The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Fierce Battle Of Great Generals

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


There was a massive boom as Wang Chong and Wang Yan went flying off in separate directions.

Crash! Wang Chong landed around one hundred feet away, causing debris to spray everywhere like sharp knives as the ground collapsed into an enormous pit.

On the other side, Wang Yan also struck the ground. Thumpthumpthump! He staggered back several steps, his face extremely pale.


Wang Yan gave a heart-wrenching cry as he stared at where Wang Chong had fallen, his voice hoarse and scratchy.

"Wang Chong!"

In the distance, Cheng Qianli trembled at what he had seen, his face instantly paling.

The plans of their enemies had been intricately linked together. They had first 'crippled' him and Wang Yan, and then they had chosen to make Wang Chong's father the target of their attacks. They knew that Wang Yan's connection with Wang Chong would unsettle Wang Chong's mind and cause him to be gravely injured. The entire situation had been meticulously planned, and in just a few seconds, the Great Tang was in an awful state.

"Hmph, rather than worry about them, it's better that you think about your own safety first!"

An icy voice resounded in Cheng Qianli's ear, and suddenly, a massive metal ring the color of the ocean rushed toward him with a destructive momentum.


Cheng Qianli screamed as he was thrown into the sky and fell back to the earth.

With this one strike, Cheng Qianli was heavily injured. He no longer had the support of the formation, so Cheng Qianli was simply a peak Brigadier General that was incapable of contending against Ziyad.

But after this success, Ziyad did not press the attack, treating Cheng Qianli as if he had never seen him before.

A moment later, his body swayed as he shot toward the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.


"Protect the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!"

"Everyone, gather together and stop them!"

Tension was rife on the first defense line, as Ziyad's actions were loud and clear. While they had aimed at Wang Yan and Cheng Qianli at the start, it had all still been for the sake of attacking the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

The Great Tang had always been lacking in soldiers, and now Wang Yan and Cheng Qianli were injured. If the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner were destroyed, the Tang army at Talas would be completely lost.

"Kill them!"

As Ziyad charged over, Aybak, Huoshu Huicang (who had just shaken off the mental attack), and Dusong Mangpoje immediately began to charge at the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner as well.

Four Great Generals were attacking in unison. The air was saturated with tension.

Although the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner was powerful and was being guarded by the Great-General-level black-armored guard, the danger of the situation was several times greater than it had been with Osman.

Four Great Generals could not be underestimated. No one knew if the black-armored guard would be able to hold on, but if the banner were destroyed, the battlefield would usher in its greatest shift.


As if sensing the danger, the black-armored guard tightened his grip on the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, his expression turning grave.


There was a shrill roar like the wailing and weeping of thousands of ghosts. The first to strike was not Ziyad, but Wang Chong's original opponent, Aybak.

He did not make any attempt to further injure Wang Chong, instead rushing straight at the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.

In an explosion of light, a massive black skeleton emerged from the void and lunged at the nearby Divine Prison Army.

In front of Aybak's full-power attack, even a top-class army like the Divine Prison Army further bolstered by nine halos was insignificant.

Just when it seemed like the thousand-some Divine Prison Army soldiers were about to sustain heavy casualties…

Bzzzzz! A powerful bolt of white energy, as tough as steel and as sharp as a saber, suddenly shot out from an angle and shattered the black skeleton in a single blow. The rest of the energy continued onward, striking Aybak and forcing the renowned commander of the Mamelukes back several steps.

Aybak instantly grimaced.

"Blue-eyed boy! You're acting too impudently!"

The Wushang Village Chief's furious voice resounded in his ear. At this dangerous moment, the Wushang Village Chief had immediately acted. After forcing back Aybak, he immediately swung down his hand, condensing the surrounding energy into a massive blue hand that howled through the air.


Huoshu Huicang, who had been just about to reach the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, was bowled over by the Wushang Village Chief's palm. His massive Vairocana Buddha had been as dense and tough as steel, but the Wushang Village Chief's palm had immediately covered it in cracks.

