The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: The End Of Duwu Sili Ii
Chapter 1120: The End of Duwu Sili! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Every Great General was incredibly strong and the battles between them would never be able to be concluded early. Not even Abu Muslim or Osman at his peak would be able to severely injure an existence like Duwu Sili in a single move.

This had all happened too abruptly!

"This is impossible!"

In the rear of the Arab army, Dalun Ruozan's face was devoid of blood, his lips trembling.

Duwu Sili was a crafty old fox who was cautious and paranoid. Even when he was sent to deal with the Wushang Village Chief, he had decided to feign an attack and then run. One could say that he was the person in the best condition on this battlefield.

But this Duwu Sili had been beaten into such a wretched state by Wang Chong as soon as he stepped onto the battlefield.

Dalun Ruozan's first reaction was to suspect that Duwu Sili was pretending, acting out a part. But Dalun Ruozan quickly realized that all of this was authentic, that Duwu Sili truly had been severely injured by Wang Chong.

His weak and disorderly aura could not be feigned, nor could the blood splattered across his body. If all this was an act, then it was an overplayed one.


Regardless of what others were thinking, the moment Duwu Sili hit the ground, Wang Chong immediately pursued, smashing like a meteor at Duwu Sili.

Rumble! The earth rumbled as shockwaves of energy stirred up a massive storm, but Wang Chong's lethal strike missed. Duwu Sili vanished from where he had fallen, and then reappeared several dozen feet away in a bloody flash of light as he fled at incredible speed.

"Impossible! This can't be! No one can break my formation phenomena!

"Go! Everyone, follow me!"

Duwu Sili was like a panicked stray dog, his voice awash with fear. Wang Chong's palm had completely shattered his courage. He simply couldn't understand how Wang Chong had been so easily able to break through the techniques of someone with as powerful cultivation as his, and his confusion and ignorance filled his heart with terror. He had lost any resolve to fight a decisive battle with Wang Chong.

As Duwu Sili's voice rang out through the air, the remaining Western Turkic soldiers, including Shamask and Chekun Benba, immediately fell into chaos.

Now that their commander had fled, the Western Turks had no morale to speak of. All of them began to madly scatter, panicked, confused, and infused with a deep dread. The fear in Duwu Sili's voice had spread through them like a plague.

Gallop! A moment later, the army fell into turmoil as the Western Turkic soldiers cast everything else aside and began to run. Wang Chong was taken aback by this sight, but he did not pursue.

Alas, I prepared for so long, but I still fell short of success. It seems like this really isn't the time for his life to end!

The version of formation phenomena Wang Chong had given Duwu Sili possessed an enormous flaw. The more one cultivated it, the larger this flaw would be, and given the cultivation level Duwu Sili had displayed, it was clear that this problem was now extremely severe. But it was also clear that he hadn't noticed it yet.

The Shangyang Point! As long as one attacked Duwu Sili at this acupuncture point, then no matter how high Duwu Sili's cultivation level was, the attack would annihilate all his defenses and assault his vitals and his core, as could be seen just moments ago.

Regardless, with Duwu Sili fleeing and withdrawing from the battlefield, bringing his Celestial Wolf Cavalry and all the other Western Turkic cavalry with him, the goal has been achieved.

At this thought, Wang Chong immediately lunged at Aybak.

"Come, Aybak! Let's continue our unfinished battle!"

Wang Chong shot forward like a dragon, his body teeming with Stellar Energy.

"Great Distortion Art!"

Light condensed around Wang Chong's shoulders into the gold and red illusions of the sun and moon. Instantly, space began to blur, an enormous energy twisting everything in its path as it rumbled toward Aybak.

Now that Wang Chong had comprehended the Dao of Energy, the same Great Distortion Art had a completely different level of strength. This vast energy tore countless black crevices in space, and the technique possessed such mighty attractive force that it pulled all the nearby Arab cavalry toward it.

Neeeeigh! Even before their warhorses got close, their bodies cracked and groaned, man and horse being crumpled into bleeding balls of flesh and metal that dropped to the ground.

