The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Wang Chong Persuades His Father

Chapter 11: Wang Chong Persuades His Father

Even so, Wang Chong didnt explain the situation properly.

I know that regardless of what I say, father wouldnt believe me. However, there are a few things that father must know. Firstly, as soon as father walks out of Vast Crane Pavilion, King Song will definitely summon father in and the envoy he sent is likely to arrive soon. Secondly, after father meets with King Song, the redeployment order from the Bureau of Military Personnel should be announced soon and father would have to rush to the campground by the borders!

By then, father should be able to discern whether what I said was false or not, whether it is the gibberish of a child or a fact.

Wang Chong said with a grim voice.

In his previous life, after father and Yao Guang Yi met with one another, King Songs summon came almost immediately after his legs stepped out of the Vast Crane Pavilion. After all, Yao Guang Yi had intentionally informed King Song of the incident.

Yao Guang Yi had everything planned everything perfectly such that each event was linked closely to the next, allowing little time for father to think or react.

After which, Yao Guang Yi and King Qi used their influence in the Bureau of Military Personnel to have father redeployed to the borders, thus causing father to lose his opportunity to explain himself before King Song.

Then, the Hus incident happened.

Initially, that matter wasnt anything much. The Hus invasion did not pose too much of a threat and given fathers abilities, it was a simple task for him to defeat them.

But at the crucial period, Yao Guang Yis troops suddenly appeared to aid him. As such, the Hu was crushed easily. However, at the same time, it gave others the impression that the two of them, or perhaps even the entire Yao Clan and Wang Clan, were allianced with one another.

Due to this incident, King Song thought that the Wang Clan had betrayed him entirely and decided to stand alongside King Qi. As such, he flew into a rage.

Wang Chong remembered all of these clearly, but he didnt explain them clearly to his father.

At such a moment, regardless of what he said, his father wouldnt believe him. Instead, saying too much might cause an opposite effect, making him think that Wang Chong was trying to deceive to him. However, when Yao Guang Yi leaves his barrack and leads his army to appear on fathers land of jurisdiction, his father will instantly comprehend the situation without him saying too much about it.

It takes more than one cold day for a river to freeze three feet deep, trust had to be accumulated slowly as well!

As long as the words he said proved to be true again and again, his father would slowly understand that he wasnt just spouting nonsense.

As long as he did as he said and retreated 50 li back upon detecting the invasion of the Hu, then the Wang Clan would have avoided a calamity.
25 kilometer

His hard work wouldnt have been in vain then.

However, at this moment, Wang Chong will not point it out no matter what happens!

After hearing Wang Chongs words, Wang Yan was stunned. The Wang Familys little sister was also flabbergasted. She could discern every single word of what her brother was saying, but when put together, she couldnt comprehend the meaning of it.

What Wang Chong said was simply too mystical, it was nearly impossible!

What kind of nonsense are you talking about!

Wang Yan finally recovered and just as he was about to criticize his son, he saw Wang Chongs grim expression and hesitated. It didnt seem as though Wang Chong was spouting nonsense.

Which father doesnt wish for their son to make a name for himself? No matter how disappointed he was with Wang Chong, Wang Yan still held a sliver of expectation for Wang Chong in depths of his heart, hoping that his son had truly grown up.

However, Wang Chongs words, no matter how he looked at it, was simply too inconceivable.

He had just met with King Song and logically speaking, the both of them shouldnt meet within a short period of time, needless to say, summon him right after stepping out of the Vast Crane Pavilion. As for the matter regarding the Bureau of Military Personnel, given how he, the general, was unaware of the matter, how could a child like Wang Chong know of it?

Needless to say, Wang Chong even strictly allocated the timing for the happening of the two incidents.

This was downright ridiculous!

Father, I know that you dont believe me, but the reason why I brought little sister here with me wasnt to wreck havoc. Yao Guang Yi intends to bring harm to our clan and he had laid a trap for father to step into. He had informed King Song of the matter of father meeting with him. If father does not believe me, I can guarantee you that King Song would ask you about Yao Guang Yi after summoning you over.

If I am wrong, then I am willing to be punished for it. However, if I turn out to be right Father, I beseech you to say that Yao Guang Yi tried to recruit you but you have already rejected him!

I beg of you!

Halfway through his words, Wang Chong knelt down to the ground and bowed deeply.

In the entire Wang Clan, only he knew what kind of hidden dangers was awaiting the clan. At this moment, he had to do everything he could to ensure that it wouldnt go down the path it did previously.

