The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Versus Qutaybah

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

At this moment, even Dalun Ruozan and company couldn't help but be surprised as the battle intensified once more. Although the twenty thousand top-class Tang soldiers still had the upper hand, sweeping unstoppably through the Arab cavalry, the Arabs that were showing signs of collapse had regained their footing.


At this moment, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's robes shook as she stepped forward. His expression was relaxed and indifferent as if he was taking a leisurely stroll through a garden, not an intense battlefield.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man didn't seem to be moving very fast. In fact, he appeared to be moving rather slowly. But in the blink of an eye, he had walked past the steel defense line and entered the battlefield. Bzzzz! Space twisted around him and light flashed, and when the Demonic Emperor Old Man appeared again, he was more than a hundred feet away. Even someone of Wang Chong's cultivation level couldn't see just how he had disappeared.

"Kill him!"

The sight of this unarmored Demonic Emperor Old Man, dressed in a simple black robe, made two Arab horsemen believe that they had found an opportunity. Their eyes turned savage as they charged at the Demonic Emperor Old Man from the sides.

But a moment later, when they were still several feet from the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the two muscular and vigorous Arab horsemen crashed into an invisible barrier. Not only that, the two Arab horsemen felt like they had been frozen in the air and immediately became incapable of moving.

Their eyes could still move, and one could see a deep dread within them, but the rest of their body might as well have been made out of stone.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Emperor Old Man swept past them without even a glance, as if he hadn't even noticed them. One step, two steps… The Demonic Emperor Old Man was already gone, but the two Arab horsemen still couldn't move. Boom!After some time, there was an enormous boom as bolts of energy shot out from their backs. These bolts of energy were not transparent and colorless, but exactly the same shade as blood.

Thud! Thud!

The two dropped to the ground in clouds of dust and died.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man had already cultivated the Myriad Spirit Sea Art to its peak and reached a stage that normal people could not fathom. Not even when they died did these two Arab horsemen understand how the Demonic Emperor Old Man that they had never even touched had managed to kill them!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As he walked through the living hell of a battlefield, he was constantly assailed by clueless Arab cavalry, but before any of them could get close, they would be thrown more than a hundred feet into the air by mighty explosions. Some of them even flew as high as one hundred meters, and by the time they came down again, they were already dead.

In front of a terrifying expert like the Demonic Emperor Old Man, these so-called elites were far too weak. The Demonic Emperor Old Man didn't even need to touch them to snuff out their lives.

Such enormous strength even moved the Arab and Tibetan Great Generals watching from a distance.

"Just where did this man come from? Even Qutaybah is rather cautious with him," Aybak sternly said.

He still remembered how when Qutaybah first took action, sweeping aside all opposition and almost singlehandedly suppressing the Tang army, the mysterious black-robed old man had appeared, dashing the Arabs' hopes of victory.

And a powerful existence like Qutaybah had unexpectedly not immediately attacked this black-robed old man, instead staring at him for a long time. This was simply unthinkable for someone of his personality.

It had to be known that Qutaybah didn't even treat fellow Great Generals like Abu Muslim or Aybak with much respect. His style was always extremely domineering, and it was basically impossible to stop him when he was furious. There was no question that this mysterious black-robed old man had reached that same level of power.

"I don't know! In the current situation, we can only believe in Qutaybah. If not even he can defeat that man, then we won't be able to do a single thing."

Abu Muslim continued to focus his gaze on the battlefield. "Hyah!" He suddenly rode out from beneath the black war banners.

"Ziyad, Aybak, Osman, you all heard what Qutaybah said. No matter what, we must seize that banner or kill the person holding it! If we want to end the situation, we must destroy the Tang formation!"

Abu Muslim gripped the reins of his horse and vanished into the army.


Ziyad took in a deep breath, his expression turning grave as he glared at the opposing Tang army.

As long as these Tang soldiers had not reached this level of cultivation on their own power and were relying on a ritual tool, they just needed to destroy the tool and could still salvage a victory from this battle.

Nearby, Dalun Ruozan gave his own order, his blue robes flapping in the wind. "Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, get ready. Qutaybah and Abu Muslim have already stepped onto the battlefield. They will probably need our strength in this battle!"

