The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109: Danger The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the distance, a stalwart and muscular figure had suddenly appeared in front of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. This figure was so large and bulky that it was somewhat like a bear's, but this person had hidden his aura so well that no one had noticed as he traveled through the crowd. Only now did he choose to fiercely unleash his energy.

"Not good!"

In shock, the Wushang Village Chief immediately understood.

Duwu Sili had never been afraid to fight. Rather, he had been luring the tiger from the mountain. His goal had never been to fight with him, but to lure him away from the target.

Bzzz! The Wushang Village Chief turned around and immediately began to journey back.

It wasn't merely the Wushang Village Chief who had noticed what had happened. Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and Wang Yan had also seen what was happening.

But it was all too late.

Osman had begun to move even earlier than Duwu Sili. Right before Duwu Sili had entered the battlefield, the Governor of Cairo had surreptitiously vanished from underneath his black Nile war banner.

Duwu Sili had succeeded in drawing the attention of the Wushang Village Chief, allowing the furtive Osman to reach the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

"Hahaha, nothing but ants! Once I seize this banner, let me see how all of you can still fight back!"

Governor Osman rode upon a black Arabian steed, his beard trembling and his entire body bursting with energy. No matter how many tricks or ritual tools the Great Tang used the West would emerge victorious over the East! In the end, Arabia would carry the day!

"Stop him!"

"Don't let him get close!"

The reaction of the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, Roaring Tiger Army, and all the rest of the Tang elite armies to the sight of Osman appearing out of nowhere like some ghost was one of panicked roars and pale faces.

In a flash, the soldiers raised their swords and began to converge on Osman.

"General Wang, General Du, let's work together. We can't let him threaten the war banner!"

The unfathomable air of dread around Osman had Zhao Fengchen grimacing. Purely in terms of cultivation, this Great General had undoubtedly reached an extremely high level. He was even on par with the three Grand Marshals of the Imperial Army.

Zhao Fengchen instantly felt an unprecedented sense of danger.


Without hesitation, Zhao Fengchen gripped his Earth's Scar with both hands and used his most powerful technique.

"Lightning Fury!"

"Starving Wolf Devours the Moon!"

"White Tiger Holds the Heavens!"

At almost the same time, Wang Sili, Du Wuwei, and several other commanders abandoned their own opponents and lunged at Osman. Their various powerful techniques shot toward Osman like lightning bolts.


Surrounded by a sea of elite Tang soldiers as well as Zhao Fengchen, Wang Sili, and Du Wuwei, Osman only gave them a disdainful glance.

No matter how many of these foes there were, not even if they were the strongest Brigadier Generals, unless they had broken through that threshold, they would never be able to truly contend against an Imperial Great General.

A moment later, a massive storm of destruction erupted from his body.

"Crocodilian Calamity!"

In an explosion of light, Osman used one of his most powerful techniques. Instantly, light began to twist and a vast black torrent appeared where Osman was standing.

In the middle of this black flood, two sharp and savage eyes opened, and then a massive crocodile more than one hundred feet long awoke from its slumber.

The God of the Nile!

This was one of the most revered gods in Cairo and in all of Egypt. It was said that between the third and sixth month of every year, this god of the Nile would awaken and unleash a massive and calamitous flood that would deluge tens of thousands of fields and houses.

Osman's 'Crocodilian Calamity' was derived from the essence of this legend.

Once Osman used this technique, he would be like the raging waters of the Nile, endlessly crashing against his foes in wave after wave, each blow imbued with destructive power.

With this technique, Osman had succeeded in killing countless top-class experts of the Sassanid Dynasty. The unique energy of his attacks had pulverized the armor of his foes.


This one technique immediately caused a chorus of screams.

In the face of Osman's unstoppable flood of black energy, countless soldiers of the Tang elite armies were sent flying. Even with the power of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, even when empowered by nine halos, these soldiers were still unable to contend against a top-class Imperial Great General like Osman. Their attempts to attack and defend were simply laughable.

