The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131: The Veda Sacred Bell

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Congratulations to user! For killing your first Imperial Great General and altering the course of history, you are rewarded 4000 points of Destiny Energy! This incident will have a major effect on the Battle of Talas!"

An icy voice resounded in Wang Chong's mind, the voice of the Stone of Destiny. But at this moment, Wang Chong didn't have time to pay attention to it. Throwing aside Dusong Mangpoje's body, Wang Chong immediately made his way up to the giant golden bell imprisoning his master.


"For the Great General!"

"Kill him!"

The moment Dusong Mangpoje's corpse crashed to the ground, all the Tibetan soldiers on the battlefield went mad. The 'Eagle of the Plateau' had wielded enormous prestige on the Tibetan Plateau, and in the long history of Ü-Tsang, this was the first real Great General to die to a Tang in decades. The fall of Dusong Mangpoje was certain to have an enormous impact on the Ü-Tsang Empire.


A Tibetan soldier with bloodshot eyes spurred his horse into a gallop as he heedlessly charged at Wang Chong. They had been charging to the front to assist the Arabs with breaking the Nine Dragon Blood Formation, but at this moment, all the Tibetan soldiers had gone insane. They had forgotten where they were and were madly charging at Wang Chong.


In the distance, Huoshu Huicang, who had been fiercely battling with the Tang, now found it impossible to suppress his rage and killing intent. Without a second thought, Huoshu Huicang blinked away.

But though Huoshu Huicang was fast, there was someone who was even faster. The sky darkened, and then it was illuminated as brightly as day by a vast beam of golden Sword Qi. As Huoshu Huicang shot forward, a beam of Sword Qi more than ten thousand feet long descended like a toppling tree, sweeping past Huoshu Huicang to slash at the distant Wang Chong.

This Sword Qi had started up very high in the sky, extremely far away from Wang Chong, but a moment later, it was right on top of his head.


The one to unleash such a terrifying attack at a moment like this could only be the Arab War God, Qutaybah.

But just when Wang Chong was about to be struck and heavily injured by this horrifying attack…

Boom! The earth quaked as a massive halo with a radius of fifty to sixty feet, its surface inscribed with complicated and ancient patterns, exploded from Wang Chong's body, and then a second, third, fourth… Halo after halo emerged, each dazzling and magnificent but all entirely different.

The light exuded by Wang Chong was on par with Qutaybah's.

With a deafening boom, a dreadful golden Sword Qi erupted from Wang Chong's body. Raaaa! There was a dreadful primordial roar, and suddenly, Wang Chong vanished in a blaze of golden light, replaced by an enormous god, dreadful and mighty.


It was impossible to describe the terrifying power of Qutaybah's attack. This Sword Qi could make gods take fright and ghosts weep, could tear through the earth like paper. Debris, corpses, and dust flew more than one thousand feet into the air. This attack could be considered the strongest and most astonishing attack Qutaybah had unleashed in his entire life.

Wang Chong had managed to escape from his sword time and time again, even managing to slay the Tibetan Great General Dusong Mangpoje and advance to the Great General level in the middle of a fierce battle. There was no question that this was a challenge and humiliation aimed at Qutaybah, and his killing intent was completely stimulated. He cared no more about the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard.

Bzzzz! When the Sword Qi dissipated, more than half the battlefield fell silent as countless eyes stared at the place the Sword Qi had fallen. No one could stop Qutaybah's dreadful sword, and just the sight of the scarred earth was enough for them to know that this attack had been far more powerful than they had imagined. Wang Chong was almost assuredly dead.

"Quick, look over there!" an Arab horseman abruptly said, his finger pointed into the distance, his eyes tinged with shock.

As everyone followed the Arab's finger, they saw a great cloud of dust in the middle of the twisted and mangled landscape, and in the middle of this cloud of dust was clearly a golden light.


Everyone was stupefied by this golden figure. He was alive! That young Tang commander had managed to block Qutaybah's sword.

Whooosh! As if in response to their thoughts, a fierce gale scattered the dust, revealing that young figure once more. From his disheveled hair, black armor, and abnormally bright and determined eyes, everyone could see his unbending resolve to fight to the end.

Bang! Wang Chong shot a vicious glare at Qutaybah before lunging toward the golden bell.