Countless thoughts flitted through his profound eyes. With the appearance of those two mysterious old men on the Great Tang's side, the situation had completely changed. The Arabs alone would find it very hand to gain the upper hand in a battle of Great Generals. Since they were allies with a common enemy and objective, it was only appropriate for the Tibetans to lend a hand.


Huoshu Huicang pressed his right hand against his saber and took two steps forward. At the same time, Dusong Mangpoje also rode forward on his horse. The atmosphere on the battlefield grew even more tense!

On the other end of the battlefield, Gao Xianzhi's eyes flashed as he saw Abu Muslim ride out.

"Wang Chong, Qianli, leave Abu Muslim to me. The two of you can deal with the rest!"

The two silently nodded in agreement.

With no hesitation, Gao Xianzhi galloped out.

On the battlefield, the twenty thousand Tang elites were continuing to sweep over the battlefield, bolstered by the power of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. The Great Tang still had the initiative in this battle, but even the Tongluo Commander Chuluohou had noticed the enormous shift taking place on the battlefield.

In the distance, Qutaybah and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were getting closer, saturating the air with tension. One hundred feet, sixty feet, fifty feet…

At a distance of around twenty feet, both of them coincidentally stopped at the same time. One was riding upon a mighty steed, a god descended to the mortal world. The other was dressed in wide-sleeved robes, and though he was not as dazzling as Qutaybah, his imposing figure was like the loftiest mountain in the world, enough to make anyone stop and look up in wonder.

Their eyes reflected the figure of their opponent, and both of them stood still.


Powerful energies howled out from their bodies. Although neither of them had attacked yet, everyone around them could sense the dangerous aura hanging around them. At some point, all the surrounding soldiers had unwittingly receded to fight elsewhere, leaving a large open space around the pair.


After some time, there was a massive shout as Arab cavalry charged in with their scimitars.

"For the Governor!"

"Kill this Tang!"

Brash cries in Arabic rang in the air. Qutaybah had extremely high prestige within the army, and when the Arab horsemen saw that the two were in a stalemate, they sensed a chance and decided to use their advantage in numbers to swarm the Demonic Emperor Old Man and create an opportunity for Qutaybah.

At this sight, the Demonic Emperor Old Man finally moved, but all he did was raise an eyebrow. His hands remained hanging motionless at his side. Boom! Three feet around the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the air began to vibrate, condensing into tens of thousands of bolts of energy that exploded outward.

Swooshswooshswoosh! Before those elite Arab horsemen were able to reach the Demonic Emperor Old Man, they were shot through by those terrifying bolts of energy, their finely-crafted armor crumpling like paper and shattering into pieces.


At this moment, the air suddenly thrummed with dreadful killing intent. Seated upon his warhorse, Qutaybah clenched the fingers of one hand and instantly attacked.


A vast stream of golden Sword Qi immediately rose out of the earth, piercing through the heavens. For a moment, it felt like the sky itself had been cut in two, a mirror-like wound appearing on its surface. It was only at this moment that a thunderous boom could be heard.

Qutaybah struck with extreme speed as well as extreme weight. As this beam of Sword Qi descended, it was as heavy as a mountain. Even a fortress would be cut in two, much less a creature of flesh and bone.

Almost immediately after Qutaybah attacked, the Demonic Emperor Old Man responded to this mountain-sundering strike. The Demonic Emperor Old Man did not use any kind of weapon, instead swinging out with his palm of flesh and bone.

Suddenly, the air exploded with thousands of shockwaves. Tens of thousands of bolts of energy of differing lengths had appeared around the Demonic Emperor Old Man, enclosing him in a massive forest of energy. If one looked carefully, one would notice that every pore of the Demonic Emperor Old Man was spewing energy.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man had a serene expression as he extended a single finger. Hundreds upon thousands of these energy bolts immediately fused together into a massive sword that flew at Qutaybah and the enormous heaven-cleaving Sword Qi he had unleashed.


No one could describe the moment those two breathtaking attacks clashed. Dust exploded, rising more than a thousand feet into the air and engulfing the entire area.