The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Another Perspective

Chapter 110: Another Perspective!

These words were King Songs warning toward Wang Chong, as well as his true thoughts.

It wasnt easy for the Great Tang Empire and the Central Plains to achieve such prosperity. How many thousands of years had to pass before such an emperor could appear in the Central Plains?

King Song earnestly respected the Sage Emperor, and this was precisely the reason why he couldnt allow the slightest blemish on his reputation.

A sovereign claiming the wife of a subordinate, this was immoral.

The father claiming the wife of a son, this was vile!

Any emperor who committed this kind of immoral actions was left with a huge blemish on their records.

The Sage Emperor was wise, astute, and decisive. Great Tangs prosperity didnt come easily, and he had played a huge part in it.

Thats why King Song couldnt allow it to occur to the Sage Emperor!

All who disagreed with him and supported Consort Taizhen were his enemies!

He would have judged Wang Chong wrongly if the other party dared to advise or oppose him on this matter. The more talented and capable such a person was, the greater the harm he would cause in the royal court!

If Wang Chong truly intended to object to him on this matter, then as long as he was in the royal court, he would never allow Wang Chong to come to power.

Even if Wang Chong was the grandson of Duke Jiu, the son of Wang Yan!


In the surroundings of the fake hill, the bamboo trembled slightly under a breeze.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy, and even Lu Ting had an austere expression on his face.

Wang Chong sighed. He knew that whatever he said now would be deemed as wrong.

But he couldnt avoid this Consort Taizhen incident.

This matter was simply too important. It wasnt just because King Song was the Wang Clans backing, Big Uncle Wang Gen would be implicated by this matter as well.

Furthermore, Wang Chong knew that if he wanted to fulfill his mission of changing the fate of Great Tang and the Central Plains, he couldnt do without King Song!

Just like theres no pure gold, there isnt a perfect human in the world. King Song might have such a weakness, but he was the greatest supporter of militaristic policies in the royal court!

Regardless of whether it was King Qi or the Yao Clan, they didnt possess the same view as him. Their view was too short, and their eyes were limited to just within the country.

The Yao Clan was skilled in scheming and faction wars while King Qi only wanted authority. If King Song were to fall and they became the dominant force in the royal court, it would definitely be a calamity for the Great Tang!

To deal with the future catastrophe, the royal court needed a person like King Song. The Great Tang needed a person like King Song. The Central Plains needed a person like King Song. And Wang Chong needed him as well.

Only with the backing of a supporter of militaristic policy like King Song will Wang Chong be able to launch this plan without any restraint.

Thus, regardless of what happens, King Song mustnt be allowed to fall!

Be it for his private affairs or for his ambitions, for the Wang Clan or for the Great Tang, Wang Chong mustnt allow him to fall!

Your Highness

With a lowered head, Wang Chong uttered with great difficulty.

I dont have any intention of opposing to Your Highness. However, regarding the matter of Consort Taizhen, why dont Your Highness try consulting King Shou?


Silence! Complete silence!

Upon hearing the words King Shou, both King Song and Lu Ting were taken aback.

The two of them had thought of all possibilities, but they didnt expect Wang Chong to bring up King Shou!

Without a doubt, King Shou stood at the very eye of the Consort Taizhen incident storm. Yet, be it King Song, Lu Ting, King Qi, Yao Clan, or the entire royal court, no one had thought of looking for King Shou!

A father claiming a sons wife, a sovereign claiming a subordinates wife, the one who was left in the most awkward situation, as well as the one who was the most hurt by this matter, was, indubitably, King Shou, Li Mao.

As the saying goes, If the emperor wants a subordinate to die, the subordinate has no choice but to die. If the emperor wanted to claim his wife, what choice did King Shou have?

King Shou had already been hurt once, and no one wanted him to be hurt once more. Thus, regardless of whether it was King Song, King Qi, or the officials of the royal court, no one tried to pay King Shou a visit to consult him on this matter.

The entire royal court is roped into the Consort Taizhen incident, and it isnt my place to say anything. However, why dont Your Highness try consulting King Shou on this matter before making a decision?

Wang Chong lowered his head.

Back then, in his previous life, Wang Chong had thought that there were too many doubts on this issue.

Why would a wise and astute king suddenly fall to lust, and despite the objection of nearly half of the royal court, demote a king of the royal family and many other authoritative officials?

If he was an incompetent emperor, Wang Chong could have understood. Yet, he was publicly acknowledged to be a wise emperor.

But in the matter regarding Consort Taizhen, his actions was in no way befitting of a wise emperor!

Just like what King Song said, it eventually left a huge blemish in the emperors records!

The Sage Emperors actions were so different from his usual self that it seemed like it came from a completely different person!

Not only so, Consort Taizhen was also known as the number one beauty of Great Tang. With an appearance that could make a fish sink, a goose plummet, the moon pale, and a flower blush, be it which time-space continuum it was, she was acknowledged as one of the top beauties in history.