Tens of thousands of Arab cavalry came back to their senses and began to charge at Wang Chong. But a moment later, the air droned as golden and red Stellar Energy erupted from Wang Chong's body, creating a six-sided formation that engulfed Wang Chong. Before these Arab cavalry could get close, their energy and blood flew out of their bodies and were sent by this formation toward Wang Chong.

The Great Yin Yang Formation!

Now that Wang Chong had advanced to the Great General level, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had also been upgraded. Wang Chong could now use Stellar Energy to construct a formation around himself to deal with these Arab elites.


After laying down the formation, Wang Chong immediately forgot about what was happening behind him and rushed to the six-meter-tall golden bell. Whether it was for the sake of his personal emotions or for the sake of altering the course of this battle, Wang Chong had to rescue his master. Once he did, the Great Tang would have another top-class fighting power as well as the ability to defeat Qutaybah.

However, even though Dusong Mangpoje had been the one to use the bell in a sneak attack, even after he was dead, the bell was still strangely standing in its original place, its surface still crackling with lightning and suffused with destructive energy, still exuding an aura of extreme danger.


With no time to think, Wang Chong slapped the golden bell with his palm. There was a massive boom, but Wang Chong's palm which could even shatter mountains did nothing at all to the golden bell, not even slightly shift it. Wang Chong felt like this golden bell was a giant smooth mirror. At least sixty percent of the energy Wang Chong had unleashed had been diverted to the sides by the golden bell.

Wang Chong began to incessantly punch at the golden bell, but after five or six punches, he stopped.


His eyes flashed. The golden bell was as immovable as a mountain, but this was not what had caused Wang Chong to stop his attacks. While attacking the bell, Wang Chong had sensed a different ripple of energy from within the bell. It seemed like his master was attacking the bell from the inside in an attempt to escape.

Wang Chong began to think. Although he currently didn't possess any ritual tools, he knew that these artifacts were all extremely unique. Rashly attacking it from the outside might not only fail to save anybody, but could even increase the power of the ritual tool and injure the person inside.

I must get in touch with Master!

This thought flickered through his mind. The golden bell was an ancient artifact passed through the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, and even after Dusong Mangpoje was dead, it could still run on its own. Pure strength alone would not be enough to destroy it. But Wang Chong was no simple martial artist. Bzzz!An immense stream of Psychic Energy rushed out of his body and toward the golden bell.

Psychic Energy was intangible and formless. No matter how powerful this Veda Sacred Bell of the Holy Temple was, it definitely wouldn't be able to obstruct Psychic Energy as well as it did Stellar Energy.


Wang Chong's condensed Psychic Energy soon arrived at the surface of the golden bell and ran into an invisible mental barrier. In this barrier, Wang Chong could sense gloomy and profound Buddhist energy.

This is the Psychic Energy added by the generations of High Monks of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple!

Wang Chong quickly realized what was going on. The cultivators of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple were not merely powerful martial artists, but also extremely formidable Psychic Energy practitioners. In the past, Wang Chong would have definitely found this to be a major obstacle, but after comprehending the unthinkable art that was the Blazing Sun and learning a great deal from Masil's memories, Wang Chong had reached a level in the domain of Psychic Energy that few people could match.

Bzzzz! Wang Chong's Psychic Energy transformed into a wave that engulfed the golden bell.

"Found it!"

A few moments later, Wang Chong found a gap in the shroud of Psychic Energy around the golden bell. This hole was about the size of a thumb and appeared to exist because the Buddhist energy had been exhausted in the many years since the holder of this ritual tool had died. Even though it was very small, it was enough for Wang Chong's purposes.

Bzzzz! Wang Chong's Psychic Energy surged into the golden bell through this thumb-sized 'hole'.

After what seemed like both seconds and like endless eons, Wang Chong sensed a familiar aura.

"Chong-er, is that you?"

Before Wang Chong could speak, an elderly and fatigued voice resounded in Wang Chong's mind. Wang Chong's eyes reddened and he almost began to cry.

"Master, how are you doing?" Wang Chong anxiously asked. His master's condition was his greatest concern, but from the sound of his voice, it was very poor.

"Chong-er, listen to me. This ritual tool of Ü-Tsang is extremely unique. It can convert your attacks into energy to use against me. Don't be in such a rush to attack it…"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice emerged from the golden bell.