The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099: The Dragon Battles Across The Field Ii
Chapter 1099: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Sili immediately strode forward to face the Ironblood Army. One hundred feet, eight feet, fifty feet… Boom!

Two of the world's best armies fiercely collided. The weapon of an Ironblood Army soldier clashed with the weapon of a Divine Martial Army soldier, but it was immediately thrown back by the tremendous power in the sword.

Squelchsquelchsquelch! Several Ironblood Army soldiers tried to block the attacks of the Divine Martial Army. In the past, when the two armies were of equal strength, this would have been enough to stop the attacks of the Divine Martial Army, but this time, their weapons struck thin air while the Big Dipper greatswords plunged through their chests.

This… this is impossible! How could their swords be so much faster?

This was the last thought in the minds of those Ironblood Army soldiers as their vision went dark and their corpses dropped to the ground.

Thumpthumpthump! The imagined stalemate did not take place, and instead, swaths of the Ironblood Army were being cut down. In a flash, the two thousand members of the Ironblood Army had dropped to fifteen hundred, and this number continued to fall.

"How could there be something like this?"

"What did they do!"

Osman and Aybak were both dumbfounded by this sight. Abu Muslim had hitherto been calm and composed, but at this moment, a look of extreme shock appeared in his eyes. Arab War God Qutaybah, standing far ahead of the others, almost imperceptibly creased his brow.

Abu Muslim's brow was deeply furrowed as he swiftly ordered, "Inform the Fearless Army to hurry up and work with the Ironblood Army to kill them!"

The strength of the Ironblood Army might not have been enough by itself, so he would just use numbers to crush his foe.

Wang Chong gave his own order. "Pass on my order! Deploy the Dragon Stallion Army!"


A messenger immediately rode off to deliver the order.

A few moments later, the eighteen hundred soldiers of the Dragon Stallion Army gripped their swords and took up formation, their bodies seething with powerful energy. Yesterday's battle had been extremely bitter, causing the Dragon Stallion Army to drop from four thousand soldiers to eighteen hundred. Even so, this army still maintained an extremely frightening fighting power.

Boom! The Dragon Stallion Army set their eyes forward and began an orderly march onto the battlefield. At this moment, the eighteen hundred soldiers of the Dragon Stallion Army exploded with an energy that was more suited to an army of tens of thousands.

Whoosh! The black-armored guard holding the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner glanced at the distant Dragon Stallion Army and waved the black and red banner through the air. There was a metallic clattering as a bright halo appeared at the feet of the Dragon Stallion soldiers. This halo caused the strength of the Dragon Stallion Army to rapidly rise.

And as the banner continued to flap through the air, a second and third halo appeared… Six halos in all appeared under the feet of the Dragon Stallion Army.


The six different kinds of halos shone together with the halo of the Dragon Stallion Army, all of them resonating and vibrating in harmony. There was a mighty roar as the Dragon Stallion Army marched out from the steel walls like a dragon rising from the ocean.


Without the slightest hesitation, the swords of the Dragon Stallion Army whistled through the air at the Arab cavalry. Blood gushed and screams filled the air as countless Arab horsemen were flung into the air while severed body parts rained down from the heavens.

At the front of the Dragon Stallion Army, its commander and Brigadier General of the Beiting Protectorate army, Long Jian, gripped his sword and sternly ordered, "Objective: the Fearless Army!"

The Fearless Army was the strongest army under Abu Muslim's command, stronger than the Ironblood Army. In the past, the Dragon Stallion Army would have never been able to fight the Fearless Army.

In yesterday's battle, a significant number of the Dragon Stallion Army had lost their lives to the Fearless Army.

But that was then and this was now. The Dragon Stallion Army had received explosive boosts in every aspect and were on a completely different level of strength.

"For the governor!"

"Kill them!"

The soldiers of the Fearless Army quickly noticed the Dragon Stallion Army emerging from behind the steel walls. They had originally been charging at the Divine Martial Army, but they immediately changed targets and began to make their way toward the Dragon Stallion Army.

