The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106: The Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art

There was a terrible scream as all the Arab cavalry within several thousand feet of the clash between the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Qutaybah were dealt a destructive blow.

The explosive shockwave created by their clash immediately threw these Arab horsemen around like they were leaves in the autumn wind. Thousands of them were tossed around in a violent sandstorm, their faces filled with fear as they were swept aside. Some of the horsemen were even thrown far away to crash into the ground.


A few moments later, the stony ground cracked apart while blood flowed like a waterfall. The soldiers howled for the last time as their corpses were scattered across the field.

In the center of this battle, the churning dust not only did not settle, but intensified, sending clouds of dust soaring higher and higher into the sky. In the middle of this ever-thickening cloud of dust, a golden figure was battling with a black figure. Boomboomboom! Golden beams of Sword Qi cleaved through the heavens, stabbing through the dust and thrusting at the clouds.

At the same time, uncountable bolts of fierce energy, more frightening than if they had been real swords or sabers, were exploding in every direction. The level the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Qutaybah had reached was far beyond what ordinary people could imagine. Even the Great Generals who stood at the peak of martial artists couldn't help but be cowed and shocked by this battle, a sense of inferiority instilled in their hearts.

Fwoooom! It took only a second for a golden beam of Sword Qi, the energy bolts of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, the dust, and the gravel to create an enormous storm, a vast tornado that spiraled into the sky.

Bangbangbang! One shockwave after another exploded outward, rendering this area the most dangerous on the battlefield.

"Retreat, retreat!"

The Arab cavalry, alarmed and panicked, pulled on the reins of their horses and began to flee outward.

"These two… how…"

At this moment, Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje were deeply stunned, their fists tightly clenched.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would have found it very difficult to imagine that the battle between these two could reach such a level. Even for Great Generals, the level that Qutaybah and the mysterious old man had reached clearly transcended beyond their ken.

As the entire battlefield was stunned by the battle between this pair, an imposing and stalwart figure was approaching.

When they were still some several dozen feet from each other, Abu Muslim pulled on the reins of his own horse and spoke in rough Tang language. "Gao Xianzhi, we meet again. Do you think that you can stop me?"

The two were old foes, and their conflict could be considered to have lasted four months now. Gao Xianzhi also had some measure of understanding of Abu Muslim.

"But you've already lost!"

Gao Xianzhi faintly smiled.

The Revelation Army had been defeated, as had the Death Army and Fearless Army. If all went as expected, if this trend continued, the Great Tang would emerge victorious.

"Haha, to borrow an expression from you people of the Central Plains, it's still not decided who will kill the deer!"

Abu Muslim grinned.

"Moreover, you are still no match for me!"

This was not their first battle, and their previous battles had already proven that Gao Xianzhi could not contend against him, which would naturally still be the case. It was simply impossible for Gao Xianzhi to stop him on his own.

Gao Xianzhi smiled and said, "Heh, since you know a few expressions of the Central Plains, I'll give you another. 'Don't laugh until it's over!'" He had heard from Wang Chong the saying 'he who laughs last, laughs best'.


Abu Muslim's eyes suddenly chilled and exploded with killing intent. Without the slightest hesitation, Abu Muslim put on the special gauntlet, the Eye of the Demon God, and punched.

"Asmodai's Fury!"

Abu Muslim immediately used the supreme technique of his Seventy-Two Demon God Pillars Art.

When Abu Muslim had unleashed this attack wearing the Eye of the Demon God, even the Consecrated had staggered backward. Abu Muslim might not have been as strong as Qutaybah, but there was no question that he was ranked amongst the best. At the very least, the people who could contend against him in the Great Tang could be counted on one's fingers.

Rumble! The sky suddenly dimmed as Abu Muslim's body vanished, replaced by a three-headed demon god covered with purple-black scales. This massive demon god stood on the earth and threw a fist as large as a mountain at Gao Xianzhi.

This fist was unstoppable, stirring up fierce gales for one thousand feet around it as it thundered through the air. Thumpthumpthump! The winds even swept up the corpses of the Arab cavalry and pushed them to the side.


Gao Xianzhi's eyes flashed while a faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Eight! Ultimate! Sunderings! Art!" Gao Xianzhi bellowed, his every word like a peal of thunder. As Abu Muslim looked on in shock, Gao Xianzhi vanished in a gust of wind.


