The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: Tongluo Cavalry Versus Revelation Army

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As countless people watched, one Tongluo horseman after another appeared on the hills, each of them with the same halo and wearing the same bronze armor.

Another change took place as a smaller golden halo appeared under the Tongluo Cavalry, three feet above the ground.

One big and one small, one low and one high, the two halos appeared and caused the strength of the Tongluo Cavalry to soar. Their speed, strength, and dexterity all rose to astonishing levels. They quickly surpassed the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, and Ultimate Martial Army to reach a level infinitesimally close to the Revelation Army!

The Tongluo Great Halo!

This was the most powerful ability the Tongluo possessed, a halo unique to their people. It could greatly boost every aspect of a Tongluo's strength. The Tongluo had been able to become the strongest cavalry in the world, at least before the arrival of the Wushang Cavalry, precisely because of this special halo.

More than one hundred years ago, the Tongluo followed Emperor Taizong in his conquests, rendering great service as Hu and obtaining Taizong's deep admiration and trust. For this reason, the strongest Great Generals of the Great Tang in that era were tasked with researching the war halo of the Tongluo. After devoting much sweat and blood to the effort, these Great Generals succeeding in refining the original Tongluo war halo into an even stronger version which was called the Tongluo Great Halo.

It was precisely this mighty halo which allowed the Tongluo Cavalry's reputation and strength to soar to even greater heights until they became publicly acknowledged as the strongest force of cavalry in the Great Tang. The brand of Taizong's era had been seared onto their bodies, and because they were favored by the imperial household, their glory and honor had never decayed, allowing this reputation to persist into the current era.


There was a mighty rumbling as the six thousand Tongluo Cavalry surged down the hills in a flood. The earth swayed and churned up dust while the warhorses neighed and armor clattered.

Even the distant Revelation Army was alarmed by this momentum, the soldiers turning their heads in the direction of the Tongluo Cavalry.

The six thousand Tongluo Cavalry were as fast as lightning. After just a few moments, they had crossed tens of thousands of feet and were only some fifty thousand feet from the Revelation Army.

"Everyone, hear my order! Kill them!"

The warhorses of the Revelation Army snorted uneasily as an officer pulled out his sword and aimed it at the Tongluo Cavalry.

The Revelation Army was powerful and confident. Their pride made them incapable of refusing any challenge, and there was no question that the Tongluo Cavalry were challenging them. Rumble! A moment later, the five thousand Revelation Army soldiers changed directions, their bodies burning with energy as they charged at the Tongluo Cavalry.

At this moment, Wang Chong breathed a long sigh of relief.

"Wonderful! They finally arrived!"

Wang Chong smiled as if he had been relieved of a great burden.


A few moments later, the six thousand Tongluo Cavalry clashed with the five thousand Revelation Army soldiers.

In a flash, the air resounded with the clashing of weapons, the clattering of armor, the screams of horses, and the vibrating of halos.

Swish! A flashing golden sword plunged into the shoulder of a Tongluo horseman. At almost the same time, a bronze-armored Tongluo horseman jolted apart the thick energy barrier around a Revelation Army soldier and stabbed into the chest of his foe.

The external barriers of energy around these two also scraped against each other. The strength of a Revelation Army soldier was enough to fling a Xuanwu Army soldier into the air with a single sweep of the sword, but they were unable to make any headway against the equally powerful Tongluo Cavalry. As the two horsemen swept past each other, it was clear that they were actually equals, with neither able to gain the upper hand.


At almost the same time, a bulky Tongluo warhorse slammed into the golden form of a Revelation Army warhorse like two boulders colliding. In the moment of impact, the Stellar Energy barriers around both warhorses instantly shattered, after which the two elite warhorses had their bones pulverized and snapped by the enormous force.

In this single clash, both warhorses were killed. Meanwhile, the riders on their backs were carried on by the inertia, flying forward until they collided with the ground.


The sounds of impacts rang incessantly through the air. The attacks of the Revelation Army were all fierce and savage, each one aimed at a lethal point, but the Tongluo Cavalry's attacks were also finely honed and exquisite to the extreme.

Qutaybah had trained up the Revelation Army with great difficulty through his decades of campaigning. From their number of five thousand, one could see how much emphasis had been placed on their quality and strength.

