The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101: Unstoppable

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In a single clash, the hundreds of war halos of the Beheader Army shattered in dazzling explosions.

The enormous number of halos the Xuanwu Army wielded was not something even a top-class Arab army like the Beheader Army could deal with. And with their halos shattered…

Squelchsquelchsquelch! Swords stabbed into the bodies of the Beheader Army soldiers, and when they were pulled out again, the ground was immediately covered in their corpses.

This terrifying casualty ratio had the eyes of Abu Muslim and Osman flying open.

We can only see how Qutaybah's armies do!

With this sudden thought, four pairs of eyes turned to watch the Blood Beast Army and Death Army.

Of the three governors, Qutaybah's armies were undoubtedly the largest and the strongest. Qutaybah's Revelation Army had even managed to cut down the Xuanwu Army from eight thousand to two thousand as soon as it was deployed.

If they wanted to defeat the Tang army and shatter its defenses, they could only rely on Qutaybah.

"Get ready! The strongest opponent is coming!"

Behind the tall steel walls, Wang Chong's eyes flashed.

Of all the Arab armies, Wang Chong had been paying the most attention to Qutaybah's three top-class armies.

Amidst the vast sea of Arab cavalry, Wang Chong could pick out at a glance the Blood Beast Army and the Death Army. The soldiers of these stood out from the rest, their energies as vast as mountains and impossible to ignore.

As these two armies approached, the tension in the air rapidly increased. Qutaybah's armies were the only ones that could alter this situation, and if not even these two armies could do this, then the Arabs would be facing complete defeat.

Not only that, if they could not gain the initiative in this battle, the Great Tang could use its own top-class armies to hold down Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and the other Arab Great Generals. The top-class armies would slowly exhaust them while also creating opportunities for the Tang Great Generals.

If one were surrounded by these top-class armies and exhausted too much energy, even someone like Qutaybah who had touched upon the Subtle realm might be defeated and die.

There had never been a single Great General who could rely on his own strength to stand against an army of more than one hundred thousand people!

"Pass on my order! Deploy the Revelation Army!" Qutaybah suddenly ordered from beneath the fluttering Arabian war banners.

Aybak and Osman were at first confused, but then they understood, complicated looks appearing in their eyes.

Were these infidel soldiers so powerful that not even Qutaybah thought that he could overcome them? It wasn't even the decisive moment, but he was already deploying his most powerful Revelation Army.

"This general will go!"

A voice came from behind Qutaybah, and one of his Brigadier Generals departed to deliver the order.

As Qutaybah was sending out his most powerful army, on the front line, the Blood Beast Army and Death Army had arrived like a vast tidal wave of steel.


With this roar, the air clanged with metal as the soldiers of the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army raised their swords in the air.

The soldiers were instantly surrounded by a still and somber air.

Across from them, the ground was trembling more and more as two powerful storms of energy approached. In the packed ranks of the Arab cavalry, one could see a bloody mist and a thick black mist rapidly charging at them.


The twenty-six hundred Roaring Tiger Army soldiers were the first to charge forward from behind the steel walls, their swords held high.

Hwooosh! As they charged out, the black-armored guard in the rear wildly waved the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. The earth quaked as invisible ripples of energy spread out and attached to the bodies of the Roaring Tiger Army soldiers.

Clangclangclang! The Roaring Tiger Army were quickly encased in seven halos. This army that had already been able to suppress the Fearless Army with its own halo now had six additional ones, and its strength climbed to nigh unimaginable levels.


There was a scream as an Arab rider and his horse were thrown more than a hundred feet into the air by a Roaring Tiger Army soldier.

More soon followed as the Roaring Tiger Army's attacks tossed them into the sky.

Each of these Arab horsemen weighed several thousand jin when accounting for their horse, but they were as light as a feather to the twenty-six hundred Roaring Tiger Army soldiers.

Moreover, the Roaring Tiger Army soldiers had sent their fierce and tyrannical Stellar Energy through their swords into the bodies of these Arab cavalry.

By the time they had been thrown into the air, they were truthfully already dead.


The Roaring Tiger Army brought chaos wherever it went, slaying innumerable Arab cavalry.

