The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107: Great General Melee
"Chong-er, leave Huoshu Huicang to me!"

A dignified and composed voice came from behind Wang Chong. Wang Yan had at some point walked up, and his eyes shone with a sharp light as he stared at the distant Huoshu Huicang.

Before Wang Chong could reply, Wang Yan had already walked out of the defense line. A force of disciplined infantry followed closely behind him.

"Wang Chong, I will go to help General Wang!" Su Hanshan said in his cold and aloof voice as he walked up to Wang Chong's side, staring at Wang Yan's back.

Wang Yan was Wang Chong's father, and though Su Hanshan did not doubt Wang Yan's strength, there was no harm in being cautious. The five thousand ballistae would have an intimidating effect on the Arab cavalry. This was even more so now that the situation had changed. The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner had given the Great Tang the complete initiative over the battlefield, and the war banner would only make the terrifying war machines of the Great Tang even stronger and more intimidating against the Arabs.


Wang Chong took stock of the situation and nodded. Now was the moment. The Great Tang had been in a defensive position throughout this battle, constantly waiting for attacks on its extensive line of steel walls, but now was the time for a counterattack. The Great Tang could now go on the offensive.

Creak! Creak!

There was a loud creaking as ballista bolts were loaded and Su Hanshan led his five thousand ballistae past the steel walls to follow Wang Yan's infantry.


Before the Arab cavalry could begin charging, Su Hanshan swung his hand down. A cloud of ballista bolts immediately flew over Wang Yan's army, past the twenty thousand Tang elites and the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, and struck the Arab army.

Squelchsquelchsquelch! Blood exploded and screams filled the air as the sharp ballista bolts pierced through countless Arab cavalry.


Su Hanshan waved his sword as he ordered his men to advance over the corpse-covered ground.

Under his command, the five thousand ballistae had been arranged into a hedgehog formation. The ballista army had very little in the way of defense, and one had to remember that the soldiers Su Hanshan had trained were former bandits and brigands. If the enemy suddenly got close, the ballista army was certain to suffer terrible losses.

But under Su Hanshan's command, even the best soldiers of the Great Tang would find it a difficult task to get past the firing zone of the ballistae. The sharp and vicious attacks of the ballistae served as the best defense.

Once his ballista army had reached the vicinity of the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, Su Hanshan swung down his sword and gave another order. "Fan distribution!"

The five thousand ballistae spread apart like flowing water, perfectly encompassing the Nine Dragon Blood Formation and Wang Yan's infantry. Together, the three forces formed a tight and powerful defensive system.

Even though Su Hanshan's strength was still lacking, in terms of strategy and tactics, Su Hanshan was already showing the traits of a future Great General who could hold his own on the battlefield.

Wang Yan cared little for what was going on behind him. The sight of that familiar figure caused him to urge his horse into an even faster gallop.

Bzzzz! Light flashed, and Wang Yan suddenly vanished, replaced by a pitch-black light that swelled rapidly.


There was a heaven-shaking roar as a gigantic golden-armored god appeared on the battlefield. His every stride covered ten-some meters as he strode toward Huoshu Huicang.

The golden-armored god exuded an extremely powerful aura and its massive body made all the Arab elites on the battlefield seem like insignificant ants.

On the other side, Huoshu Huicang's brow rose as he saw that massive Mighty Miracle God and heard the crescendoing rumbling of the earth. Immediately, he used the Vairocana Buddha Golden Body Mantra.

In the blink of an eye, a massive Buddha shining with golden light appeared on the battlefield. As he gazed at Wang Yan, Huoshu Huicang exploded with an astonishing will to fight and began to charge even faster onto the battlefield.

At almost the same time, Wang Yan's eyes flashed with cold light as he controlled the Mighty Miracle God to increase its speed. Boom! Boom! Boom! He began to stride toward Huoshu Huicang's golden Buddha.

The two mortal foes from the southwest met once more on the foreign battlefield of Talas. One regarded Huoshu Huicang as a long-time foe and invader of the Great Tang, a bringer of disaster, and a powerful Great General. The other had sworn to wash off the shame of the war of the southwest.


