The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: Unprecedented Crisis

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

Without any time to think, the Wushang Village Chief paled as he shot into the air, the white cane in his hand raising up to strike the dazzling golden Sword Qi.

"Dragons Without a Leader!"

Whoosh! A mighty windstorm instantly roared to life as tens of thousands of dragons suddenly appeared in the air. All of these dragons had appeared around the Wushang Village Chief, circling around his white cane.


With a massive explosion, the dragons went from illusion to reality, surging together toward Qutaybah's massive beam of golden Sword Qi. The tens of thousands of dragons collided against the Sword Qi, each impact creating a metallic boom as if that intangible Sword Qi was actually made of steel.

Qutaybah's golden Sword Qi swiftly lost its luster under the impact of the dragons.

But a moment later, at the crucial moment in this clash between dragons and Sword Qi, the Wushang Village Chief suddenly shivered and he suddenly became incapable of sending any more Stellar Energy. Vomiting blood, he could no longer keep up the attack, and the dragons scattered, allowing the descending Sword Qi to knock him away.

"Village Chief!"

"Venerable Senior!"

Cries of alarm came from all around as everyone grimaced. Countless Wushang Cavalry went ghastly pale as they rushed to the Wushang Village Chief. But no matter how fast anyone could react, none of them could be faster than Qutaybah's Sword Qi.

Without the Wushang Village Chief to stop it, the remaining energy of that magnificent attack descended toward the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, Dragon Stallion Army, Roaring Tiger Army…

Even after it had been severely weakened by the Wushang Village Chief, this attack was still not something the elite Tang soldiers could stop.


But just when Qutaybah's attack was about to land, a large steely fist, black as ink and as large as a mountain, suddenly shot forward, scattering the remnants of the attack with a single punch. The black-armored guard stood in the fierce winds like a demonic god, his right hand holding the banner while his left fist slowly drew back. He stared at the distant Qutaybah, his eyes cold as ice.

Hwoooo! The gusts swept up the sand from the rear and caused the black and red Nine Dragon Blood War Banner to flap. The battle finally began to calm down, both sides slowing the pace of their assault.

"Village Chief!"

The Wushang Cavalry used this opportunity to rush over, with even Cui Piaoqi among them, all of them tightly encircling the Wushang Village Chief. The Wushang Village Chief had an extremely high status in the village. He had watched many of the Wushang Cavalry mature from children into adults and regarded their fathers as his nephews.

One could easily imagine how disordered their minds had become when the village chief had been injured.

"I'm fine. Don't panic!"

The Wushang Village Chief held a hand to his chest. His snow-white beard was speckled with blood and his dried-up lips were crimson, but his eyes were always looking outward as if facing down a mighty foe.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man had already been suppressed by that mysterious artifact, but Qutaybah was still here. They were now in an extremely disadvantageous position and were liable to be wiped out at any moment.

The black-armored guard and the village chief stood in a distant stand-off with Qutaybah, their eyes solemn.

The air was saturated with tension!

"Hmph! One of you has internal injuries while the other is relying on the strength of a war banner. None of you have truly touched upon that realm. The two of you are simply no match for me!"

Bang! The air resonated as Qutaybah stomped forward, his cape flapping in the wind and his eyes glowing with contempt.

With one strike, Qutaybah had wounded the Wushang Village Chief and drawn out the black-armored guard, but this had not even been his full strength. Without the Demonic Emperor Old Man to stop him, there was no one left on the battlefield that could fight him for a prolonged period of time.


The world quaked as Qutaybah suddenly took another step forward. His body swelled with vast golden light, making him appear like a god that had descended to the battlefield, inspiring dread and respect in all.

All the cavalry, infantry, and generals were like ants before this vast storm of energy.

Step by step, Qutaybah strode through the air, approaching the Great Tang's Nine Dragon Blood War Banner like a storm, the air seeming like solid ground beneath his feet. As Qutaybah got closer and closer, the Wushang Village Chief, the black-armored guard, Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Zhao Fengchen, Su Hanshan, and all the Tang soldiers felt a tremendous pressure.

This was what it truly meant to be strong!

This was the greatest threat to the Tang army!





As they saw Qutaybah proceed with an unstoppable momentum, the silent Arab soldiers began to cheer like madmen, their cries rising to the heavens. The Arabs had always been known for their courage and conquests, but they had encountered a true opponent this time.

