The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129: Battle With Dusong Mangpoje

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Thunder pealed and screams filled the air as hundreds of Arab cavalry were blown into the sky by Wang Chong's Stellar Energy.

In the end, the only people capable of brashly charging through a sea of people as if no one was there and not even exhausting their Stellar Energy were cultivators of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Wang Chong moved with such extreme speed that he left afterimages behind him as he charged at Dusong Mangpoje and the giant six-meter-tall golden bell. Boom! Bang! Explosion after explosion could be heard as all the Arab cavalry that charged at him either had their energy drained or their body obliterated by Wang Chong's Stellar Energy.

No one could get within even three feet of him.

"I've drawn their attention, so bring your men back to reinforce the main army!"

Wang Chong's voice came from the distance. Li Siye stared at his commander's back with a complicated expression, then he clenched his teeth, pulled on the reins, and began to ride back.

"Everyone, follow me!"

Li Siye's voice thundered over the battlefield. Neeeigh! With Li Siye leading, the Wushang Cavalry began to charge back to the distant defense line.

"Dusong Mangpoje!"

Finally, Wang Chong covered more than half the battlefield to appear in front of Dusong Mangpoje. The two stood across from each other, frightening killing intent surging in their eyes.

"We meet again!"

Dusong Mangpoje's eyes were like ice-cold sabers as he glared at the youth.

Compared to when they had first met at the Great Tang's capital, the youth before him had lost all of his immaturity and childishness, and was now suffused with the striking demeanor of a Great General.

This youth was seemingly the hardest corner of the Great Tang. All the factions on the Great Tang's borders, whether it was Mengshe Zhao or Ü-Tsang, or even the distant Arabian Empire, had suffered immense casualties and been defeated time and time again by this youth.

If he had known this was going to happen, then when he had disguised himself and gone with the First Prince to the capital, he would have killed him even if he had to risk his life.

"You should not have participated in this war. Withdraw your ritual tool and I might allow you Tibetans to leave alive!" Wang Chong sternly said.

His eyes were somewhat obscured by his disheveled hair, but the killing intent exploding out of them was enough to make anyone shiver in fear. Wang Chong regarded the Demonic Emperor Old Man with extremely deep respect and was greatly concerned for his well-being, not just in the capacity of his kind teacher, but as a member of his family.


Dusong Mangpoje shook his head, the Stellar Energy on his body churning in unease. The Demonic Emperor Old Man had to die, and Wang Chong certainly could not be allowed to live, whether it was for Ü-Tsang or the deceased Dayan Mangban.

"This Veda Sacred Bell is a ritual tool secretly passed down through the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple. I have only borrowed it from the Holy Temple, and the method I used to activate it will imprison someone so that they will never be able to come out. Not even I can do anything about that… I only know how to put away the bell, but not to release its prisoner!"

Dusong Mangpoje was not a member of the Holy Temple, so he naturally had no right to possess the Sacred Bell. He only had the right to use it.


Wang Chong's fingers clenched together as the redness in his eyes thickened.

"Hmph. In the end, you and your master are a scourge on Ü-Tsang. Your master is not the only one that must die in this battle. You must die as well!" Dusong Mangpoje harshly said, the killing intent in his eyes no less than Wang Chong's.


The moment he finished speaking, Dusong Mangpoje attacked. His body was still motionless, his posture as it was when he was still speaking with Wang Chong, but a massive image of a fist suddenly plunged out of the void toward Wang Chong.

At almost the same time, Wang Chong, who had apparently predicted this action, sent forth a giant image of a fist of his own, his eyes chilling. The two steely fists wrapped in destructive energy rammed into each other in the air.

Booooom! Stellar Energy exploded in a cloud of roiling dust as the immense impact forced both Dusong Mangpoje and Wang Chong back. Both of them thrust their feet into the ground, carving out furrows more than a hundred feet long.

This exchange had unexpectedly been a draw.


As the two stabilized their bodies, Wang Chong and Dusong Mangpoje exchanged stares across two hundred feet, each able to see the powerful will to fight and kill in the other's eyes. Dusong Mangpoje wanted to kill Wang Chong and resolve this threat to Ü-Tsang once and for all, while Wang Chong wanted to kill him to avenge his master.


