The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087: The Invincible Revelation The Terrifying Army

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Behind the first defense line, Zhang Que turned to Wang Chong, his expression extremely worried. At the same time, the other generals also looked over, their eyes tinged with despair. The Great Tang had already committed all its available forces to this battle. Andong, Beiting, Longxi… they had all sent reinforcements, and even soldiers of the Imperial Army had been transferred from the capital.

The Great Tang had already deployed all its soldiers to the battle, scarcely imagining that the Arabs still had such a destructively powerful force in reserve. This army's aura was sharp, savage, and as vast as an ocean. Although it had still not entered the battle, merely looking at it from a distance was enough to understand its tremendous power.

The Divine Martial Army, the Roaring Tiger Army, the Divine Prison Army, the Ultimate Martial Army… none of them could compare!

This was the true supreme force of the Arab side!

The situation would have been manageable if the battle had just begun, but now, all the elite armies had entered the field and were locked in combat with the Arabs, and all of them were extremely fatigued. In this situation, the abrupt appearance on the Arab side of an army that was even stronger than the Death Army was a destructive blow to the Great Tang.

There was no force left on the Great Tang's side that could contend against the Revelation Army.


The five thousand soldiers of the Revelation Army were getting closer, the fierce neighing of their horses beating upon everyone's heart.

Unease was rapidly spreading through the battlefield, and even the four elite armies battling with the Death Army felt tremendous anxiety. Contending with the four elite Arab armies had already taxed their strength. They could not deal with any more opponents.

There were only five thousand warriors in the Revelation Army, but this was fatal enough for the Great Tang. The Tang army was instantly standing on the verge of annihilation.


Gao Xianzhi had a complicated expression on his face as he sighed and pulled out his sword.

"Wang Chong, there's nothing to be done. We don't have any more soldiers to send. No matter how this battle turns out, we've maintained the dignity of the Great Tang. At the very least, the Arabs now know that they are not invincible in this world.

"Everyone, get ready! It's our turn to enter the fray!"

The entrance of the Imperial Great Generals was exactly what Gao Xianzhi and Wang Chong had been strenuously trying to avoid. At the very least, they had not planned to send out the Great Generals until the Arab army was on the verge of defeat. But they could no longer hope for such a situation. The Revelation Army posed an existential threat to the Tang army.

"Wait a moment!"

Underneath the Tang war banner, Wang Chong stared at the battlefield. The fierce winds caused his hair to toss and turn in the air, making it just as disheveled as his emotional state, but he showed no emotions on his face.

Using the strength of Great Generals to deal with the Revelation Army simply wasn't plausible. While the Great Tang was observing the battlefield, Qutaybah was observing the Great Tang. This battle was intense, with both sides having committed all their soldiers, but Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and the other commanders had yet to enter the battlefield, maintaining an uneasy balance. Once the Great Tang broke this balance, once Gao Xianzhi pulled out his sword and entered the fray, he would inevitably cause Qutaybah and the others to mobilize.

The final result would not necessarily be what Gao Xianzhi hoped to see!

Rumble! The thundering of hooves intensified as the Revelation Army rode in a straight line onto the battlefield. They ignored the intense clash of the Wushang Cavalry and the Mamelukes.

The pride of the Revelation Army made them view this sort of cavalry melee with disdain. Instead, they chose to charge at the Tang left flank.

On the long front line between the Great Tang and Arabia, the majority of the soldiers were in a stalemate. But on the left flank, the eight thousand Xuanwu Army soldiers under Zhao Fengchen were relying on their impressive defense to slowly overcome the Beheader Army. Osman's Beheader Army had sustained heavy casualties and was showing signs of collapse.

"Kill them!" the leader of the Revelation Army suddenly ordered, his voice cold and emotionless. Clang! This officer pulled out his sword.

A moment later, the Revelation Army accelerated to several times their original speed, smashing into the Xuanwu Army like a golden sunbeam.


The earth exploded as the Xuanwu Army which was slowly beating back the Beheader Army was struck by a mighty impact. There was an explosion of golden light, the forceful shockwaves instantly sending hundreds of Xuanwu Army soldiers high into the air.


