The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108: Duwu Silis Goal

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The temperature in a range of tens of thousands of feet suddenly plunged while chilly winds swept over the earth.

Frightening howls suddenly rang out in everyone's ears, the wails and screams of countless resentful spirits. Everyone who heard this sound felt a fear that came from the very depths of their souls.

Gallop! Hooves thundered past the first defense line and toward the battlefield.

In a churning cloud of dust, Wang Chong led all the Wushang Cavalry like an unstoppable comet toward Aybak and the three supreme cavalry forces of three empires.

Dalun Ruozan had been paying close attention to this battle the entire time. When he saw Wang Chong leading the seven thousand Wushang Cavalry with a momentum that was not one bit weaker than the three other major cavalry forces, he couldn't help but show a hint of concern.

There was no going back for Ü-Tsang, and the Arabs had also invested a large number of soldiers, so this battle could not be lost. No matter what, they had to destroy the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, the Tang's greatest support.

But the Tibetans had already sent all of their commanders, and the three empires no longer had many Great Generals. Other than Governor Osman of Cairo, who was still nervously observing the situation and ready to enter the fray at any moment, there was only…

"Hahaha, it seems like I'm the only one who has yet to enter the battlefield!"

Before Dalun Ruozan could say anything, he was interrupted by brazen laughter. Duwu Sili seemed to have predicted what was going to be said, his horse taking several paces forward.

Dalun Ruozan was so stunned that he was momentarily speechless. Duwu Sili was a shrewd fellow who would always choose to hide until he couldn't hide anymore.

Moreover, his every move and action was usually for the sake of some goal, but now, before anything had even been said, Duwu Sili had volunteered himself. This had truly caught Dalun Ruozan by surprise. For the first time, Dalun Ruozan couldn't tell what Duwu Sili was up to.

"Hyah!" Duwu Sili bellowed, his horse neighing and armor clattering as he rode his glossy-maned black steed sweeping past Dalun Ruozan and into the battlefield.

"It seems like I'm the only one left to deal with this!"

At this moment, the only person left behind the defense line was the Wushang Village Chief.

Although the Wushang Village Chief was very strong, he was still very old, even older than the Demonic Emperor Old Man. This was also why Wang Chong had left him for the very last.

Moreover, even though he was a formidable martial artist, he was no master of commanding soldiers. At the very least, the Wushang Village Chief could not lead the Wushang Cavalry in a charge. Thus, in the end, he was the only one left to deal with Duwu Sili.

The Wushang Village Chief's white cane paused for a moment, and then he emerged from the defense line.


The moment the Wushang Village Chief stepped beyond the steel walls, the winds gusted and a destructive attack shot toward the Wushang Village Chief as fast as lightning.

Boom! In the blink of an eye, it had struck the Stellar Energy around the Wushang Village Chief.

Through the immense shockwave, everyone could clearly see that what had attacked the Wushang Village Chief was an arrow as thick as a finger and more than five feet long.

This arrow had left a white scar in the air that dragged on for twenty-some meters and was still in the process of closing up. From this, one could see that the person who had loosed this arrow was absurdly powerful.

But even more astonishing was what happened to the arrow when it struck the Wushang Village Chief. They could all see that this long arrow seemed to have encountered some unseen barrier. It was frozen in the air, unable to advance a single inch.

Crickcrack! The five-foot-long arrow began to splinter starting from its tip. A moment later, the arrow forged from Deep Sea Xuan Metal had exploded into powder.

And even at the very end, the arrow hadn't been able to get within even three feet of the Wushang Village Chief.


This sight left many Arab, Tibetan, and Western Turk generals stunned.

This white-haired elder of the Great Tang had to be over seventy and was walking around on a cane, appearing ready to fall over at any moment. No one had expected him to be so powerful that simply his external Stellar Energy would be able to stop a five-foot arrow.

The Wushang Village Chief said nothing, only raised his head and looked at the distant Shamask.

