The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098: The Dragon Battles Across The Field I
Chapter 1098: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Hmph! I would understand even if you didn't say anything!"

Aybak stared into the distance, his eyes glowing with cold light.

"Faisal, if you put on the same performance as last time, you might as well come see me with your head!"

"Milord, be at ease. The events from last time will not repeat themselves!" said Faisal respectfully, lowering his head to the ground. He waved behind him, leading seven-thousand-some Mamelukes charging out to meet the Wushang Cavalry.

One would learn from one's mistakes. After being caught off guard by the Wushang Cavalry once, he would not lose to the Wushang Cavalry again. If this did happen again, he wouldn't even need Aybak's order to choose to commit suicide.

"Huoba Sangye, your men should move out as well!"

Dalun Ruozan was extremely perceptive and immediately noticed the movement from the Arabs.

"Although this is a battle between Arabia and the Great Tang, the fate of our Ü-Tsang is also on the line. Victory is our only option!"

"This general understands!"

Without another word, Huoba Sangye turned and left. A few moments later, he had ridden off with his three-thousand-some Mutri Great Cavalry.

After numerous battles, only three-thousand-some Mutri Great Cavalry were left of the original seven-thousand-some. This was an enormous loss, something that Huoba Sangye had never expected when he first departed from the royal capital. And the archcriminal was none other than the Wushang Cavalry.

Huoba Sangye had already built up a belly full of rage that was growing more furious by the day. Even without Dalun Ruozan's order, he would have thought up some way of entering the battlefield.

The battle between Ü-Tsang and the Great Tang, between the Mutri Great Cavalry and the Wushang Cavalry, was far from over.

On the other end, the two-thousand-some Celestial Wolf Cavalry saw that the Mamelukes and Mutri Great Cavalry were moving, and charged into the fray as well.

"Kill these infidels!"

As the Wushang Cavalry began to battle with the three elite cavalry forces of the other empires, there was a furious roar as the battle at the Tang defense line underwent a massive shift.

Boomboomboom! More and more Arab cavalry were flying through the air like meteors and crashing onto the Tang steel defense line. The pressure on the Great Tang forces was soaring.

"Mo Saber Unit, attack!"

Wang Chong coldly observed as more and more Arab cavalry piled in, and waved his hand. Following Wang Chong's order, the five thousand Mo Saber soldiers raised their Mo Sabers and marched forward like a human wall.

Both the Great Tang and Arabia had invested many of their elite armies into this battle and both sides had suffered enormous losses. In yesterday's battle, the Mo Saber Unit had lost five thousand of its ten thousand men.

But even so, the five thousand Mo Saber soldiers still had a fighting power that could not be underestimated. The impact of their advance could still give the Arabs a terrible nightmare.





As these orders rang out through the air, the five thousand Mo Saber soldiers swiftly left the defense line and advanced at full speed into the vast sea of Arab cavalry.

Bangbangbang! In the chilly wind, the Mo Sabers reflected cold light as they swept down again and again. Wherever the edges of their sabers went, men and horses would be cut in two and die miserable deaths. Five thousand, eight thousand, ten thousand… The five thousand Mo Saber soldiers had barely stepped onto the battlefield but were already exhibiting a terrifying killing power. In just two attacks, they had slain nearly ten thousand Arabs and were continuing to add to this count.

Their terrifying efficiency quickly produced a void on the battlefield. The five thousand Mo Saber soldiers appeared to be the coldest, most efficient, and most emotionless killing machines on the battlefield. From a certain perspective, the Mo Saber Unit was even more lethal than the ballista army.

The simplest reason was that the Mo Saber Unit didn't need ballista bolts to work, and their Mo Sabers slashing down were certain to kill with no chance of only heavily injuring the foe.

"Ziyad, have the Ironblood Army and Fearless Army enter the battle. It's our turn to send out our armies!" Abu Muslim ordered as he looked into the distance.

"Yes, Milord!"

Ziyad assented before quickly turning around.

The battle was intensifying far faster than yesterday. The Great Tang had already deployed its Mo Saber Unit, so it was now time for Arabia to send its top-class armies. And in a little while longer, Abu Muslim, Osman, and the other top-class Great Generals would attack and end this battle.

"General Wang, prepare for deployment!"

Wang Chong had been paying attention to the movements underneath the four black war banners this entire time. The moment Ziyad left, Wang Chong had guessed at what was going to happen.

