The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127: Reborn In Blood

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

At this moment, on the other side of the battlefield, Wang Chong lay on the ground amidst piles of corpses, his body covered in wounds, while the Stone of Destiny's icy voice of warning relayed a constant stream of messages through his mind.

After what seemed like both a mere instant and like countless years, Wang Chong finally awakened. His senses returned to his body, the thick stench of blood filling his nose and the galloping of hooves resounding in his ears.

"Hurry! Protect Milord!"

"Stop those Arabs! Kong Zi-an, hurry and save Lord Marquis!"

"No matter what, Lord Marquis cannot be allowed to die here! Any one of us can die, but not Lord Marquis!"

A loud bellow brimming with concern echoed in his ears, and then he could hear the clashing of weapons and shockwaves of energy.

It's Li Siye!

At almost the same time as this thought flashed through Wang Chong's mind, he heard a brash cry in Arabic. "Kill this Tang. No matter what, he can't be allowed to return alive!"

Wang Chong recognized this voice as belonging to Aybak's deputy Faisal. As these thoughts passed through his mind, Wang Chong slowly began to regain his composure.


On this other side of the battlefield, Li Siye was leading several hundred Wushang Cavalry elites in a charge against the sea of Arab cavalry. Never in his life had he been so worried. When he had seen Wang Chong plunge from the sky, Li Siye had felt his body turn ice-cold and like the blood was about to pour out of his every orifice.

He had never respected anyone so much as he did Wang Chong, even being willing to serve him for the rest of his life. Not even his master had ever received such respect.

"Lord Marquis, no matter what, you have to be okay!"

Li Siye clenched his fists and shuddered. Wang Chong had been smashed into the ground by Qutaybah's attack and his condition was unknown.

The moment Li Siye saw this, he had led his best soldiers charging out of the army, but it was all too late, as everyone else had converged on that spot by now. The only thing Li Siye could be happy about was that the previous battles had left the battlefield strewn with corpses, and Wang Chong had fallen in a place that was practically deserted. The addition of the cover of dust meant that the Arabs had not yet managed to find Wang Chong's body amidst the piles of corpses.

But this situation would not be able to persist for long. Li Siye could see that the Mameluke Deputy Commander Faisal was leading a group of cavalry toward the area, and they were moving faster than Li Siye's force was.

"Hmph, it's pointless. That brat is doomed!"

Faisal's sneering voice resounded over the battlefield as he sent wave after wave of Arab soldiers at the Wushang Cavalry to slow them down.

The Mamelukes and the Wushang Cavalry would always be this world's strongest pair of enemies.

Wang Chong was the highest commander of the Wushang Cavalry, making him a must-kill target for the Mamelukes. Thus, Faisal had decided not to join Aybak and Huoshu Huicang in attacking the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, instead choosing to search for Wang Chong.

He would kill him in his heavily injured condition and finish things once and for all.

"Milord! We found him!"

At this sudden voice, Faisal turned in shock and saw that there was a trembling figure in the middle of a pile of corpses that seemed to be showing signs of getting up. This alone was proof enough of this person's identity.

"Hmph, the rest of you stop those Wushang Cavalry. Leave this brat to me!"

Vicious killing intent gleamed in Faisal's eyes as he sent off several hundred Mamelukes to stop Li Siye. At the same time, he led his own force to the piles of corpses. Faisal had already heard too many legends about Wang Chong during this battle.

The Tang reinforcements, the mysterious old man, the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner… all of it was because of this youth. Arabia had already lost countless men to this youth. Faisal had originally not taken Abu Muslim's and Ziyad's words seriously, but now, he had finally realized that this young Tang commander would be Arabia's greatest foe.

Just those Wushang Cavalry that had killed numerous Mamelukes meant that this person had to die.

"Death God's Scythe!"

When he was still more than a hundred feet from the moving 'corpse', Faisal's halo unleashed a black flood of energy. He pressed himself against his horse and began to accelerate toward the corpse.

After traveling some sixty feet, Faisal leaped from his horse, crossing the last sixty-some feet. While upside down in the air, he used his scimitar to stab deeply into the back of the corpse.

The 'corpse's' head instantly dropped and the body immediately went stiff.


Li Siye gave an earthshaking howl. Splush! His eye sockets fractured and blood shot out. An indescribable sorrow and pain completely drowned his body. Meanwhile, Faisal had a completely different reaction.


Faisal's lips curved into a vicious smile. His body was still hovering in the air, frozen in the moment of his final strike, but to Faisal, this was the most exciting moment in his life, his greatest accomplishment.

No matter how formidable these Wushang Cavalry from the east were, in the end, the Mamelukes had emerged victorious, protecting their invincible reputation. In the future, the Mamelukes would bring the head of the Wushang Cavalry commander back to Baghdad to prove to everyone their dazzling success. They would place it in the Mamelukes' exhibition hall and make it a part of the legend of the Mamelukes as yet another one of the people they had conquered.


But just when Faisal was pleased and elated, he suddenly sensed extreme danger. By the time the thought of dodging appeared in his mind, it was too late. A slender palm speckled with blood suddenly reached out of a pile of corpses and grabbed Faisal's neck.

As Aybak's deputy commander, Faisal was a Brigadier General with astonishing cultivation and an extremely fast reaction time. With this strength, he could even dodge a bolt of descending lightning, but even though Faisal could clearly see this palm coming, he was completely incapable of dodging.

"Not good!"

Faisal paled in consternation, but it was too late. His foe had been hiding under corpses, choosing for the right time to strike, giving him no chance to counter. Not only that, before Faisal could unleash his energy to force the palm around his throat away, another palm emerged and pressed upon his dantian.

Boom! Faisal was only able to hold on for a few moments before his Stellar Energy flooded out through his throat and dantian into the two palms.

"Evil art!"

Faisal was stunned, his face stricken with fear. He had never in his life encountered such a situation. His peak Brigadier General level of strength was unexpectedly unable to resist his enemy's dreadful suction and all his energy was being devoured. Besides that, in this entire process, Faisal was unable to move.

"Protect Milord!"

"Kill him!"

This abrupt attack left the Mamelukes stunned. No one had expected that 'moving' corpse to not be Wang Chong. The real Wang Chong was actually under the pile of corpses, and with one strike, he had captured Faisal.


In a flash, ten-some Mameluke soldiers and officers gathered their energy and waved their scimitars as they charged at Wang Chong. But a moment later, Stellar Energy condensed into a sun and moon on Wang Chong's shoulders. A hurricane of attractive force swept through the area.


The unstoppable Mamelukes began to scream as their weapons flew out of their hands. Besides that, the terrifying absorption force of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art began to attract all the men and horses to him.


The ten-some Mamelukes struck Wang Chong as if they had been magnetically attracted to him. Both men and horses were tightly adhered to his body, all of them having their energy rapidly absorbed.

Through the power of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, these Mamelukes began to wither and deflate like popped balloons.

Even Faisal could not resist Wang Chong's absorption, let alone the ordinary Mamelukes.

"No! Save me!"

The Mamelukes cried out in fear and tried to struggle free, but only a few moments later, their energy had been completely absorbed. Thumpthumpthump! Their dried-up husks dropped to the ground.

These people had far weaker cultivations than Faisal, so they had died much more quickly.

And with the power of these Mamelukes, Wang Chong's strength rapidly swelled, and the injuries from Qutaybah's attack began to recover.

This was also one of the strong points of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. The same injuries were much less severe on Wang Chong's body and would recover much faster.

Faisal had already been completely suppressed by Wang Chong, and now that Wang Chong was even stronger, he was even less capable of resisting.