All of them had initially believed that they had lost this war, little expecting after all the twists and turns that Arabia would emerge victorious, defeating these tenacious eastern foes.


The paused Arab army began to charge behind their Arab War God, all of them yelling and waving their scimitars as they surged like a tsunami toward the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner.



Now that Qutaybah had begun to move out, the momentary peace on the battlefield had come to an end and the fighting began once more. Boom! At the intersection of the two armies, soldiers were sent flying into the air and crashed back down to the ground.

"General Li, be careful!"

The Wushang Village Chief narrowed his eyes as he warily stared at Qutaybah.

Qutaybah's judgment of the Wushang Village Chief had been completely on the mark. The salt-eating practices of Wushang Village had caused all the villagers to suffer from an illness, and the Wushang Village Chief was no exception.

On the night of the lunar eclipse, Wang Chong's assistance had saved the village chief's life, but this illness had still not been expelled. It would not normally show itself, but at crucial moments, in clashes between elites, it would immediately become a lethal element.

Moreover, the Wushang Village Chief was already very old. In terms of strength and other aspects, he could no longer contend against Qutaybah, who was still in his prime.

But this was not the time and place to worry about such things. The Wushang Village Chief immediately began to gather the Stellar Energy in his body, prepared at any moment to battle with Qutaybah. On the other side, the black-armored guard gripped the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, solemnly waiting to do battle.

Experts had extremely sharp intuition. The black-armored guard was no weakling, and he was at least stronger than Osman, but there was still a gap between him and top-class experts like the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Qutaybah. However, this gap was not as large as one imagined.

"Kill them first!"

While Qutaybah was still thousands of feet away, the black-armored guard suddenly waved the banner. The sky instantly dimmed as a vast energy shot forward, not at Qutaybah, but at the closer Aybak.

At almost the same time, the Wushang Village Chief jabbed out with a finger. A milky-white bolt of energy streaked toward Huoshu Huicang like a comet.

The two of them had exchanged no words, but they seemed to share a mutual understanding in their actions. Dalun Ruozan's schemes had resulted in the Great Tang losing two Great Generals, so Aybak and Huoshu Huicang would continue to be significant variables on the battlefield. If the two of them wanted to deal with Qutaybah in peace, they first had to take care of Aybak and Huoshu Huicang.


But a moment later, the ground exploded. The attacks of the black-armored guard and the Wushang Village Chief had landed in the dense ranks of the Arab cavalry, sending blood and flesh flying.

Aybak and Huoshu Huicang had apparently predicted these attacks, and the pair had immediately begun to pull away from the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard.

"Hmph, a last-ditch struggle!" Aybak coldly jeered as he stared at the pair. The primary force in this war was not him or Huoshu Huicang, but Qutaybah. The two of them were just helpers.

And the two of them could naturally tell what the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard were thinking. Although they hadn't shown it on their faces, they had already prepared themselves for any attack. Even though the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard were both extremely powerful, it would be very difficult for them to kill Great Generals that were on their guard.

"Tibetan, be careful! These two people might attack us!" Aybak shouted at Huoshu Huicang in Arabic, not caring if he understood.

Nearby, Huoshu Huicang lowered his body and placed his right hand on his scimitar, his eyes brimming with wariness. Although the two didn't share a language, there were some things that didn't need an exchange of words to be understood.

If the black-armored guard and the Wushang Village Chief hoped to find an opportunity to reverse the course of the battle on the two of them, then they hoped in vain.

"There's no need to worry. That black-armored guard can't leave the formation!"

Huoshu Huicang stared hard at the black-armored guard as he spoke.

What had brought them success would also bring them defeat. The black-armored guard was powerful, but if he left the formation, the top-class Tang soldiers would be battered down by the attacks of the combined Arab and Tibetan army. The charges of the Revelation Army, Blood Beast Army, and Mamelukes would be certain to inflict gruesome casualties on the Tang.

Reality bore out Huoshu Huicang's conclusion. After sending out these probing assaults, the black-armored guard and Wushang Village Chief immediately stopped and placed their focus back on Qutaybah.

They would kill Aybak and Huoshu Huicang if they had the opportunity, but Qutaybah was still the highest priority.


Qutaybah had coldly watched this exchange, but he had shown no intention of interfering. After all, before supreme strength, these two were bound to be defeated.