The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Arabia Retreats In Defeat

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Retreat! All generals, cover the retreat! Everyone, disperse and fall back as quickly as possible! Don't let yourself get held down!"

After shouting in panicked Arabic, the Brigadier General of the Blood Beast Army flourished his scimitar and charged at Wang Sili and the Divine Martial Army. Boom! Just as Wang Sili was preparing to receive this blow, a crimson Stellar Energy shot in front of Wang Sili and blocked the attack.

"General Wang, this person… leave him to me!"

A young and confident voice rang out in everyone's ears. In a flash of light, a horse with four snow-white hooves appeared in front of Wang Sili, so transcendent and divine that it appeared to be treading on clouds. On this divine steed's back was a young and slender figure.

Although he appeared only seventeen or eighteen on the surface, his temperament and movements gave off the aura of a dignified and composed veteran. It appeared that a mountain, not a man, had appeared before them all.

Wang Sili gave a deep sigh of relief as he looked at Wang Chong's back. By this point of the battle, he had already consumed more than half of his Stellar Energy.

"Haha, Lord Wang, since this is the case, I won't interfere. I leave this person to you!"

Wang Sili smiled and retreated to the side.

'Hearing a rumor is far inferior to seeing the person.' This was Wang Sili's first impression of Wang Chong. The Big Dipper Army and Big Dipper Great General Geshu Han had quarreled with Wang Chong several times, and there had even once been plans to make trouble for his City of Steel.

Even after he was made a marquis, none of the soldiers of the Big Dipper Army had a very good impression of him.

But after seeing his face, Wang Sili had to admit that this person truly had a praiseworthy and trustworthy power.

Not only did Wang Sili no longer have any prejudices about Wang Chong, he was actually quite proud about the decision he had made.

Participating in this grandiose battle would probably be the proudest and most moving event of his life.

Wang Chong had no idea what Wang Sili was thinking. His attention was completely focused on the Blood Beast Army's Brigadier General.

"Since you're here, why are you in such a rush to leave?" Wang Chong said in Arabic to this Brigadier General.

Blood Beast Army Commander Mansur trembled at these words as if he had been given a massive fright. Even though this was his first time on the battlefield of Talas, he knew that this youth was the commander-in-chief of these Tang, the most crucial individual in this battle.

"Let's go!"

The halo under Mansur vibrated as he slashed out with his scimitar. A thick black cloud immediately surged at Wang Chong, and in the depths of this cloud, a black and red saber light, fierce and grandiose, was slicing through the air.

As he slashed with his saber, Mansur's entire body rose from the ground and he fled with astonishing speed.

"Hmph, can you really escape?"

An icy voice rang in his ears. Before he had even gotten one hundred feet, a powerful attractive force appeared in the air, seizing him and hauling him backward.

Not only that, a fierce wind stirred for a thousand feet around him. Screams filled his ears, and Mansur could see that all the Arab cavalry in this range were being pulled backward by an invisible force.

"Since you're here, relax, and obediently accept your death!"

Wang Chong and his White-hoofed Shadow stood stalwart in the middle of the churning dust. As he pushed his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its limits, images of the sun and moon, gold and red, appeared on his shoulders, their colors growing more dazzling and their appearances more authentic.

The power of the illusory sun and moon made Mansur fly backward even faster.

"Sun Axe!"

Mansur had no time to think, and golden light exploded out of his body. Mansur's entire body transformed into a massive golden axe that hacked at Wang Chong.

An, God of the Sun!

This was one of the ancient gods worshiped by the Arabs. It was said that his weapon was a giant golden axe. Mansur's supreme technique took the form of this god of the sun and his weapon.

Mansur had used this technique to kill countless people on the battlefield, pulverizing foreign generals and their horses.

But when Mansur's Sun Axe fell, it seemed to strike an invisible wall that blocked it in midair. That invisible barrier of energy seemed to also possess a distortive power.

Rumble! Before Mansur could react, the distortive force expanded to a radius of around a hundred feet, engulfing Mansur's Sun Axe.