A second later, a dazzling bolt of lightning appeared several dozen feet above where Gao Xianzhi had originally been, and Gao Xianzhi emerged. Around him, light and shadow condensed into eight massive pitch-black columns. Mysterious characters had been carved into the eight pillars, and in the center of these eight mysterious pillars, space distorted and twisted. Suddenly, a miniature model of the continent appeared.

Everyone immediately felt a weighty and prodigious aura, as if this was not simply some illusion but was linked to the earth itself.

The Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art was the technique that Wang Chong had given him previously, but also a technique that had been born out of his own Six Ultimate Majesties God Technique. The two had the same origin. When martial arts reached a certain level, they were no longer restricted to merely transforming a certain type of weapon. For instance, Wang Chong could use a sword, but he could also use a spear, or when he transformed into the Godking Yama, he could use a vajra pestle.

Gao Xianzhi's Six Ultimate Majesties God Technique primarily focused on Sword Qi, but when it was improved to the Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art, it no longer needed weapons.

But though this supreme technique was powerful, it was extremely difficult to cultivate. At the very least, the Gao Xianzhi of back then had managed to comprehend its principles, but not even at the end of his life had he succeeded in training in it.

Even though Wang Chong had given him a month to cultivate this technique in seclusion, Gao Xianzhi had still not completely learned the technique. It was only when the Demonic Emperor Old Man arrived and Gao Xianzhi had the opportunity to ask him some questions late in the night, thus understanding the nature of 'Qi', that he finally comprehended the Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art.

"Hmph, do you think that you can contend against me with this!"

Abu Muslim's eyes went cold as the Asmodai's Fury that he had sent out suddenly turned and rumbled toward Gao Xianzhi in the sky. At the same time, Gao Xianzhi opened the fingers of one hand, and the eight black pillars immediately shot out and spread out around Abu Muslim.

When Abu Muslim's Asmodai's Fury was still several dozen feet from Gao Xianzhi, suddenly, without any warning, his strongest technique was frozen in the air.

"How could this be?!"

Abu Muslim was greatly startled by this sight. His fist energy was inherently formless and shapeless, was not something that could be grasped like a saber or sword. For Gao Xianzhi to be able to freeze it in the air was a feat that completely overturned Abu Muslim's understanding of the world.

As this thought flitted through Abu Muslim's mind, the eight pillars suddenly exploded with power. With a massive boom, the punch that Abu Muslim had unleashed with all his power splintered apart and exploded into nothingness.


Fierce winds swept down from the sky. Abu Muslim's face was grimacing and twisting as he stared at this sight. Never had he imagined that Gao Xianzhi would learn a new technique in the space of a single month. These eight strange pillars had somehow been able to completely shatter his most powerful attack.

"Abu Muslim, that was then and this is now. No matter what you plan to do, as long as I'm here, you will never succeed!"

A voice as loud as thunder came down from the sky. Gao Xianzhi stepped forward, and as he did, a majestic Sword Qi exploded from his feet. The Sword Qi condensed into another pillar covered with mysterious characters, floating in the air and holding him up.

The sky was a forbidden ground for martial artists, but the current Gao Xianzhi could traverse it like flat land.

With this single step, Gao Xianzhi's understanding of the Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art increased. The principles of martial arts and Sword Qi were constantly flowing through his mind and his energy began to swell with it, bursting out like a storm from his body. The already powerful Gao Xianzhi instantly broke through some sort of bottleneck and reached an even higher level.

The Gao Xianzhi of the present finally had the right to duel with Abu Muslim. All was silent as Abu Muslim looked up at Gao Xianzhi. He could sense his foe's energy soaring and his face immediately became ashen and grim.

"Huoshu Huicang, go!"

Seeing that Qutaybah and Abu Muslim had been stopped, Dalun Ruozan immediately gave his order, his eyes flashing.

In this battle, it wasn't just the fate of Arabia, but the fate of Ü-Tsang that was also at stake. No matter what, they had to defeat the Great Tang, and if they wanted to destroy the Great Tang's Nine Dragon Blood Formation, they needed to send out their Great Generals.


Huoshu Huicang nodded and immediately galloped onto the field, hurtling at the black-armored guard like an approaching storm.