Alarmed, Huoshu Huicang swiftly fell back, not daring to keep up the assault.

In just one clash, the Wushang Village Chief had injured one Great General and forced back another.

But even though both had been injured, they had succeeded in holding down the Wushang Village Chief.


As Aybak and Huoshu Huicang were being forced back, Ziyad hastened his advance.

There would only be one chance, and it would only be for a few seconds. Dalun Ruozan had calculated this last night and explained it to all of them very clearly. Arabia could not lose, least of all to these infidels.

"Die for me!"

Ziyad's expression turned savage as the blue metal ring over his head began to rapidly tremble and spin, and he attacked the Roaring Tiger Army in front of him.

The Ocean Ring!

Ziyad threw out this ancient Arabian artifact, which immediately threw the air into turmoil as it howled with all the sound and fury of a tsunami.

Wherever the Ocean Ring passed, giant blue 'waves' more than one hundred feet high appeared and surged toward the Roaring Tiger Army and Dragon Stallion Army.

Such was the power of the Ocean Ring that even before it impacted, all the top-class soldiers felt an oppressive air and began to retreat in alarm.


"Everyone, gather together and deal with it together!"

Everyone turned nervous at the sight of this massive howling ring. Even though they had been invincible on the battlefield, even defeating the Arab Revelation Army, Ziyad's artifact still made them feel extremely helpless.

Just when the Ocean Ring was about to impact with the Great Tang's top-class armies and wreak terrible havoc…


A massive attractive force came from an angle, causing the unstoppable Ocean Ring to suddenly veer off course and miss the ranks of the Roaring Tiger Army.

"Aaaah!" In a chain of explosions and a chorus of screams, countless Arab cavalry were pulverized, their limbs and blood showering the earth.


This abrupt scene left Ziyad stunned. But his heart soon began to blaze with the fire of anger.

Ziyad turned to where the attractive force had come from and immediately spotted that young and familiar figure.


Before Ziyad could react, the blood-drenched Wang Chong was hurtling through the air at him. In a flash of light, Wang Chong collided with the momentarily shocked Ziyad and sent him flying off at an angle.

"Damn it!"

Ziyad cursed, but before he could even do anything, an attractive force began to pull his energy into Wang Chong's body. Ziyad's face flickered, and then he focused his mind and began to counteract the attractive force.

With the protection of the Karmic Battle Armor, Wang Chong was not as badly wounded as he had seemed. Even Qutaybah's attack had failed to kill him, much less an attack from Dusong Mangpoje.

On the contrary, ever since Wang Chong had comprehended the origin of energy, he had combined its principles with all his techniques, making each one of them much stronger.

Ziyad was an Arab Great General and the Deputy Governor of the East, and his energy was extremely firm and condensed, but not even he was able to stop the devouring of Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.


Through the energy obtained from Ziyad, Wang Chong's injuries quickly recovered, and his strength began to climb once more.

"Ziyad, come!"

Boom! Wang Chong savagely punched at Ziyad and the two swiftly began to battle.

Without Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, or Ziyad, only Dusong Mangpoje was left to attack. Boom! Dusong Mangpoje suddenly punched out, sending a surging Stellar Energy shooting forward, not at the black-armored guard, but at the Tongluo Cavalry and Xuanwu Army on the very outer edge of the formation.

"Aaaaah!" Hundreds of Tongluo Cavalry and Xuanwu Army soldiers were blown into the air, the halos on their bodies flickering like candles in the wind before extinguishing. Not even soldiers as strong as the Tongluo Cavalry were any match for Dusong Mangpoje.


Underneath the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, the black-armored guard's eyes turned cold. With Osman's example on his mind, Dusong Mangpoje had clearly changed his plan. He planned to exterminate the elite soldiers on the very edge of the formation, using this indirect method to destroy the Great Tang's most powerful formation.