A second later, with a heaven-shaking boom, Mansur's Sun Axe shattered like a mirror.

"Not good!"

Mansur already felt a deep unease. He wanted to flee, but it was far too late. In a flash, a figure emerged through the thick cloud, a familiar face before Mansur's eyes.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

The voice resounded through his ears. Before Mansur could react, Wang Chong had already struck his chest with a palm. A moment later, Mansur's blood and martial energy surged into Wang Chong's body.


Mansur's face was stricken with deep fear, but there was nothing he could do. His body was frozen and he could only watch with wide-open eyes as all his energy vanished into Wang Chong's body.

It took only the blink of an eye for Mansur's energy to be drained away. His hair and skin shriveled as his body deflated like a punctured leather bag. In contrast, Wang Chong's already prodigious energy swelled to even greater levels.


Wang Chong dropped to the ground, and with a sweep of his hand, he slammed Mansur's dried-up husk into the ground, ending the life of the Arab Brigadier General.

With all of Mansur's energy, Wang Chong had still not reached the Great General level, but he had received a major boost and could expect a breakthrough any day.

What a pleasant feeling! If this continues, I can finally reach the Great General level and return to the cultivation of my last life!

Wang Chong slowly retracted his technique as his mind buzzed.

As the War Saint, Wang Chong had many powerful techniques floating around in his mind, but his cultivation level had made him incapable of using these techniques. The moment he broke into the Great General level, relearning these techniques would be as easy as water flowing through a canal for someone of Wang Chong's talent and abilities. At that time, he would ascend to a whole new level of power.


As he was thinking, he suddenly sensed intense danger. Although he couldn't spot this danger, his body was already reacting, his skull feeling like it was going to explode.

"Chong-er, careful!"

A voice suddenly spoke, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's.

Wang Chong almost instantaneously lunged to the side. At almost the same time, a figure appeared where Wang Chong had been standing, a palm thrusting through the air.


Winds howled and dust churned. As countless people watched, a massive beam of golden Sword Qi, ten thousand feet long, slashed through the heavens like a descending pillar, but it was instantly struck by a palm as massive as a mountain. This collision instantly annihilated both the sword and the palm.


This name flashed through Wang Chong's mind as his eyes turned to that golden-armored figure, the god descended to earth that was Qutaybah.

Although Qutaybah said nothing, only silently stared, the moment he appeared, he became the unquestioned center of the battlefield. Indeed, it appeared as if he had become the center of the entire world.

All fell silent, the sounds of battle dwindling away. The motionless Qutaybah did not look at Wang Chong nor at anyone else on the battlefield. His eyes were fixed on the Demonic Emperor Old Man standing across from him.

At the same time, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, his robes flapping in the air, similarly stared at Qutaybah, his expression serene, his eyes deep and profound.

The two strongest existences on the battlefield were in a stalemate, their energies vast and unyielding.

After a long while, Qutaybah turned around and spoke a single word. "Withdraw!"

He immediately began to ride back to the rear. The tens of thousands of Arab cavalry surged around him like the tide as they fell back to the west.


Gao Xianzhi rode up to Wang Chong and dismounted at his side.

"Wang Chong, what should we do now? Should we pursue?" Gao Xianzhi said.

At the same time, Cheng Qianli dispelled his Supreme Desolation God transformation and rushed to Wang Chong's side, a look of anticipation on his face.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man also turned to Wang Chong, awaiting his decision.

As he gazed at the fleeing Arab army, Wang Chong clearly appeared rather excited.

If they pursued, they might be able to utterly defeat the Arabs.

But Wang Chong quickly glanced at the overcast sky and suppressed this impulse.

"There's no time. This battle has already taken far too long. Besides the Tongluo Cavalry, everyone else is probably completely exhausted. Moreover, night is falling, and Qutaybah and Abu Muslim are still at their peak conditions. If we do pursue them, the victory we hope for is not guaranteed!" Wang Chong said.