The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119: The End Of Duwu Sili I
Chapter 1119: The End of Duwu Sili! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

At the start, the Tang had all believed that even the strongest Great General would not be able to oppose so many Tang soldiers, but the situation had changed. Thirty thousand elite soldiers and twenty-five thousand bandits turned into ballista soldiers were simply incapable of stopping eight Great Generals.

Wang Yan saw the direction the six massive banners were moving and burst out, "Their objective is the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner! We should move out as well!"

"Leave Qutaybah to me!" the black-robed Demonic Emperor Old Man said.

"I will take Abu Muslim!" Gao Xianzhi immediately followed.

"Then I will deal with Ziyad!" Cheng Qianli narrowed his eyes.

"Give Duwu Sili and Aybak to me!" Wang Chong said a few moments later.

These words left everyone slightly startled.

Other than with individuals on Qutaybah's level, there actually wasn't a very large gap between Great Generals, but for Wang Chong to take on two of them at once was simply absurd.

But a moment later, everyone calmed back down and did not object.

The short meeting soon came to an end and each person went to deal with their respective opponent.


"Dusong Mangpoje, do you remember our plan? This time, no mistake can be permitted! We must strictly stick to the plan!"

In the rear of the army, Dalun Ruozan gazed at the churning clouds of dust and the six enormous banners as he spoke. His eyes were narrowed and his expression extremely grave.


Dusong Mangpoje gave a slight nod, his voice very soft. He knew what Dalun Ruozan was talking about. In the previous melee of Great Generals, Dalun Ruozan had sent him to deal with Wang Chong, but when Aybak stepped forward to hold down Wang Chong, Dusong Mangpoje hadn't gone searching for other commanders, but become impatient and begun to head toward the area where Qutaybah and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were fighting.

It was precisely this that had caused the army to ultimately be defeated.

If Dusong Mangpoje and Osman had worked together to deal with the black-armored guard, things might have turned out differently.

"Be at ease! There will be no mistake this time!" Dusong Mangpoje gravely said.

"No matter what, I will take vengeance, not just for myself, but for Dayan Mangban as well…"

Dusong Mangpoje muttered these last words so softly that he was the only one who could hear them.


Dusong Mangpoje urged his horse into a gallop, vanishing with a trail of dust into the army.

This time, we truly must finish the task in a single stroke. Whether or not we can defeat the Great Tang and emerge victorious in Talas depends on how they perform! Dalun Ruozan said to himself, watching Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and the others from the rear.

The game had been started, the pieces played, the strategies made. In this war between the Great Tang and Arabia, only one would survive. There would be no further wars. One living would mean the death of another.


As the two armies neared, giant, extremely intimidating figures began to rise from the earth. Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, and Wang Chong had used their renowned God Formations. The Mighty Miracle God, Supreme Desolation God, and Godking Yama rapidly appeared.

Twenty thousand feet, ten thousand feet, five thousand feet! As the distance shrank, the pressure increased, and the stench of war was so thick and cloying that it made one's skull feel numb.


When both sides were just five thousand feet from each other, a golden beam of Sword Qi swept through the gloomy skies, opening the curtain to this battle.

Hwoooom! Origin Energy swept in from all around, transforming into a massive blue palm that stopped Qutaybah's thunderbolt of a blow. Without the slightest hesitation, the Demonic Emperor Old Man flew through the air to do battle with Qutaybah.

At almost the same time, Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli met with their opponents, but there was someone who was moving much faster than the rest.

"Duwu Sili, I trust you've been well! To what level have you cultivated my formation phenomena?"

Wang Chong stomped forward, contemptuously staring at the floating Duwu Sili.

"Foul brat, don't be so smug that you forget the situation. Once I twist your head off and press it into the dirt, you'll understand how to speak in front of me."

Duwu Sili rode his black and glossy steed like a dragon through the air, his black cape flapping in the wind while his eyes exuded chilling killing intent.