Shamask also had a stunned expression on his face. He had never expected this old man to be so powerful that even an arrow fired by a Brigadier General like him wouldn't be able to injure a single hair.


The Wushang Village Chief sighed as he extended a finger from out of his sleeve and lightly flicked.

Pop! A moment later, a halberd sticking up from the corpses of a few Arab horsemen nearby suddenly flew into the air, guided by some invisible energy to rapidly shoot toward Shamask.

"Not good!"

Just a moment ago, the Wushang Village Chief had raised a hand, and over the vast distance, Shamask had barely been able to see that his sleeve had shaken a little, but he had no idea what the Wushang Village Chief had actually done.

But now, Shamask felt an extreme danger that made his skull feel like it was going to explode.

With no time to think, Shamask threw himself backward and awkwardly rolled off his horse.


Just as Shamask rolled off his horse, a broken halberd swept over the back of his horse and stabbed into the army behind him.

Booooom! The halberd's impact created a massive explosion.

In the explosive shockwave, several dozen Arab cavalry didn't even have time to scream before they were blown to bits, even their armor and scimitars pulverized into powder.

Shamask instantly broke into a cold sweat. Even he could easily kill several dozen Arab cavalry with a single move, but pulverizing their armor and weapons was simply impossible.

If he hadn't reacted so quickly and rolled off his horse, he would probably be a corpse by now.


Just as Shamask was breathing a sigh of relief, he suddenly heard the dying scream of a horse.

Shamask turned in shock and was just in time to see the warhorse that had accompanied him for ten-some years drop to the ground.

As for the saddle… it had somehow disappeared. Shamask's face became ghastly pale.

While Shamask was reeling in shock, there was a flash of light in the distance.


Duwu Sili, using the Celestial Wolf's Divine Procession, was riding through the air, a storm in human form that charged toward the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner and the Wushang Village Chief.

He exuded a heroic aura, his black cape snapping in the wind and his sharp eyes making the weak-willed quail in fear.

"Little friend, please hold!"

As Duwu Sili charged forward, a white-haired figure holding a cane suddenly appeared in front of him.

No one knew how the Wushang Village Chief had appeared there. He had seemed to encounter no obstructions on his journey, and the many Arab cavalry who were now behind him were completely baffled.

The Celestial Wolf Great General Duwu Sili was famous amongst both the Western Turks and the people of the Central Plains, but in the mouth of the Wushang Village Chief, he was just a 'little friend'. But in terms of age, Duwu Sili truly was much younger than him.


Duwu Sili's black Turkic steed stopped in the air, its mane wildly blowing in the wind. Duwu Sili's own hair was also being blown about by the gale.

At the sight of the Wushang Village Chief, an unfathomable and wicked smile passed over Duwu Sili's face.

The Wushang Village Chief squinted, but just when he thought that Duwu Sili would unleash some powerful attack…

Boom! Before the Wushang Village Chief could react, Duwu Sili and his horse suddenly drew a massive arc through the air and began to charge back into the rear at lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.


Despite all that the Wushang Village Chief had experienced in his long life, even though he was at an age where he was barely moved by what went on around him, he was still left dumbfounded.

Duwu Sili had come with such a heroic air and the Wushang Village Chief had already been prepared to fight a major battle, but to his surprise, at the final moment, Duwu Sili had chosen to run.

"This… What is Duwu Sili doing?"

At this moment, let alone the Wushang Village Chief, even the deputy next to Dalun Ruozan was left befuddled.

Dalun Ruozan said nothing. His brow was also covered in a gloomy cloud.

"What Duwu Sili is doing is no longer important," Dalun Ruozan suddenly declared after a few moments of thought. "Whether he runs or fights, he's succeeded at his goal!"


The deputy froze in surprise.

In the distance, the Wushang Village Chief was still trying to determine what Duwu Sili had been scheming when a panicked shout suddenly rang out over the battlefield.

"Not good! It's the Governor of Cairo, Osman!"

The Wushang Village Chief's body shivered as he turned his head.