"Impossible! How did he suddenly get so much stronger!"

Aybak was greatly alarmed by this sight.

But there was no time to think. Raaaa! An enormous Pharaoh Halo appeared behind Aybak as he charged at Wang Chong's Great Distortion Art.


There was a massive boom as these two enormous energies collided like comets in the air. Fierce winds scoured the earth as Wang Chong swayed and took one step back, but Aybak staggered back three or four steps. His throat tightened as he sensed blood surging up, but he managed to swallow it back down.

"This is impossible!"

Aybak's mind was in turmoil, his face ghastly pale. Wang Chong had already dispelled his God Formation, but even without his formation, he was still exhibiting the power of a Great General, and he wasn't even using a ritual tool such as the Ocean Ring. This was simply inconceivable.

In a single night, a single person had somehow managed to become this powerful!

Wang Chong looked at Aybak and spoke entirely in Arabic. "Aybak, that was then and this is now. Let us now decide who is the superior!"

Boom! Wang Chong's body once more transformed into the mighty Godking Yama, its vajra pestle swinging through the air at Aybak. But this time, endless Origin Energy surged in from all around to fuse with Wang Chong's attack.

Bolstered by this boundless energy, the vajra pestle became twenty percent more powerful, perhaps even fifty percent. This was the result of Wang Chong's understanding of the origin of energy.


There was another massive explosion. This strike forced Aybak several dozen feet back before he was finally able to stabilize himself.

As Wang Chong battled with Aybak, the Demonic Emperor Old Man battled with Qutaybah, and Gao Xianzhi with Abu Muslim, all the others fighting with their respective opponents… A few moments later, the forces of the two sides clashed in two mighty waves and began to battle.


Fierce shouts and cries resounded through the heavens as nearly one hundred thousand Arab soldiers crashed into the steel defense line.

"Release!" Su Hanshan calmly and coldly ordered.

Whoosh! The ballista bolts were instantly loosed into the Arab ranks, but this time, five thousand ballistae did not fire as one, only one thousand.

The Great Tang didn't have many ballista bolts left, so in order to maximize the intimidating power of the ballista army, Su Hanshan had organized his five thousand ballistae into five rows of one thousand. For each volley, only one thousand ballistae would fire. Although this significantly decreased their lethality, it maximized the power of the seven thousand remaining ballista bolts.

Plushplushplush! Sharp bolts pierced through flesh, cutting down row after row of Arabs. In just a single volley, five to six thousand cavalry were felled, their blood gushing onto the battlefield.

Su Hanshan's ballista army wasn't the only force under attack. The elite Tang armies that had gathered around the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner were also under assault.

But unlike the ballista army, these elite armies chose to proactively attack the sea of Arab soldiers.


With a loud and crisp order, the soldiers of the Divine Prison Army raised their swords and marched past the steel walls. Swoosh! Their swords cut through the air, and then blood spurted and horses neighed. The charging Arab cavalry seemed to be made of paper, given how swiftly the sharp swords of the Divine Prison Army dispatched them.

The Divine Martial Army, Dragon Stallion Army, Roaring Tiger Army, and all the other armies followed, confidently and determinedly marching into the Arab ranks.

Clangclangclang! Halos resonated as the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner made the auras of these soldiers rapidly swell. The finest infantry of the Great Tang immediately became the most terrifying killing machines in the world. No matter how many soldiers tried, nothing could stop their advance.


"Kill them!"

"We can't beat them! Run!"

Screams filled the air as the army fell into chaos. The formation created by the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner made all the Arab soldiers feel like they were ants trying to shake a tree, grasshoppers trying to stop a carriage.

The resolve that had filled the hearts of the Arab soldiers instantly transformed into terror. Under the simple swings of the Tang swords, wave after wave of their men were cut down like weeds.

The Arabs, Tibetans, and Western Turks seemed about to reenact the major defeat of their last battle, but suddenly…



Several explosions rang out in succession, and the soldiers began to scream.