"Haha, everyone knows that Duwu Sili is as shrewd as a fox and as timid as a mouse. Just hope that you're a bit braver this time and won't run so quickly or so far!"

Wang Chong laughed.


Duwu Sili was immediately enraged by these words. Wang Chong was jeering over how he had decided to flee rather than fight with the Wushang Village Chief.

"If you like to speak so much nonsense, I'll just tear off your mouth. In addition, I will now tell you what true formation phenomena are like!"

Duwu Sili's eyes instantly became sharp and fierce.

Soldiers were trained for a thousand days to be used in a single moment. Although Duwu Sili's formation phenomena had come from Wang Chong, and the formation phenomena his soldiers used had been easily broken by Wang Chong's forces, Duwu Sili had still obtained a great deal from the formation phenomena.

He had fused all his life experiences with these formation phenomena to rise to a higher level, surpassing the version Wang Chong had given him. This was one of the reasons Duwu Sili did not fear challenging Wang Chong.


An enormous energy erupted from Duwu Sili, stabbing like a sword into the sky. A moment later, arcs of lightning began to flow out of the Western Turkic cavalry and into Duwu Sili's dantian.

Duwu Sili, who was already a peak Great General, began to rise to an even more astonishing level.

Thunder pealed as clouds gathered overhead. In the blink of an eye, a thunderstorm had taken shape.

Countless tiny arcs of lightning shuttled across the thunderclouds, and the thunderclouds resonated with the energy in Duwu Sili's body as if they were one.

"This bastard truly is impressive!"

Even Wang Chong couldn't help but give a few words of praise.

The version of formation phenomena that Wang Chong had given Duwu Sili could only be used by cavalry and in a large-scale formation, but Duwu Sili had succeeding in modifying this formation. As a single person, he was able to produce the same result as a God Formation, using the formation phenomena to draw energy from his soldiers and strengthen himself. This was definitely not a feature in the original version he had been given.

"But no matter how smart you are, your end was decided long ago!"

Wang Chong blinked, and his eyes immediately became sharp and vicious.

"Everything has a price. Bastard thing, die for your hubris!"

Duwu Sili floated in the air, his expression savage as countless arcs of electricity gathered in his hand in a massive ball of lightning. Duwu Sili placed both of his hands on his spear, infusing it with the lightning, and then he charged toward Wang Chong like a lightning bolt, wrapped in a whirlwind.


Wang Chong sneered at this sight, his vajra pestle stirring a storm of its own as it swept forward to meet Duwu Sili.

Duwu Sili's lightning spear and Wang Chong's vajra pestle collided. Boom! Wang Chong's vajra pestle of Stellar Energy shattered at the handle while the enormous figure wielding it swayed and tottered backward.

Duwu Sili grimly smiled at this sight. His more than a month of effort had not been in vain. Wang Chong's formation phenomena had pushed Duwu Sili to an even higher level. He could now completely suppress this foul and immature boy.

But just when Duwu Sili was prepared to continue his attack, a boundless energy entered Duwu Sili's body from an unexpected place.

Duwu Sili was so powerful that he could even stop a falling mountain, but this explosion of energy tore through Duwu Sili's Stellar Energy like it was made of paper and rushed into his body to strike at his vitals.


There was a terrible scream as a frightening fountain of blood exploded from Duwu Sili's body, a dreadful sound that gave everyone a scare. Boom! Duwu Sili's body plunged like a cannonball to the ground, creating a massive pit in the ground and sending debris flying in every direction.

Duwu Sili's helmet was sent more than one hundred feet away, causing his hair to scatter.


Everyone was stunned by this sight. Ziyad, Huoshu Huicang, Dusong Mangpoje, and even Aybak were all startled and perturbed.

Although Duwu Sili hadn't stepped onto the field many times, no one doubted his incredible strength, that he was someone who was not very far from Abu Muslim's level. No one had expected Wang Chong to so heavily wound him with just a single strike.