At this moment, Wang Chong could only pray that his father would remember the words he said.


After a moment of daze, Wang Yan burst into an outrage:

At this kind of moment, you still dont find yourself embarrassing? Scram back to the residence. If I were to find you loitering around outside and causing trouble, I will break your legs!

Brother, dont speak anymore!

Wang Xiao Yaos body scrunched together and she shivered in fear. Fathers complexion was very awful at the moment and he looked extremely fearsome. She had never seen her father getting so angry before.

Yes! I understand.

Wang Chong shot a glance of consolation to his younger sister, to tell her that everything was alright, and stood up, no longer trying to provoke his fathers rage.

He had already done so much. Looking out of the windows, at the large crowd that had gathered outside, Wang Chong saw two familiar figures.

Since the two figures had arrived, it should be around time for King Song to make his move. Father should be able to understand whether his words were true or not after this.

Perhaps it was due to Wang Chongs obedience working its wonders, Wang Yans complexion soothed slightly.

Return back home! Well talk about it after we return!

Wang Yan flung his sleeves and with a dark face, he walked toward the stairs and out of the pavilion.

Without saying a word, Wang Chong followed behind the back of his father. The three of them walked out of the Vast Crane Pavilion together.

The streets were filled with people. The Vast Crane Pavilion was one of the highly reputable and upscale restaurants of the capital and the incident had attracted the attention of countless people.

Hm, Brother Wang! What are you doing here?

The moment the three of them walked out, a greeting echoed from the crowd. Wang Yan looked over and saw two familiar figures staring at him.

Lord Bao! Lord Lu!

Wang Yan heart thumped. He immediately reacted and walked toward the two. The two of them, Bao Xuan and Lu Ting, were advisors for the royal court.

However, the two of them had another identity. Just like Wang Yan, they were confidants of King Song.

Why would the two of you be here today?

Wang Yan walked over and started to chat with them.

Hehe, today Brother Bao had made an exception and invited me over to the Vast Crane Pavilion for a gathering. How could I miss such a rare opportunity? I had to go no matter the cost!

Saying so, Lu Ting laughed heartily.

Lu Ting and Bao Xuan were both fellow academics and King Songs aides. However, other than on official matters, the two of them rarely came into contact with one another. It was the first time that Bao Xuan took the initiative to invite the latter to an extravagant restaurant like the Vast Crane Pavilion for a gathering.

Wang Chong stood behind his father without saying a single word.

Wang Chong wasnt in the least surprised by the presence of Lu Ting and Bao Xuan here. Back then, in his previous life, the two also played an important role in the matter.

In his previous life, the two were the eyewitnesses to King Song on the matter of the secret meeting between his father and Yao Guang Yi. The advisors cum academics of the royal court had come to the Vast Crane Pavilion for a celebration, only to realize that the Vast Crane Pavilion was closed to all customers. Its interiors were completely filled with King Qis people and no other people was allowed to enter.

Yet, in such a place, Wang Yan was meeting Yao Guang Yi by himself.

The results of such words reaching King Song was extremely predictable!

Back then, this matter had caused a great uproar in the capital. However, Wang Chong knew about the other truth on the matter. This was something he had uncovered coincidentally in his previous life many years after this incident came to an end and when nothing was important anymore.

There was another truth behind this matter that no one knew of:

Lu Ting had been made use of. The true mastermind was the one who was standing beside him, the silent Bao Xuan. He intentionally invited Lu Ting to the Vast Crane Pavilion so that he could witness father and Yao Guang Yis meeting behind closed doors.

No one would have guessed that he had long sided with Yao Guang Yi and King Qi before this.

Going by Yao Guang Yis intention, Bao Xuan revealed the existence of the secret meeting of the two to King Song before inviting Lu Ting here. Lu Ting was a righteous person and he was known for his honesty. As such, he was the ideal person for him to make use of.

It was precisely because of Lu Tings words that King Song cast doubts on his father despite trusting him deeply for so many years.

Wang Chong could tell that Bao Xuans complexion wasnt too good. Initially, he invited Lu Ting over to serve as an eyewitness for Wang Yans betrayal of Yao Guang Yi. Yet, Wang Chong unintentionally turned him into an eyewitness of Wang Yan and Yao Guang Yis falling out instead.

If Bao Xuan is here, then the old butler beside King Song should appear soon!

Wang Chong thought.

Everything was well-planned out. If Bao Xuan had appeared here, then the old butler of King Songs residence should be appearing soon.

General Wang!

