The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: Counterattack The Black Armored Guard

In the distance, Wang Chong had been preparing to engage in a fierce battle with Aybak, but at this moment, he suddenly turned around and began to charge toward the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and the Wushang Village Chief all did their utmost to try and stop Osman. But all their actions at this point were too late. No matter what they did, it would be of no help to the situation.

At this point, the atmosphere on the battlefield was maximally saturated with tension.

But just when it seemed like the black-armored guard was about to die to Osman's attack…

"Barbarian of the Western Regions, you overestimate your strength!"

Just when Osman believed that he had firmly grasped victory, a deep voice devoid of emotion resounded in his ear. The black-armored guard had been motionless this entire time.

But at this moment, he suddenly raised his head and stared at Osman.

Instantly, Osman felt an indescribable feeling. At Osman's level of cultivation, no one should have had enough time to raise their head when being attacked from such short range.

This is impossible! Osman mentally roared.

A moment later, he felt an intense danger.


At this moment, a palm shot forward in a flash of light.

This palm immediately shattered Osman's black torrent and thrust into his chest. This energy was so enormous that Osman felt like the entire world had lost its color. All living beings in the world appeared insignificant in front of this palm.


Time seemed to slow down to a crawl as Osman heard a crisp crack from his chest.

The 'Nile Battle Armor', which he had spent a great deal of effort and resources, as well as made countless promises, to finally obtain from a member of the imperial household, instantly splintered into pieces. This armor that even the three Great Generals of the Sassanid Dynasty had failed to break had been shattered by a single palm from this black-armored guard.


Osman's entire body trembled as he vomited blood. And then an unstoppable power as vast as the seas sent him flying outward and into the ground.

Boom! The ground seemed to be made of paper from how easily it cracked, sank, and exploded, sending large slabs of stone flying into the air from the force of Osman's impact. Before these slabs of stone could get very far, they exploded in the air once more into hundreds of thousands of tiny stones.

As the dust settled, everyone could clearly see the blood-drenched figure of Osman, surrounded by shattered pieces of his armor.

Plush! As Osman got off the ground, his body trembled again and he vomited more blood. His hard and determined face instantly became as white as a sheet of paper.



Everyone who saw this sight was shocked until they couldn't be shocked anymore. That black-armored guard in the center of the formation who hadn't seemed very strong had actually managed to heavily wound Osman with a single palm. Everyone felt like their world had been completely turned upside down.

"This is impossible!"

At this moment, no one was more stunned than Abu Muslim. His fingers were clenched so hard together that the bones were about to break.

As Osman's comrade-in-arms, Abu Muslim had a keen understanding of his strength. He didn't even dare to believe that Osman had been heavily injured by a single palm.

Dalun Ruozan was just as stunned. His heart was a block of ice, and it felt like he had been the one that had been sent flying, not Osman.

"An Imperial Great General! They actually sent an Imperial Great General to serve as the banner holder for the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!"

Dalun Ruozan's lips trembled, his mind in complete disorder.

Qutaybah had fought against the mysterious old man, Abu Muslim had lured away Gao Xianzhi, Ziyad had lured away Cheng Qianli, Huoshu Huicang had lured away Wang Yan… In the end, Governor Osman went alone to slay the banner holder and break the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner. Everything had gone according to Dalun Ruozan's plan.

But he had never expected the black-armored guard holding the banner to be a variable on his own. This unremarkable banner holder had turned out to be even stronger than the Governor of Cairo.

Deathly stillness! At this moment, the entire battlefield had fallen silent!

Everyone had been left speechless by their shock. Even Wang Chong was dumbstruck, let alone anyone else.

"Hand over your life!"

A voice broke the silence.

The only one who wasn't shocked by this result was probably the black-armored guard himself.

Boom! The guard stepped forward, his eyes locked onto Osman. But before the black-armored guard could strike, boom! Osman's body swelled with bloody light. The black-armored guard squinted as he prepared to receive Osman's counterattack, but things turned out very differently from what he had expected.

"Just who are you? Go!"

