The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: Counterattack The Arab Nightmare

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Barbarian, die!" Wang Chong said viciously, coldly staring at Faisal.

Crack! Wang Chong snapped Faisal's neck as the last surge of energy flowed into his body. Thump! Wang Chong threw Faisal's corpse to the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.

With Faisal's energy, Wang Chong's strength had swelled once more, returning to its original cultivation level and even a little higher, to a more profound and exquisite realm. Wang Chong could sense that he was now only a tiny distance from that realm.


After a few moments of silence, the Mamelukes charged once more, spurred on by Faisal's death. In the distance, Arab cavalry that had already been charging at the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner and were rather far from where Wang Chong had fallen also began to charge at him. Countless Arabian scimitars gleamed with cold light as they descended upon him.


A black figure plunged into their ranks like a tiger into a flock of sheep.

Screams emerged from the chaos as Arab soldiers and their horses were transformed into showers of blood and mangled limbs.

Boomboomboom! Furious storms of energy erupted from Wang Chong's body, sending warhorses high into the air and cutting down swaths of the Arab cavalry like so many weeds. In the blink of an eye, the Arabs had lost two to three thousand men.

Moreover, Wang Chong was using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its maximum. Wherever he appeared, the Arab soldiers would feel their energy unwillingly break free from their bodies and surge into Wang Chong.

Wang Chong was getting stronger and stronger, and with his understanding of the origin of energy, he was getting closer and closer to that final realm. His crazed aura was as alarming as it was brutal.

"Dusong Mangpoje, stop him!"

A voice came out of the distance.

From his distant vantage point, Dalun Ruozan watched what was happening in alarm. Wang Chong had already transformed into a bloody silhouette and his strength was only continuing to rise at an astonishing speed.

And this was not the only thing that Dalun Ruozan was worried about. He had clashed with Wang Chong far too many times and understood him very well, so he almost instinctively felt a deep unease. Any place where Wang Chong was present would be home to countless variables, and Dalun Ruozan had a vague sense that things were about to take a turn for the worst.

"This bastard! Why is he still alive!"

The mayhem created was so great that even Aybak was alarmed. It was simply impossible for him to divide his attention while fighting with the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard, but even he was now forced to take notice of the situation.

Aybak simply couldn't accept that this boy was somehow still alive and well.

Everyone had seen Qutaybah's terrifying power, and yet this boy had managed to survive two of those strikes.

"Everyone, hear my order! Kill him! Anyone who dares to retreat will be immediately executed!" Aybak savagely roared.

Wang Chong currently didn't have enough Wushang Cavalry around him to use the Godking Yama. As long as he wasn't an Imperial Great General, he was still killable.


Aybak's words immediately caused a massive shift on the battlefield. Countless Arab soldiers swept toward Wang Chong, even the soldiers that had been charging at the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, Dragon Stallion Army, and the other Tang armies.

"Kill him! He's already been heavily injured by Lord Qutaybah. He should be at the limits of his strength!"

"I don't believe that he can deal with so many of us! If we all go together, he'll never be able to leave alive!"

The Arab generals had also noticed Wang Chong and the bloody light around him. They unsheathed their scimitars and led their soldiers surging toward Wang Chong.

But before these Arab generals could enter the fray, Wang Chong had come to them. Boom! The air resonated with Stellar Energy, and an Arab general instinctively trembled and slashed his scimitar overhead at the approaching Wang Chong.

This scimitar had a vast and unstoppable momentum, the saber energy rising more than one hundred feet, but this Arab general had still reacted too slowly. After comprehending the origin of energy, Wang Chong could even suppress Faisal, let alone anyone else.

Kaclack! A palm shot out as fast as lightning, its five fingers firmly clenching around the Arab general's head as if they were made of steel. A moment later, a fountain of blood and energy flew out of the general's body like birds taking flight from the forest and surged into Wang Chong.


