The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: The World Of Energy

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In a rush of wind, endless light surged in from around Wang Chong. This was the first time Wang Chong had ever touched upon such an exquisite realm. He saw countless points of light of various colors that filled every part of the sky.

Is this the world's energy? Wang Chong inwardly muttered to himself as he looked around.


A familiar voice came out of the void, his master's voice.

"The world contains tens of thousands of different kinds of energy. The Stellar Energy we cultivate is one kind, or perhaps you could say it is several kinds. If techniques are different and energies are different, then the character will naturally be different as well. We draw this worldly energy into our bodies so that we can use it. This is what happens in the cultivation of the martial path."

"Many thanks, Master, for your instruction. Your disciple understands!"

Wang Chong instantly understood.

With a soul that had lived through different worlds, Wang Chong was more intuitively aware of these principles than the Demonic Emperor Old Man. The Demonic Emperor Old Man only had to point them out for Wang Chong to immediately understand.

"Haha, Chong-er, you truly do have incredible comprehension abilities. Your master and the Village Chief had to spend a very long time to finally understand this principle. I originally believed that you would also need a very long time. I didn't think that you would understand the moment it was pointed out."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man had a gratified look on his face. The student had surpassed the master, and with such an outstanding disciple with so much potential, what regrets could he possibly have?

"Chong-er, sense carefully. What do you sense? The different colors represent different characters, and even different colors have a difference in levels. Some of them are just trickling streams while others are vigorous rivers. As martial artists, what we need to do is absorb these mighty rivers of energy to constantly strengthen ourselves.

"Thus, if you do this, even if your cultivation level has not risen, your strength will still undergo a quintessential transformation, and you will be able to display a fighting power above your cultivation level. When you have reached this level, what does it matter that you are not a Great General yet?"


The Demonic Emperor Old Man's words caused another shift in Wang Chong's eyes. The entire world instantly became much richer, the colors more dazzling. Every point in the world contained a differently colored ball of energy. As Wang Chong focused his senses, this world became much more distinct, as if he was looking at it through a magnifying glass.

Wang Chong understood now that his master was using his powerful cultivation to directly send his view of the world into Wang Chong's eyes. At this moment, their minds were linked, so Wang Chong could naturally see whatever the Demonic Emperor Old Man could see.

Wang Chong had experienced this kind of thing before, so he cherished this opportunity even more. He immediately opened his mind and threw himself into this world of energy.

In the world of consciousness and energy, the body did not exist, nor did any other solid object.

As Wang Chong vigorously expanded his mind, he understood more and more. These balls of energy could be found all over this world, and when he sensed carefully, he noticed that some of these brightly-colored balls were as fiercely explosive as fire, others like gentle streams of water. Some were as cold as frost while others were as warm as the sun…

One kind, two, three, four kinds… as Wang Chong explored, he came into contact with more and more different kinds of energy—one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand! The more Wang Chong sensed and felt this world's energy, the more he realized that it wasn't something as simple as Origin Energy and Stellar Energy. These were just generalized names, with the actual mixture of energies martial artists used to cultivate being far more complicated.

When Wang Chong saw a red ball of energy, he abruptly had an idea that was nigh irrepressible. A moment later, Wang Chong sent a strand of his mind into this ball. Bzzz! It was like he had stepped from one world into another.

A whole new sight unveiled itself before Wang Chong's eyes. This red ball was absolutely packed with countless dust-like particles.

"Chong-er, you have now seen the secrets of energy. Those tiny things you see, the Village Chief and I call seeds. All energy is made of tens of thousands of these seeds. This is the secret of this world," the Demonic Emperor Old Man said. His mind was linked to Wang Chong's, so he knew every action he undertook.

In this world, there truly were some people with an incredible ability to comprehend and understand, able to deduce many things from one case and understand through analogy. With even the most abstruse principles, one would only need to explain a little for them to completely understand. There was no question that Wang Chong was this kind of martial arts genius.

Alas, if only I had met this child a little earlier! the Demonic Emperor Old Man somewhat regretfully thought.

If he had met someone as perceptive as Wang Chong earlier and begun to carefully instruct him, perhaps Wang Chong would have already far surpassed him and already entered the Subtle realm.