In the midst of this collision, a Revelation Army soldier slashed at a Xuanwu Army soldier. A second later, this Xuanwu Army soldier flew more than a hundred feet into the air as if he was made of paper, Stellar Energy wreaking havoc in his body. As if he was a leather bag being squeezed, blood gushed out from every pore of his body and drenched the ground below.

Elsewhere, a golden hoof flew through the air and slammed against the chest of a Xuanwu Army soldier. Kaclack! The armor shattered and the soldier was sent flying into another soldier, and then a third, a fourth… Boom! In an explosion of debris, the Xuanwu Army soldier brought ten-some of his fellows flying backward with him.


The more than six thousand Xuanwu Army soldiers were almost instantly routed. In this single clash, the Revelation Army had slain several hundred men.

The Xuanwu Army didn't have the highest offensive power amongst the Tang reinforcements, but it had the highest defensive power, far surpassing the Ultimate Martial Army and the Iron Wall Army. This was also the reason the Xuanwu Army had been able to overcome the Beheader Army. But this defensive prowess was completely useless against the Revelation Army.


Screams filled the air as hundreds of Xuanwu Army soldiers were knocked here and there.

"Stop them!"

"Everyone, follow me! No matter what, we can't let them get through us!"

A Xuanwu Army soldier roared as he got up off the ground and charged forward. But before he could get very far, squelch! A golden sword stabbed straight his heart, its blood-soaked tip emerging from his back. His eyes went round and his face froze in disbelief as he fell to the ground.

His armor had been superbly forged and had resisted hundreds of attacks from the Beheader Army, but it might as well have been made of paper to this Revelation Army soldier.

The reflection of a golden boot appeared in the soldier's dead eyes. The Revelation Army soldier stomped on the corpse's face, pushing the Xuanwu Army soldier into the dirt as he pulled out his sword.

"Continue! Kill them all!"

Without the slightest emotion in his voice, the Revelation Army soldier strode over the corpse and advanced. There were still many more infidels waiting to be slaughtered.

The Xuanwu Army was experiencing a landslide of a rout. It had defeated the Beheader Army only to welcome the even stronger Revelation Army. Any sort of resistance or attack seemed futile.


Zhao Fengchen clenched his fists, his eyes turning red.

"Die for me!"

Zhao Fengchen raised his Earth's Scar and charged at the nearest Revelation Army soldier. But there was a flash of light, and before he could get very far, the neigh of a horse rang in his ears like the scraping of metal.


A golden bolt of lightning collided with Zhao Fengchen's strike. As the dust settled and the shockwaves of energy subsided, the dazzling golden figure of the Revelation Army commander appeared before Zhao Fengchen.

"Infidel, your opponent is me!"

The Revelation Army commander had an aloof expression, and as he spoke, he unsheathed his sword.


Zhao Fengchen's heart chilled and his face became grim.

"Then come!"

Although he didn't know what this Revelation Army commander was saying, Zhao Fengchen raised the Earth's Scar without hesitation.


The Xuanwu Army had been defeated!

No one had expected the Revelation Army to be this powerful. Not even a few moments had passed, but the Xuanwu Army had already been run through and routed, countless soldiers being thrown into the air by the charge of the Revelation Army.

Not only that, the Revelation Army continued onward after piercing through the Xuanwu Army, routing the entire left flank of the Tang army. The once-orderly soldiers of the left flank were now being cut down like weeds.

"Run! Flee! The Arabs are attacking!"

"They're too powerful! The Xuanwu Army has already been defeated, so we're certainly no match for them!"

"This is a battle between Arabia and the Great Tang! This isn't our fight! Run!"

Panic rapidly spread through the ranks. The mercenaries were the first to break, their morale crumbling as they watched the powerful Xuanwu Army soldiers being cut down one by one, and they began to flee the field in terror.

Despair spread through the army like a wildfire. At the start of this battle, the Great Tang had only one hundred and ten thousand men, but it had managed to remain on equal ground against its foe. Now, however, it was already over. The five thousand soldiers of the Revelation Army were the straw that broke the camel's back.