Wang Chong had never seen Consort Taizhen, and he didnt know how she looked like, but he had seen King Shou before.

In his previous life, Wang Chong was a renowned profligate scion in the capital, and he often loitered around the streets. After the Consort Taizhen incident, Wang Chong coincidentally met King Shou once.

At that time, King Shous face was glowing and a bright smile was on his face. In no way did he resemble one who had lost the love of his life to his father.

Even though it was only for an instantKing Shou seemed to have noticed his gaze and rushed back into his residence, that momentary glance had left Wang Chong with an extremely deep impression.

This was the first time Wang Chong had met King Shou, as well as his only time!

Now that Wang Chong had reincarnated, and the Consort Taizhen incident was happening once more, Wang Chong suddenly recalled that coincidental meeting with that smiling and energetic King Shou.

Wang Chong had a feeling that the Consort Taizhen incident wasnt as simple as it seemed on the surface!

Is that what you wanted to say?

King Song stared at Wang Chong, and a gleam flashed across his deep eyes. It was impossible to tell what was going on in his mind.


Gritting his teeth, Wang Chong replied.

He intended to speak a little more so as to convince King Song to change his mind. However, Wang Chong knew that haste makes waste, and given his current relationship with King Song, it was best for him to stop here.

I understand.

Saying so, King Songs harsh expression alleviated.

Its hard to explain the matters of the royal court easily, but its good that youre paying attention to these affairs. However, there are many things that you will only understand when you grow older.

After saying so, King Song left with Lu Ting. In just a short moment, the carriage started moving, and hong long long, it left the Four Quarters Embassy and headed eastward.


Staring at the back of the departing carriage, Wang Chong sighed deeply. He could tell that his words were in vain.

King Song didnt take in his words at all.

Even so, Wang Chong wasnt surprised by this outcome. If King Song could listen to the opinion of a teenage child under such a situation, he wouldnt be the King Song he knew.

In fact, it was already beyond Wang Chongs expectations for King Song to say those words after hearing Wang Chongs piece.

Even so, Wang Chong didnt feel disheartened.

While King Song completely disregarded Wang Chongs words, Wang Chong knew that it wont be long before that matter happens, and by then, King Song would be forced to reconsider his present situation.

In any case, Ive already done all that I can do. I can only leave the rest to the will of the heavens!

Wang Chong thought.

Wang Chong wasnt too worried about Big Uncle Wang Gen, and he didnt intend to advise him on the matter either. Big uncle and King Song were in an alliance, and if he could convince King Song, the latter would surely be able to convince big uncle.

In any case, if he didnt convince King Song, it would be impossible to change big uncles mind.

Because that would be equivalent to getting him to betray King Song!

And Wang Chong knew that big uncle changing his mind might not necessarily be a good thing

Turning around, Wang Chong walked toward the Erudite Pavilion.

Your Highness, should we pay a visit to King Shou?

At that same moment, oblivious to Wang Chong, on King Songs carriage, a conversation was taking place.

You mean

Surprised, King Song turned to Lu Ting and frowned. Even though Wang Chong had amazed them by accomplishing deeds beyond that of his age, in the end, he was still only a fifteen-year-old boy.

King Song didnt expect Lu Ting to take Wang Chongs words for real.

What that child said isnt completely wrong. Besides, meeting King Shou wouldnt detrimental to us anyway.

Lu Ting said.

Even though Lu Ting didnt think that King Song should give in for the Consort Taizhen incident, he didnt think that Wang Chong was spouting nonsense.

Contemplating over Lu Tings words, King Song was silent for a moment.

Forget it.

But eventually, he shook his head.

The Consort Taizhen incident is a difficult matter for King Shou to speak about. He has already been hurt once, and our actions would be equivalent to tearing apart his healing wound and pouring salt on it.

Besides, King Shou has been holing himself inside his residence ever since the incident, so meeting him wont be easy. I think itll be best not to trouble him on this matter.

King Song rejected Lu Tings suggestion.

Lu Ting sighed. He didnt push on, knowing that King Song was reluctant to trigger King Shous wounds.

While it was true that King Shou was confining himself to his residence, turning down all guests, but given King Songs standing as his imperial uncle, if he were to insist on the matter, how could the latter dare refuse him?

King Song was just unwilling to do so.

Ill follow Your Highnesss will.

Lu Ting replied.

With an appearance that could make a fish sink, a goose fall, the moon pale, and a flower blush, be it which time-space continuum it was, she was acknowledged as one of the top beauties in history.
He is referring to our modern world. In our modern world, Consort Taizhen (Yang Taizhen or Yang Yuhuan) is known as the Four Great Beauties, and there is an idiom (fish sink goose plummet moon pale flower blush) to depict their beauty.

In case you all forgot, King Shou is the Sage Emperors son.
Consort Taizhen is initially engaged to King Shou (I am not sure whether they married or not), but eventually, the emperor took her from him.
On the other hand, King Song is the emperors brother, so hes King Shous uncle.