As for Zhao Fengchen, Wang Sili, and Du Wuwei, they were only able to hold for a few moments before they too were blown away by the mountain-toppling momentum of Osman's attack.

Plush! The three vomited blood in the air, their faces turning as white as paper.

With a single palm, Osman had succeeded in cracking their ribs.

"Everyone, hear my order! Charge with me!"

Osman's eyes flashed with cold light. After creating a gap in the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, he did not immediately chase after Zhao Fengchen, Du Wuwei, and Wang Sili, but instead gathered his men so that they could charge through the gap together.

The Arabs still had many elite soldiers gathered around the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, including the soldiers of the Revelation Army, Blood Beast Army, and Death Army. These armies were all available for Osman to mobilize. On this battlefield, the Arabs, Tibetans, and Western Turks still had the advantage in numbers.

Osman's mind immediately became extremely calm. The primary objective in this battle was not to kill and wound the Tang, but to destroy the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. Only by the destruction of the war banner would the Tang formation fall apart and cease to be a threat to the Arab soldiers.


The black and red banner was reflected in Osman's eyes. Without any hesitation, Osman shot through the gap toward the center of the formation, toward the motionless black-armored guard.

"Release!" Su Hanshan roared. He had sensed the danger from the front and ordered his ballista army to fire on the Governor of Cairo.

His expression was cold and his eyes were emotionless.

The situation on the battlefield was complex and constantly changing. More importantly, Osman had relied on his formidable strength to break into the center of the Nine Dragon Blood Formation. He was surrounded by Tang warriors, and using Tang ballistae at this distance might not just fail to wound Osman, but was also likely to kill Tang soldiers.

A normal person would never dare to use Tang ballistae at a time like this.

But Su Hanshan had not only used them, he had used them without hesitation.

"Seeking death!"

The howling ballista bolts approaching him caused Osman's eyes to turn cold and cruel. Rather than avoid these ballista bolts, Osman chose to charge right in and push through with sheer strength.

A steely energy exploded out of Osman's body, and even these Tang ballista bolts which could pierce through Stellar Energy were unexpectedly knocked aside.

Even Su Hanshan slightly grimaced when he saw Osman knock away all the ballista bolts. But it was too late for Su Hanshan to do anything else. Osman had succeeded in breaking through the layers of defense and was now just a few dozen feet from the black-armored guard.

For someone of Su Hanshan's cultivation to be able to launch a round of attacks and shave away at the strength of a Great General like this was quite excellent, but a second round of attacks was simply out of the question.

"Now, hand over the war banner and die for me!"

Now that he was finally in front of the black-armored guard, Osman coldly smiled at the banner holder like he was looking at prey waiting to be killed.


A black ball of light shot out from Osman's fingers, rapidly swelling to a hundred times its original size as it flew toward the black-armored guard.


Time seemed to stop for a moment as the Arab soldiers both near and far, and even Dalun Ruozan, Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, and Abu Muslim, all showed a hint of relief on their faces. Although there had been many twists and turns, they had finally achieved their objective.

Anyone so close to someone of Osman's cultivation was essentially doomed.

It was over!

As long as they could seize that banner, the Great Tang would be in no state to stop the combined attack of the Arab, Tibetan, and Western Turkic forces.

A single thought remained in Dalun Ruozan's mind as he stood beneath the white yak banner, the matter of Duwu Sili having been completely cast to the back of his mind. The course of this battle was about to be reversed. The moment Osman succeeded was the moment that the Great Tang was defeated.

As one side waned, the other would wax. While the Arabs, Western Turks, and Tibetans would rally, the morale of the Tang soldiers would plunge.

"Not good!"

"The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner is going to be destroyed!"

"Hurry and save General Li!"

The black-armored guard appeared insignificant in the face of Osman's mighty attack, a drop in the ocean, and all the Tang soldiers became stricken with fear and worry.

In an instant, countless soldiers heedlessly charged at Osman.