The first sentence was a question for the black-armored guard, but when he said the word 'Go', Osman immediately transformed into a bloody streak of light and fled like a stray dog.

"Hmph! Blood Escape!"

A cold light flitted through the black-armored guard's eyes, but this time, he stepped back, showing no intent of pursuing Osman.

This world was host to many secret arts that could stimulate one's potential and give one a large boost in strength for a short period of time, with the Blood Escape of the martial arts world being one of them. Osman definitely hadn't used the Blood Escape Art, but there was no doubt that they achieved the same thing.

"I'll let you go for now, but in the coming battles, will you be able to step forward?"

The black-armored guard's eyes gleamed as he drew back his gaze from Osman. He resumed his position, standing motionless in the center of the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, appearing entirely unaffected by the events just now.

To the holder of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, the most important duty was to hold the banner, not kill the enemy.

The banner would be with the men, and it would only fall when he died!

This was the conviction and law that each generation of the black-armored guards had cleaved to.

As Osman fled, the entire battlefield seemed to awaken. All the Tang soldiers immediately exploded with cheers.


"Kill these Arabs!"

"Charge! Kill them all!"

No one had expected the banner holder to have such profound strength, or the Great Tang to be hiding another Imperial Great General, one that was even stronger than Osman.

The Tang morale immediately soared to the heavens as countless Tang soldiers joined the twenty thousand Tang elites in charging at the Arabs.




At the same time, Su Hanshan was also revitalized and began to issue a string of orders.

The five thousand ballistae joined the Nine Dragon Blood Formation in charging at the Arabs, Western Turks, and Tibetans. More and more soldiers poured out of the first defense line and entered the intense battlefield.

This time, the Great Tang was no longer just holding its defensive positions. The entire army came to life like a massive machine and began a full-out offensive against the Arabs.

Swooshswooshswoosh! Bolts filled the sky, piercing through the Arabs and drenching the earth with their blood. Shocked and panicked, the Arabs were quickly felled and their corpses began to pile up.


None was more lethal on this battlefield than the Nine Dragon Blood Formation.

Clangclangclang! The Tongluo Great Halo, Xuanwu Halo, Dragon Stallion Halo, Divine Prison Halo, Divine Martial Halo, Iron Wall Halo, Azure Martial Halo… nine top-class war halos, dazzling and brilliant, boosted the power of the twenty thousand Tang elites.

At this moment, this army was the strongest in the continent, in the world.

Not even the most powerful army on the Arab side, the Revelation Army, was any match for them.

"Go! Hurry!"

This time, the Arabs were truly in a complete rout. The damage Osman's heavy injury had done to Arab morale was simply unimaginable.

All of them had originally believed that they still had the upper hand when it came to the number of Great Generals, but now, all their advantages had been lost. The Great Tang had an equal number of Great Generals to the three empires.

Although the Arabs, Tibetans, and Western Turks still had more soldiers, their army had lost the will to fight. All the Arab soldiers were fleeing from that ancient black and red banner.

"Retreat! Retreat! Everyone, retreat!" Abu Muslim roared. His furious, unwilling, but also helpless voice rang out over the battlefield.

In the air, Abu Muslim and his Eye of the Demon God gauntlet were far from finished with their battle against Gao Xianzhi. Although Gao Xianzhi's strength had swelled, he was still not at the level where he could defeat Abu Muslim. But even though the battle between Great Generals had still not been decided, Abu Muslim was compelled to order a retreat.


A horn instantly began to blow from the rear of the Arab army, but when compared to the loud and energetic signal to attack, this one was fraught with panic.


Dust billowed into the air as the army began to retreat even faster.

The other areas of the battlefield were also affected. Ziyad, Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Dusong Mangpoje all began to draw back, no longer in the mood to fight.

In this battle, the Great Tang's greatest weakness was the Nine Dragon Blood Formation. If the banner that held down the formation could be destroyed, the Tang army would fall apart on its own. But when that black-armored guard attacked, this weakness immediately disappeared.

The greatest gap in the Great Tang's defense was thus filled, and it was now Arabia that was on the back foot, as with Osman severely wounded, the three empires had lost a Great General.