At this moment, Wang Chong had no idea what his master was thinking.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's words caused Wang Chong's mind to buzz and surge. Wang Chong knew these things only because his earliest life had been in a modern world. Thus, he knew all these things the Demonic Emperor Old Man spoke of like the back of his hand. But for his master to be able to grasp the truth of the world through the avenue of martial arts was truly incredible.

All was quiet as Wang Chong explored this unknown world like a thirsty sponge. Even though Wang Chong already understood what the Demonic Emperor Old Man meant by 'energy' and 'seeds', knowing was completely different from actually sensing these things. Wang Chong had never imagined that these things would be directly visible, and this sort of sensual experience was also of great aid to Wang Chong.

With every second that passed, Wang Chong developed a greater understanding of the origin of martial arts. This understanding might not have been able to increase his cultivation level, but just as the Demonic Emperor Old Man said, by understanding the origin of energy, Wang Chong could comb through all he had learned and obtain an even greater fighting power. He could display the strength of a higher realm even without being in it.

As time slowly passed, Wang Chong continued to increase his understanding of the origin of energy. Suddenly, he once more heard his master's voice.

"Chong-er, as expected, you did not disappoint your master, so quickly comprehending these principles. Now, your master will teach you the final and most important thing: the Subtle!"


Wang Chong's mind trembled at these words, and he became so focused that he even stopped breathing. He was well aware that every word his master said next would be extremely important.

The Subtle realm!

Even when he had been the War Saint, he had never touched upon the Subtle realm. The entire world, including Wang Chong, knew the peak of the Saint Martial realm to be Imperial Great General, and above the Imperial Great General level was the Divine Martial realm. With regards to the Divine Martial realm, Wang Chong had no idea where to start. Not even when he had applied all his strength had he been able to cross that threshold.

Wang Chong had remained stuck at the Great General level, unable to advance, and there were countless others in the world in this situation: Gao Xianzhi, Duwu Sili, An Sishun, Geshu Han… this list went on and on. In this entire world, the only person who had actually managed to touch the Divine Martial realm and almost successfully reach it was the renowned and revered sovereign known as the Sage Emperor.

Wang Chong had always believed that this was a matter of talent, that to reach an even higher realm, one had to be as peerlessly talented as the Sage Emperor. However, it now appeared that this was far from the case. Although the Divine Martial realm appeared as out of reach as the sun or moon, there was a set of stairs that spanned the skies. The 'Subtle realm' was undoubtedly the first step on the path to the other side.

Wang Chong couldn't help but feel a little passionate and excited. Wang Chong originally believed that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was about to expound on some extremely profound principle, but it was actually far simpler than what Wang Chong had imagined.

"Chong-er, raise your head and look up."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice rang in his ear. Wang Chong subconsciously looked up, and his entire body shivered. What he saw over his head was an image that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Through the many balls of energy, at the very top of this dimension, the deepest depths, Wang Chong saw dazzling balls of golden light, blazing suns, each of them far more powerful than the other balls of energy. Wang Chong could sense that these balls seemed to be packed with burning lava-like energy.

This energy was unimaginably dense, and when Wang Chong looked up, he couldn't help but feel like he was being burned by the sun. All the energy in this dimension, when placed in front of those golden, scarlet golden, and violet golden balls of energy, appeared like fireflies in front of the bright moon.

"This is…"

Wang Chong was stunned as thousands of thoughts hurtled through his mind. He felt like he had understood something, but he couldn't determine what it was.

"Do you see it? Behind those balls of energy is the Subtle world. In fact, there are countless dimensions that exist in this world, but because we martial artists have too little strength, too weak minds, we can't perceive them. All of us martial artists, including Great Generals, are actually absorbing the most ordinary kind of energy, but once we cultivate to the Subtle realm, things are entirely different. We can absorb that higher-level energy in the depths of this dimension, which is what you are seeing now.

"That Arab can be so powerful undoubtedly because he has absorbed some of the Subtle realm's energy. This is the case for your master and the Village Chief as well, but in the end, this is not the true Subtle realm. Thus, in tomorrow's battle, even though the Village Chief and I cannot fight for long, we can still think of a way to defeat that Arab."