As though responding to Wang Chongs internal voice, the ground tremored and a massive and magnificent carriage approached them. On the wheels of the carriage, there were dragon inscriptions on it, a symbol of royalty.

The curtain of the carriage was pulled apart and an elderly with a stern face popped out. The elderly had both of his hands hidden in his sleeves and his face was expressionless. A powerful aura exuded from him, making one feel as though his strength was too deep to be fully grasped.

King Song requests a presence with you, please follow me!

After saying those words flatly, he turned around and looked forward, as though nothing had happened.

In an instant, the surroundings went silent!

Old butler!

Wang Yans heart jolted. He subconsciously turned to look at his third son, Wang Chong, and shock was clearly conveyed through his eyes.

What Wang Chong said really came to be! Right after walking out of the Vast Crane Pavilion, King Song sent someone for him! Furthermore, it was the old butler whom he was the closest with and valued the most!

In that instant, waves billowed in Wang Yans heart. A look of incredulity appeared on his face!

As a subordinate of King Song for more than a dozen years, Wang Yan was well aware of the old butlers position in the King Song Residence. He had watched King Song grew up and as such, he was highly trusted by him.

If this was just an ordinary summon, there was no need for him to make this trip himself!

However, what made Wang Yan even more astonished was that Wang Chong was able to predict it at all!

This was even more astounding to him than King Song sending his trusted confidant for him!

Is this really a coincidence?

Wang Yans heart pounded. It wasnt weird for Wang Chong to know that King Song would summon him. After all, he was sided with King Song and they would eventually meet, it was just a matter of time.

However, what was truly incredible was Wang Chong predicting the exact timing of the summon.

In this instant, countless thoughts flashed across Wang Yans head.

No matter how hard he pondered upon the matter, he was unable to understand how this deviant son of his who only knew how to hang out with a bunch of gangsters would know of this matter.

The two of you, return back home now! I will deal with you two after I return!

Wang Yan didnt have much time to contemplate over the matter, the old butler was already rushing him. Wang Yan stepped into the carriage and swiftly disappeared into the distance, in the direction of King Song Residence.

Wang Chong stared at the direction where the carriage disappeared and a hint of a smile crept onto his face. He clearly saw the shocked expression on his fathers face before his departure. Without doubt, his strategy was working.

His father had wavered!

But Wang Chong knew that this was only the start. When his father met with King Song, he would finally understand that his unfilial son may be playful and committed countless misdeeds, but on this matter, he didnt lie to him!

Brother, what do we do? We will be doomed when father returns!

Right after Father Wang left, Wang Xiao Yao nervously grabbed onto Wang Chong. At this moment, she seemed as though an ant dancing anxiously on top of a heated metal plate. Until now, her fathers words of dealing with her after he returned still echoed in her mind.

She feared nothing, except for the rage of her father! Unlike Wang Chong, even if she was a hundred times more courageous, she wouldnt dare act defiantly before her father.

Upon seeing the anxious look on his little sisters face, Wang Chong couldnt help but laugh. This younger sister of his was really naively cute!

Dont worry, father wont return. We wont be in any trouble.

Wang Chong said.


The Wang Familys little sister lifted her head in shock. She stared blankly at her brother and for a moment, she was unable to react.

Dont think too much about it, you just have to believe me.

Seeing the dumbfounded expression on his younger sisters face, Wang Chong chuckled and pinched her cheeks.

Father might have said that he would deal with them right after returning from King Song Residence, but Wang Chong knew that the redeployment order to head to the borders would soon arrive right after that.

He was very certain of it.

After adjusting his mental state, Wang Chong quickly walked over to Lu Ting and Bao Xuan.

Alright, Academics () have different roles in history. In Tang Dynasty, they were mostly in charge of compiling literature work. If you arent aware, Tang Dynasty was the dynasty where it was so prosperous that many literature works appeared. Famous poets like Li Bai and Du Fu (Known as the Poem Saint) appeared in the era. On top of that, there were famous painters etc.
Just for additional info, the Tang Dynasty lasted from AD618-907.

Advisor (), in this case, means an official without a specific job scope, except to advise their lords on their affairs. This title was commonly used the Han and Tang Dynasty.
Note:   may mean physician as well, but in this case it meant the official instead.

In the Ming Dynasty, the Founding Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang, due to an uprising by a Prime Minister, voided the seat and instead took the job of the Prime Minister for himself. Thus, the position Grand Secretary (In Chinese, its still termed as ) was created to assist him in his job.
The Ming Dynasty lasted from AD1368-1644