The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126: The Stone Of Destinys Warning

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Qutaybah stepped forward, covering a hundred feet with every stride. As he passed the six-meter-tall golden bell, there was a slight ripple of emotion in his cold and emotionless eyes.

Qutaybah was powerful and proud. His personality meant that he disdained using such schemes to imprison any of his opponents.

But such thoughts remained in Qutaybah's mind for only a brief moment before vanishing.

In the end, the overall mission was far more important that the likes or dislikes of a single person. Qutaybah's self-esteem was on the same level as his desire for victory.

"No one is permitted to kill this man. I will take him back to Baghdad to personally dispose of him!"

Qutaybah glanced at Dusong Mangpoje next to the golden bell, and then he flashed away, moving with his deceptive speed toward the front.

On the ground, Dusong Mangpoje was frozen. Although he didn't know Arabic, he could faintly guess at a few things from Qutaybah's expression. Dusong Mangpoje simply gave a self-deprecating laugh and said no more.

The Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple had only given him the method to activate the golden bell and put away the golden bell. He could do nothing else. From the moment the Demonic Emperor Old Man had been engulfed by the Sacred Bell, Dusong Mangpoje had actually been left with nothing to do.

As Dusong Mangpoje was thinking to himself, Qutaybah and his strides of one hundred feet were rapidly approaching the front.


God's Might buzzed and droned in the air, and then suddenly, it unleashed a massive beam of golden Sword Qi that thundered toward the Nine Dragon Blood Formation.

Unlike the first attack, this one was so heavy and firm that it did not seem like Sword Qi, but hundreds of thousands of mountains stacked upon each other, crushing down onto the soldiers.

"Move out!"

Both the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard had long awaited this moment. With two explosions, the two of them rose up.

Roooar! A massive dragon shot through the air and unleashed a flurry of attacks against Qutaybah.

Meanwhile, the black-armored guard's armor clattered as an enormous strength surged out from the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, Dragon Stallion Army, and other soldiers, gathering in his body.

Booom! The earth quaked as if it was about to tear itself apart as a massive iron fist, pitch-black and as large as a mountain, rumbled toward Qutaybah's golden sword.

The strength in this punch was simply enormous, and the fingers that made up this fist contained the elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth respectively. The combined power of these two attacks managed to firmly block Qutaybah's Sword Qi, and it even began to show signs of collapse.


The Wushang Village Chief was energized by this sight. As long as the two of them worked together, they could still manage to block Qutaybah's attacks, meaning there was still a chance of reversing the tides of this battle.

"Hmph, not knowing your own strength!"

Qutaybah stared down from high above with his cold eyes. Before the pair could break his first beam of Sword Qi, yet another massive beam of Sword Qi was slashing down at them.

Boom! The immense shockwave immediately created a furious storm.

Unlike the one from just moments ago, this attack from Qutaybah was not only heavier, but also more focused on the white-haired Wushang Village Chief, with sixty percent of its power aimed at him.

Qutaybah's extremely sharp gaze and the powerful fighting instinct that made him the Arab War God allowed him to instantly see the weaknesses in his foes.

The black-armored guard was powerful and bursting with energy. Moreover, he was able to absorb energy from the top-class soldiers around him. It would be very difficult to swiftly dispatch him.

But the Wushang Village Chief was different. He was more than ninety years old, his body afflicted by some disease, and he was already injured. If he were constantly attacked by his casual beams of Sword Qi, the injuries would build up until he was ultimately defeated.

And with the Wushang Village Chief dead, the black-armored guard would naturally be no match for him.


With no time to think, the Wushang Village Chief pushed the energy in his body to its very limits. More and more blue dragons were 'summoned' to madly attack Qutaybah.

But it was far from over. Boom! A blazing sun appeared in the sky, instantly transforming into a massive beam of Sword Qi. Qutaybah's third attack had come as swiftly as lightning.

God's Might!

One of the special attributes of Qutaybah's powerful weapon was that it sped up his attacks. He could fire off two destructive Sword Qis in a single moment, and he could continue to fire them off in an endless torrent, impossible to block.

Qutaybah's strength, paired with God's Might, was almost unstoppable. Unless one was the Demonic Emperor Old Man, who had comprehended the origin of energy and had the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, and was thus capable of firing off just as many attacks as Qutaybah, it would be nigh impossible to stop him.