As the two stood across from each other, the earth and air droned and buzzed. Suddenly, the two became two puffs of smoke. Right between them, the air exploded as Wang Chong and Dusong Mangpoje appeared together, their eyes vicious and their bodies thrumming with energy as they hurtled toward each other with thunderous speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As if acting on some kind of signal, Wang Chong and Dusong Mangpoje began to fiercely battle in the air, manifestations of fist energy thundering through the air, their explosions mixing together with the clanging of saber and sword. The area of their battle quickly became one of the most dangerous places on the battlefield.

Swish! Without the slightest warning, a grandiose saber energy slashed down from the sky, causing the hardy ground of Talas to split apart like it had been made of paper and explode in a shower of debris.

A moment after this saber energy had passed, a beam of Sword Qi shot through the sky like a dragon, immediately unleashing a fierce explosion on the corpse-strewn battlefield.


The cavalry that had been approaching this area cried out in alarm as they looked up to the sky, and terror spread through their ranks as they began to flee. With their strength, being struck by either that saber energy or Sword Qi was certain to end their lives.

This was a Great-General-level battle, something they had no right to take part in.

As the cavalry on the ground fled in panic, in the air, Wang Chong and Dusong Mangpoje's battle had already reached a fever pitch. From a distance, one could see a constantly shifting storm of energy which constantly sent out beams of saber energy and Sword Qi. It was simply impossible to make out the figures of Wang Chong and Dusong Mangpoje.

One was the Young Marquis of the Great Tang, the Qixi Protector-General, and the youngest and most quickly-promoted commander in the Great Tang. The other was the Eagle of the Plateau. Both of them were extremely experienced fighters with fierce and vicious attacks. Saber energy and Sword Qi were both aimed at their opponent's weakest points.


There was another heaven-shaking explosion, and then a flash of light. Bang! Bang! The two parted and landed on the ground, exchanging glances across a hundred-some feet through the churning dust.

The two were motionless in their distant standoff.

Even a Great General could not remain for long in the air. They had simply remained in the air through the collision and repulsion of their Stellar Energies. In the end, they had to come back to the ground.


A fierce gust of wind blew thin wisps of sand between the two. All was quiet as the two sharply glared at each other, the tension in the air only increasing.


Dusong Mangpoje coldly snorted. Beneath his black armor, his muscles bursting with explosive power began to tense. His fingers clenched together as his eyes erupted with killing intent. His aura became like that of a savage beast.

"In the end, there is still a difference between a Great General and Brigadier General! Wang Chong, let me end your life and your master's, and bring a close to your legend!"

Dusong Mangpoje had finally lost his patience and decided to end this battle.

"Gandhagaja Buddha Fist!"

Bang! Dusong Mangpoje lunged forward in a flash of light, leaving a long white trail behind him as he appeared in front of Wang Chong. Bangbangbang! A vast and unstoppably domineering energy appeared, and then space seemed to depress as the enormous image of a fist appeared four feet above Dusong Mangpoje's head, and then a second, a third…

In just a few short moments, more than a hundred giant black fists had appeared around Dusong Mangpoje like a peacock unfurling its tail. This was a pressure that could sunder heavens, a mountain pressing down on one's head.


These fist images appeared for only a few moments, and then space seemed to collapse as they all fused into a single enormous fist, suffused with the power to destroy all things and sweep over the world, a fist that was aimed at Wang Chong.

No one could describe the dread instilled by this fist, and the entire world seemed to lose color for a moment. The steel fist had gathered such enormous amounts of power that its mere presence caused the surrounding space to bend and crack.

This fist would annihilate steel into powder, much less a body of flesh and blood. If struck, Wang Chong was certain to die.

"Hmph, a good move!"

A bone-chilling voice came from the air. Dusong Mangpoje had attacked quickly, but Wang Chong had moved even faster. Dusong Mangpoje wanted to finish him in a single move, but Wang Chong equally desired to do the same to him.

"Great Distortion Art!"

With a furious roar, Wang Chong used the second most powerful move of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. For a moment, the entire world fell silent, and then it was filled with deafening rumbling as if tens of thousands of torrential waves were surging out from Wang Chong's body. These waves of energy were all tangible and infused with destructive energy so vast that even space began to twist and distort.