While the Tongluo Cavalry did not have the same kind of experience as the Revelation Army, the skills they had inherited were the skills refined from an era of war. In terms of cruelty and ferocity, the wars of this era surpassed the wars executed by Qutaybah.

Thudthudthud! In this fierce clash, Tongluo Cavalry and Revelation Army soldiers fell to the ground. This callous battle had resulted in dizzying losses on both sides.

But this was only the beginning. As the six thousand Tongluo Cavalry battled with the five thousand Revelation Army soldiers, another chorus of neighing cut through the skies.

This neighing was completely different from that of the Tongluo warhorses. In the blink of an eye, a new force of cavalry appeared, charging out from the rear like a thunderbolt. Purely in terms of strength, this force wasn't as strong as the Tongluo Cavalry, but the dark golden halos under their feet were as thin as paper knives and peerlessly sharp. They seemed even more frightening than the Tongluo Great Halo.

"For the War God!"

"For Senior Su!"

"For the Great Tang! Kill them!"

Their howls resounded through the earth. There were only four thousand of these soldiers, and they gave off a somewhat immature feeling, but the extremely composed and nigh unstoppable Revelation Army instantly fell into chaos.

The six thousand Tongluo Cavalry had already taken up all their attention and strength. The addition of four thousand elite soldiers, all at peak condition, was an unbearable weight for the Revelation Army. But it was already too late for the Revelation Army to do anything about it. The moment they charged into a melee with the Tongluo Cavalry, they had assured that they would not be able to retreat easily.

Rumble! There was a massive shaking as the soldiers trained by Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen charged into the Revelation Army, shattering the fragile balance between the Revelation Army and the Tongluo Cavalry.

The five thousand soldiers of the Revelation Army instantly fell into disorder. This was the most powerful fighting force on the Arab side, but the joint assault of ten thousand soldiers was simply too much. After only a few exchanges, the Revelation Army was routed.

And it was still not over.

"Ready! Fire!"

In response to a cold and aloof voice, gears groaned and creaked, and five thousand sharp ballista bolts were fired. Amid enormous crashes and rumbles, large swaths of Arab cavalry were cut down.

Su Hanshan's five thousand ballistae had finally defeated Qutaybah's Earth Shield Army and had arrived to deal with the rest of the Arab soldiers. In a single volley, they had sent more than ten thousand Arab cavalry dropping into pools of blood.

"Everyone hear my order! One thousand ballistae to a row! Arrange into five rows and wait for my order to advance!"

Su Hanshan had built up some rage over this battle. A powerful assault force had been gathered behind the ten thousand soldiers of the Earth Shield Army. If they had been able to successfully approach the steel defense line under the cover of the Earth Shield Army, they would have been able to exert significant pressure on the entire army. This was also why Su Hanshan's five thousand ballistae had been constantly suppressing them.

But for this purpose, the ballista army had wasted a large number of ballista bolts and had also been unable to suppress any other part of the battlefield. From a certain perspective, this had allowed the Revelation Army to completely crush the left flank.

In Su Hanshan's plan, the five thousand ballistae should have been used to suppress an elite army like the Revelation Army.


A moment later, the concentrated fire of the ballistae thundered over the battlefield. For the first time in this battle, the five thousand ballistae in five neat rows left the shelter of the defense line, emerging through the gaps between the steel walls.

This was the first time the ballista army had left its 'trenches' completely undefended. This sudden shift immediately attracted the attention of countless Arab cavalry.

The Tang ballistae had killed countless Arabs over the course of the battle. If there was one army that the Arabs wanted to destroy, it was unquestionably the ballista army that had been hiding behind the defense line the entire time.


In an instant, the Arabs charged forward like sharks sensing blood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a single volley, thousands of Arab cavalry fell lifeless to the ground, their corpses flying backward in clouds of dust. Then a second group, and then a third… Under Su Hanshan's command, the five rows of ballistae didn't simply fire forward. Instead, they fired in a rough circle, firing in every direction except directly behind them.

"Kill them!"

"Destroy their ballistae and they won't be able to threaten us anymore!"

Even though the ballista army's attacks were extremely vicious, they were not completely capable of stopping the frenzied Arab assault. One group of Arab cavalry after another surged out of the rear in giant waves.