The Arab War God's attacks were getting heavier and heavier, fiercer and fiercer.

Suddenly, there was a massive boom as a hundred-foot-long crimson Sword Qi shot out from the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner and slashed at Qutaybah.

The bloody Sword Qi left a black spatial fissure in its wake. The laws of space that many martial artists could not understand were torn apart like pieces of paper by the black-armored guard's attack.

At this moment, everyone suddenly realized that a dark red sword had appeared in the guard's hand.


The black-armored guard's crimson Sword Qi worked with the Wushang Village Chief's 'Dragons Without a Leader' to battle with Qutaybah's golden beams of Sword Qi. Their battle was extremely fierce and equal. Even someone of Qutaybah's abilities was momentarily unable to suppress this pair.

"These two bastards! They're quite powerful!"

Aybak and Huoshu Huicang widened their eyes in shock. Even though they outnumbered Qutaybah, for them to still be able to fight on par with him was still evidence of incredible strength. But it took only a few moments for Aybak and Huoshu Huicang to regain their composure.

"To still struggle at this stage, how stubborn! Tibetan, go! Let's kill him together!"

Aybak's eyes narrowed as they exploded with vast killing intent. Without the slightest hesitation, he charged forward.

Clang! As he charged forward, a dark red halo infused with a mysterious aura erupted from his feet.

At the same time, a dreadful and sinister wail resounded through the skies.

The pharaoh appeared behind Aybak once more, a giant more than one hundred meters tall with a golden mask of many colors that fused with Aybak. Aybak punched at the crimson Sword Qi around the black-armored guard, his fist infused with a torrent of destructive energy.

At almost the same time, Huoshu Huicang was replaced by the enormous golden Vairocana Buddha as he slashed his scimitar at the Wushang Village Chief's pack of dragons.

While Qutaybah used his immense strength to hold down the pair, Aybak and Huoshu Huicang assisted from the sides. This crucial battle immediately began to lean against the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard.

"Not good!"

No one was more nervous at this moment than Gao Xianzhi.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man had been sealed under the golden bell, Wang Chong had been heavily injured, and the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard were being assailed by Qutaybah, Aybak, and Huoshu Huicang.

In just a few short moments, the battle had undergone a complete reversal, and during this entire process, Gao Xianzhi could only watch, his mind burning with concern.

"Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art!"

Eight massive pillars flew out to distribute themselves across the sky, this action immediately causing space to buckle and crack. Gao Xianzhi used this chance to shoot toward Qutaybah.

The Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard alone would not be enough to stop Qutaybah, so Gao Xianzhi decided to make him the first priority.

"Hmph, Gao Xianzhi, the decisive battle between us isn't over, so where are you running off to?"

An icy voice came from behind him, speaking a language that seemed very unfamiliar to the owner. Before Gao Xianzhi could get very far, a torrent of energy swept up from the ground to obstruct his path.

"Abu Muslim!"

Gao Xianzhi clenched his fists at the appearance of this figure, his hands trembling.

"Gao Xianzhi, I said before that we were the two people who started this battle, so before our battle is done, you'd better not think about helping anyone else!"

Abu Muslim's face was a sheet of ice and his entire body was brimming with energy. Even though Gao Xianzhi was only a short distance from the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard, Abu Muslim's presence was like an impassable wall that cleanly separated Gao Xianzhi from them.


Gao Xianzhi's eyes went red, but after taking in a deep breath, he was able to calm himself. Yet the killing intent in his eyes was only inflamed.

"Since that's the case, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Boom! Gao Xianzhi began to rain down attacks on Abu Muslim as if he had gone mad.

Gao Xianzhi had always been known for his cool mind and wisdom, and he rarely fell prey to his emotions and fell into a maddened frenzy. But when he saw his officers and soldiers being felled, he couldn't help but lose control.


A moment later, Gao Xianzhi lunged like a tiger at Abu Muslim, his attacks so vicious and overbearing that even Abu Muslim was caught off guard in his alarm.

"Warning! User is on the verge of failure!"

"Warning! User is on the verge of failure!"

"Warning! User is on the verge of failure!"

"Warning! If Talas is lost, user will be obliterated!"