A terrible scream erupted from this burly Arab general, more than eight feet tall, as he began to wither. When only skin and bones were left, he dropped from his horse together with his suit of armor.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art did not require the user to touch the opponent, but if he did, Wang Chong would be able to absorb blood and energy at an even faster speed. And when he seized a vital point of his opponent, they would simply be incapable of resisting.

Bangbangbang! Wang Chong roved through the Arab generals like a starving wolf, the gold and red images of the sun and moon constantly resonating on his shoulders. In just a few moments, all these powerful Arab generals had been devoured.

"Lord Marquis!"

The sight of Wang Chong's display of divine strength had Li Siye and the Wushang Cavalry cheering in exultation, with Li Siye being particularly agitated.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!"

His two hands gripping his giant sword were trembling in excitement. For a spell, he had believed Wang Chong to already be dead, and so Li Siye had already prepared himself to enter an eternal sleep together with the Great Tang's youngest, most passionate, and most heroic commander.

To fight alongside and die together with this hero of the Great Tang was the greatest glory to Li Siye.

But Wang Chong was still not dead. His body seemed to contain an inextinguishable flame, and it seemed like nothing in the world could ever crush his iron resolve.


Li Siye's eyes moistened as he slashed down with his sword.

Boom! The nearly one hundred Arab cavalry in front of Li Siye were thrown into the air by his mighty Sword Qi. This Sword Qi left a scar in the earth that extended for hundreds of feet. It was like a rallying cry for the Wushang Cavalry, and they immediately charged together with Li Siye toward Wang Chong.

The courageous were invincible! Li Siye had only brought several hundred people with him, but they had come with the resolve to die. This allowed them to erupt with a lethal power that far surpassed the imagination. These mere several hundred people charged through the Arab army as if there was nothing in their way. Scimitars hacked and slashed at the Wushang Cavalry, but they all bounced off.

The superb weapons and armor Wang Chong had prepared for the Wushang Cavalry were playing a crucial role on this battlefield.


The Wushang Cavalry were uninjured by the enemy attacks, but the fierce slashes of their swords were cleaving the armor and weapons of the surrounding Arab cavalry in two. Unable to react in time, an Arab horseman was instantly beheaded by a Wootz Steel sword, his eyes going wide. The headless corpse atop the Arabian horse sat for a long time before finally falling over.

"Lord Marquis!"

Li Siye and his scarlet steed quickly led his men up to Wang Chong's side.

"Li Siye, there's no need to worry about me. Lead your Wushang Cavalry back to the formation and help Su Hanshan and the ballista army hold their ground!"

Wang Chong had his blood-drenched back to Li Siye, yet his voice was unusually calm.

Li Siye's mind trembled as he suddenly sensed something. He followed Wang Chong's gaze past the countless Arab soldiers and clearly spotted a tall and muscular figure surrounded by a storm of energy.

Dusong Mangpoje!

Li Siye shivered as he finally understood. The slaughter inflicted by Wang Chong had finally caused Dusong Mangpoje to rise from the ground, the prodigious energy around him locking onto Wang Chong.

The sounds of fighting resounded in the air, but the place where Li Siye and Wang Chong were standing was deathly silent. If Wang Chong had his seven thousand Wushang Cavalry, he would have been able to take the form of the Godking Yama and would have had nothing to fear from Dusong Mangpoje, but Wang Chong only had a measly several hundred.

"Lord Marquis, I'll fight him together with you!"

Li Siye tightened his grip on his Wootz Steel sword.

"There's no need! I will deal with Dusong Mangpoje!"

Wang Chong viciously stared ahead, an unusual tone in his voice. Before Li Siye could react, bang! Wang Chong stomped forward and began to stride ahead.


The surrounding Arab cavalry were alarmed and afraid, but seeing that they had the advantage in numbers, they lunged at him like wolves.


Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art spread outward, gusts of wind surging through the battlefield. Before the Arab cavalry could even get close, their armor began to twist while their blood boiled out of their bodies and condensed into a surging river that vanished into Wang Chong's body.

Bang! Wang Chong's hair flew and his clothes flapped as he took another stomp forward. A moment later, a destructive energy erupted from beneath the earth.