This time, the Roaring Tiger Army had adopted a completely different strategy. Rather than waiting, it was heading right for the Blood Beast Army and Death Army.

There were only twenty-six hundred of them, but that unstoppable momentum made it seem like there were twenty to thirty thousand of them.

"Hear my order! Until we kill these Arabs, no one is allowed to retreat!"

The Roaring Tiger Army Commander, Du Wuwei, gripped his sword with both hands as his body exploded with killing intent. As an extremely experienced old general who had followed Zhang Shougui through many campaigns, Du Wuwei had not encountered such a powerful opponent in a very long time.

The Goguryeons, Khitans, Western Turks, and even the Tibetans had only been able to lower their heads and concede to the Roaring Tiger Army.

But these Arabs had allowed the Roaring Tiger Army to finally understand what a strong foe was. They had also stimulated the pride and killing intent of Zhang Shougui's finest soldiers.


The more than two thousand men simultaneously roared, deforming the air as their murderous intent soared.

In the midst of this roaring, all the Roaring Tiger Army soldiers charged at the Arabs.

"Kill them! Leave not one alive!"

Meanwhile, the approaching Blood Beast Army had also sensed the aura of the Roaring Tiger Army, and its several thousand soldiers swiftly began to ride toward it.

Two hundred feet, one hundred feet, fifty feet…


Like two massive waves, the armies collided against each other. No one was able to describe this impact. It appeared like a clap of thunder had exploded right in the middle of the battlefield, drowning out the sounds of fighting, the clashing of weapons, and the neighing of horses.

Heavy sword met scimitar with heavy collisions so terrifying that it felt like mountains were ramming into each other.

The two powerful armies of the Great Tang and Arabia fell into a stalemate that seemed to last for both a second and for endless epochs. But a moment later, there was a massive roar as countless soldiers and horses were flung into the air.


The bodies of the Blood Beast Army soldiers rained down from the sky and the battlefield exploded into cheers.

"Great Tang!"

"Great Tang!"

"Great Tang!"

The names of the Great Tang and the Roaring Tiger Army filled the skies as all the Tang soldiers who witnessed this clash rallied.

The Arabs, on the other hand, were deeply stunned.

"Follow me! No matter what, we must hold them down!" A Death Army officer saw this sight and his eyes flashed as he immediately ordered his troops to charge at the Roaring Tiger Army.

"Everyone, hear my order! Follow me!"

Behind the steel walls, the more than one thousand soldiers of the Ultimate Martial Army had been closely watching the Death Army. The moment the Death Army began to pick up speed, the Ultimate Martial Army soldiers raised their swords and surged out from the defense line.


As the Death Army impacted against the Roaring Tiger Army, the more than one thousand soldiers of the Ultimate Martial Army charged with terrifying speed into the Death Army.

Clangclangclang! For a moment, it was not possible to see anything, only to hear the clashing of weapons. Countless men and horses were thrown into the air while countless more fell to the ground in pools of blood.

The combined power of the Ultimate Martial Army and Roaring Tiger Army was unimaginably lethal. Even though they were clearly outnumbered, they were actually the ones with the upper hand.


A Death Army soldier charged over with shocking speed, but before he could even get close, a sword instantly stabbed through his knee. As he fell down on one knee, another sword stabbed through his chest and pinned his corpse to the ground.

Thump! A foot stomped down on the Death Army soldier's chest and pulled out the sword, then stepped over the corpse to continue onward.

Whether it was a contest of speed, strength, agility, or defensive capability, the Death Army had completely lost. In terms of individual strength, the soldiers of the Ultimate Martial Army and Roaring Tiger Army were far above the Death Army.

The seven halos shining on the bodies of the soldiers of these two armies hacked like giant axes through the battlefield, hewing open paths through the Blood Beast Army and Death Army.

The Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army won victory after victory, pushing the Blood Beast Army and Death Army back step by step.

Eight hundred, one thousand, fifteen hundred, two thousand… the losses suffered by Qutaybah's two elite armies rapidly swelled, and the defense line the two armies had built using their advantage in numbers began to show signs of collapsing.