself. Even the aura from their bodies seemed to be of the same nature as Qutaybah's, though this army was far weaker than Qutaybah himself.

But even so, this army gave off a bright, grandiose, dauntless, and ferocious aura. These five thousand Revelation soldiers didn't seem like mortal warriors, but warriors of God who had descended from the Kingdom of Heaven!


The winds howled and the air was somber. The appearance of the five thousand golden-armored soldiers rapidly altered the mood of the battlefield. Even though they were still hundreds of thousands of feet away from the battle, anyone who saw them would immediately feel an immense pressure. The Revelation soldiers had not yet begun to fight, but their mere presence was like a massive boulder weighing down on each person's heart, making it impossible to breathe.

The five thousand Revelation soldiers looked down on the battlefield, their eyes extremely callous and cold.


The five thousand golden-armored Revelation soldiers were as vigorous as dragons, immediately rushing forward in a golden torrent of light. The entire world seemed to be momentarily drained of noise. The energy rising from the five thousand Revelation soldiers seemed to be even more terrifying than the charge of five hundred thousand soldiers.

The entire world trembled beneath their feet. The dazzling golden light and their avalanche-like momentum made them appear like divine soldiers from Heaven, dealing everyone a massive mental blow. Their strength was far above that of every other elite soldier. Even the Death Army paled in comparison.

With the deployment of the Revelation Army, the Arab side had dispatched its final elite force.

The Arabs had now committed the entirety of their vast army. Not even Qutaybah had any more soldiers to send!

Both sides had now committed all their forces to the battle, and the battle was now beginning to lean in favor of the Arabs.

At this moment, the entrance of the Revelation Army had suddenly made the Great Tang's situation extremely perilous.