Clang! The edges of their scimitars droned as if they thirsted for blood. The Fearless Army soldiers lowered their bodies and crossed their twin scimitars in front of their chests as they charged.

These scimitars shrieked as they slashed down, leaving terrifying wounds in space. The Fearless Army had reached an incredible level in their mastery of the scimitar, and even the steel walls would be cut apart like tofu by their scimitars. In yesterday's battle, the Fearless Army had managed to wound and kill many of the Great Tang's top-class soldiers.

Five paces, three paces, two paces…


A scimitar cut through the air at the chest of a Dragon Stallion soldier while the other scimitar slashed as fast as lightning at the head. By the time one could see the afterimage of the scimitars, they were already gleaming with cold light only several inches from the Dragon Stallion Army soldier. Only a second more would be needed to cut this soldier into three pieces.

But just as this Fearless Army soldier was about to succeed, a heavy sword arrived with thunderous speed and struck the scimitar aiming for the head. Meanwhile, the scimitar that had been slashing at the waist was immediately stopped by the sheath of the sword. These two actions were extremely fast and straightforward, leaving the Fearless Army soldiers shocked.

He had fought against the Dragon Stallion Army in yesterday's battle, but these soldiers had not displayed such speed. Now, however, they seemed to be even faster than the soldiers of the Fearless Army.

"Hmph, surprised?"

The Dragon Stallion Army soldier sneered. Although the two sides didn't speak the same language, he could clearly communicate his scorn through the look in his eyes.


A moment later, an explosive energy erupted from the Dragon Stallion Army soldier's sword, immediately forcing the Fearless Army soldier back. Even though he did his utmost to stop himself, he was still forced back seven steps.

The Fearless Army soldier instantly grimaced.

"The time for revenge is here! Kill them!"

With this roar, the Dragon Stallion Army soldiers became invigorated and charged at the Fearless Army soldiers. Even though they had practiced and drilled many times on Talas's second training ground, actually seeing the effects in a real battle had made all the Dragon Stallion Army soldiers extremely excited.


Their heavy swords swung down again and again, showering the air with sparks as they clashed with the Arabian scimitars. The shrieks and clangs of metal rang over the battlefield, but the Fearless Army did not suppress the Dragon Stallion Army as Abu Muslim and the other Arab commanders had hoped. On the contrary, it was the outnumbered Dragon Stallion Army that had complete control over the battle and was completely suppressing the Fearless Army.

Those heavy swords were launching a flurry of attacks that were slowly pushing back the Fearless Army. Plushplushplush! A Fearless Army soldier reacted too slowly and one of his scimitars was knocked away. A sharp sword immediately seized the opportunity, shining in the air as it stabbed through the body of the Fearless Army soldier.


The Fearless Army soldier gave one last gurgle before his body stiffened and fell. Even in death, he did not dare believe that he had died like this to these Dragon Stallion Army soldiers.

Chaos was rapidly spreading through the ranks as more and more of the Fearless Army soldiers were slain.

"Hurry and help the Fearless Army to kill these Tang!"

A group of Arab cavalry roared as they waved their scimitars and rode over to help avert the defeat of the Fearless Army. But a moment later, a Dragon Stallion Army soldier that had been attacking a Fearless Army soldier suddenly turned around, the stomp of his foot creating a crack in the earth as he lunged like a tiger toward this group of Arab cavalry.

Boom! The heavy sword cut through the wind, then just as easily cut through a horse and its rider. This Dragon Stallion Army soldier continued, taking another step forward and stabbing through the neck of a warhorse. The tip of his sword penetrated through the back of the horse and through the head of its rider, killing both of them in a single blow.

Thump! After slaying his second Arab horseman, this soldier moved on to a third, a fourth, a fifth… In just six steps, he had exterminated a group of six Arab horsemen and left their butchered corpses strewn across the ground.

For a moment, all was silent. All the Arab horsemen looked on in fear and shock as the Dragon Stallion Army soldier slowly wiped the blood off his sword. Even the Fearless Army soldiers were startled.

That hadn't been a battle! It had been a massacre!

These Dragon Stallion Army soldiers were completely different from what they remembered.