After Wang Chong had sent off Wang Sili, he turned to the giant black guard behind him who gripped the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

"General Li, we are only permitted to win this battle. We cannot stop until we have defeated the Arabs. With regards to the banner, I must rely on you!"

The black-armored guard was shrouded in mysteries. Wang Chong had realized that he had never seen this guard rest, and he never seemed to take off his armor, not even when he ate. He also rarely spoke, only adding his opinion when it came to war or the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. All Wang Chong knew at this time was that the Sage Emperor had sent him and he was one of the Sage Emperor's personal guards. He knew nothing else, not even what he looked like.

The most recent progress he had made was that he had learned that this guard had the surname Li.

The black-armored guard stepped forward and tersely said, "The banner is with me! It will only fall when I die!"

At these words, Wang Chong and Gao Xianzhi both trembled, a look of respect in their eyes.

A Bannerguard!

This was perhaps the best description of this black-armored guard. His identity, age, and name were all unimportant. He existed entirely to protect the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

Rumble! The warhorses of the several thousand soldiers of the Ironblood Army were getting closer and closer to the battlefield.

When they were around five hundred feet from the first defense line, Wang Sili suddenly charged out from behind the steel walls with the two thousand soldiers of his Divine Martial Army.

Plushplushplush! The Big Dipper greatswords were as agile as snakes as they stabbed forward, almost instantly causing innumerable Arab horsemen to fall, their bodies gushing blood that misted the air.

"Let's go! It's the Great Tang's top-class armies!"

The appearance of the Divine Martial Army threw the leading Arab cavalry into turmoil, particularly those soldiers who had already experienced the lethality of the Divine Martial Army. The Divine Martial Army had barely stepped onto the battlefield but were already sowing chaos through the Arab ranks.


Not long after the Divine Martial Army emerged from the defense line, a massive banner was raised up from the rear of the army. The pole, forged from a mixture of Deep Sea Xuan Metal and some other unknown metal, fiercely stabbed into the earth.

The earth seemed to quake and sway as all the Origin Energy on the battlefield suddenly transformed. A vast, ancient, and incredibly formidable energy immediately swept over the battlefield.

Invisible ripples of energy began to spread, attaching themselves to the feet of the two thousand Divine Martial Army soldiers.

Bzzzz! One halo, two, three… six halos in total began to empower the Divine Martial Army. The Divine Martial Army was already a supremely powerful army, and these six halos caused their power to instantly rise to even more incredible heights.


The cry of a sword resounded through the heavens as a Big Dipper greatsword swept through the air. It was the same sword as before, but it left afterimages in its wake.

The sword moved with inconceivable speed. Swoosh! A single slash cleaved an Arab horseman in two, and then it continued onward, cleaving apart a second and a third, the enormous power flinging their corpses more than ten meters.


The two thousand Divine Martial Army soldiers exchanged a silent glance and then immediately lunged forward like dragons. Each of these soldiers now had absurd levels of strength, the six halos allowing them to tear down any opposition in their path.


Panicked screams resounded in the air as thousands of Arab horsemen were sent flying like pieces of paper. Not even a charging warhorse could stop the unstoppable momentum of the Divine Martial Army.

There was a deafening roar as countless unsuspecting Arab cavalry charged at the Divine Martial Army.

But these cavalry were like ants trying to shake the tree of the Divine Martial Army, and were easily knocked away. The two thousand Big Dipper greatswords constantly whistled through the air, mowing down Arab soldiers in twos and threes and showering the earth with severed limbs.

It took only a few moments for the area around the Divine Martial Army to become a corpse-strewn hell.


This gruesome sight caused the soldiers of the Ironblood Army who were riding over to pale in fright.

They had fought with the Divine Martial Army in yesterday's pitched battle, but the Divine Martial Army's strength had been within the bounds of common sense at that time, not at this terrifying level. Only the top-class armies could deal with this level of strength. Ordinary elites would be no match for them.

"Quicken the pace! Kill them all!"

The two thousand soldiers of the Ironblood Army began to ride faster toward the Divine Martial Army.

"Haha, an old foe!"

The Starving Wolf War General Wang Sili had just finished cutting an Arab horseman in two and tossing his corpse more than a hundred feet away. He now turned to the Ironblood Army and coldly laughed.

"Everyone, hear my order! Follow me and kill them all!"