A moment later, the world seemed to be torn apart as the gigantic figures of Huoshu Huicang and Wang Yan collided.

Winds exploded, blowing dust and gravel in all directions, while powerful shockwaves shook the entire battlefield.

Dalun Ruozan imperceptibly creased his brow at this sight. From what he could see, Huoshu Huicang would clearly not be able to overcome Wang Yan in the short term.

"Dusong Mangpoje, go!" Dalun Ruozan abruptly ordered.

Dusong Mangpoje said nothing, but his eyes were fixed on the area where the Demonic Emperor Old Man was battling with Qutaybah. His fists were clenched and sharp light was flitting through his eyes.

"I know what you're thinking, but now is not the time! Reckless actions will make all our efforts meaningless!" Dalun Ruozan sternly said.


Dusong Mangpoje took in a deep breath, calmed his mind, and began to ride toward the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. In a clattering of armor, he swept past Dalun Ruozan and vanished into the distance.


Mameluke Commander Aybak was also watching the battlefield.

Seeing Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and Huoshu Huicang all being stopped by the Great Tang had made his face a sheet of ice and filled his eyes with an overwhelming desire to kill.

"Hear my order! All soldiers, move out! I don't believe that there's a formation that my Mamelukes can't break!"

Aybak snatched at a nearby warhorse and mounted it.

Clang! As Aybak's right thigh pressed against the horse, an enormous halo erupted from his body with a metallic clatter and spread to all the Mamelukes.

"Pharaoh Halo!"

This dazzling and dark red halo exhibited twice the power in Aybak's hands than in Faisal's.

Clangclangclang! Buffed by the true supreme power of the Pharaoh Halo, the speed, dexterity, and defensive capabilities of the Mamelukes began to soar.

Aybak's gaze was as sharp as a blade as he glared at the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. With a wave of his sword, the seven-thousand-some Mamelukes charged forward.


Not long after Aybak departed, Ziyad took in a deep breath, gripped the Ocean Ring, and mounted his own warhorse.

"I'd like to see just how capable you are, just how many of us you can stop!"

The fires of rage had stirred in Ziyad's mind. The Arabs were a proud and confident people.

This battle was no longer about seizing a strategic fortress of the Silk Road. This was a clash between Arabia and the Great Tang, between West and East, a battle of wills, strength, and self-confidence.

No matter what, Arabia could not lose to these eastern countries.

Neeeigh! Ziyad swiftly vanished from beneath the black Arabian war banners, plunging into the churning battlefield.

"Ziyad has moved out. Leave him to me!"

Cheng Qianli took out his sword as he looked into the distance.

He had been paying attention to the other side this entire time, and he had immediately noticed Ziyad moving out.

This was not the first time they had exchanged blows. Cheng Qianli knew Ziyad's martial arts and fighting style like the back of his hand, so no one was better than him for holding Ziyad down.


Wang Chong nodded and quickly turned his gaze to Aybak and his seven thousand Mamelukes, followed by the Celestial Wolf Cavalry and Mutri Great Cavalry, who had also noticed the change in the situation.

In yesterday's battle, the Mutri Great Cavalry and Celestial Wolf Cavalry had suffered the most losses. Although they were all top-class cavalry, their weapons and equipment were clearly lacking compared to the Mamelukes and the Wushang Cavalry, which was the primary reason for their losses.

But even so, three forces together still numbered twelve thousand men.

"Wushang Cavalry, hear my order! Follow me!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed with cold light as he gave the order.

Aybak had moved out, and his seven thousand Mamelukes bolstered by his halos were a powerful and intimidating force. This was the true Pharaoh Halo, and Cui Piaoqi and Banahan would not be enough to stop them.

"Let's see which is stronger, the true Pharaoh Halo or the Asura Hell Formation!"

With a fierce look in his eyes, Wang Chong galloped out from under the Tang banner.

Neeeigh! The White-hoofed Shadow's cries resounded over the battlefield as Wang Chong charged out from the steel walls. Clang! A massive halo with a radius of ten-some meters exploded from under Wang Chong's feet. Sinister and dreadful, it swept out like a storm and spread to all the Wushang Cavalry.