The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132: Rescuing Master

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong's heart sank and he grimaced. His greatest concern was that the ritual tool was able to convert attacks from the outside into sealing energy on the inside. Such ritual tools were the most troublesome in the world. There was no doubt that the Veda Sacred Bell that Dusong Mangpoje had brought with him belonged to this category.

Wang Chong immediately became hesitant.


The battlefield was a place of constant change. Only a few short moments had passed from the time Wang Chong had received Qutaybah's attack to when he had rushed to the side of the Veda Sacred Bell. But for Huoshu Huicang, this was enough time for his mood to undergo a complete reversal.

The moment Wang Chong had killed Dusong Mangpoje, Huoshu Huicang felt like his insides were on fire with the desire to slay Wang Chong, but when he saw Wang Chong receive the full-force attack from Qutaybah, this fiery impulse was wiped clean away.

If Wang Chong was already this powerful after breaking into the Great General level, then no matter how angry Huoshu Huicang was, he would never be able to kill Wang Chong.

At the very least, Huoshu Huicang knew that in the same situation, he would have never been able to receive Qutaybah's heaven-sundering blow.

"Tibetan, ignore him. First kill these Tang and then kill the brat!"

Somebody spoke in hurried Arabic. Huoshu Huicang didn't even need to turn his head to know that this was the Mameluke Commander Aybak. After several battles, Huoshu Huicang and Aybak had developed an extremely deep mutual understanding, not even needing to exchange words to understand each other.

Huoshu Huicang hesitated for a few moments, then clenched his teeth, turned around, and threw himself back into the battle.

Wang Chong wanted to save the Demonic Emperor Old Man and alter the course of the battle, while the Arabs and Tibetans wanted just as dearly to finish off the Wushang Village Chief and the black-armored guard and bring an end to this battle.


With a massive boom, Huoshu Huicang once more charged into battle, and the fighting this time was even more tense. The Great Tang was once more at a great disadvantage.

"Venerable Senior, General Li, Qianli, Wang Yan, no matter what, we must hold and buy Wang Chong enough time!" Gao Xianzhi called out.

He had fought alongside Wang Chong for several months, and there didn't need to be any exchange of words for him to understand what Wang Chong was trying to do. If the Demonic Emperor Old Man were saved, the Great Tang would have a top-class fighting force that together with Wang Chong would be enough to reverse the battle.

Bang! A torrent of Stellar Energy erupted from Gao Xianzhi's body, jolting away Abu Muslim.

Gao Xianzhi finally had the opportunity to fly back to the army. Boom! He immediately used the Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art, sending eight massive pillars howling out, arranging them around Qutaybah to exert destructive energy upon him.

"Gao Xianzhi, where are you going!"

An extremely cold and sinister voice came from behind him. A moment later, Abu Muslim, his body seething with energy, appeared at Qutaybah's side. With a mighty punch, he sent out a black flood of energy that simultaneously swept toward Gao Xianzhi, the Wushang Village Chief, and the black-armored guard.

With the entry of Gao Xianzhi and Abu Muslim, this battle became a complete melee and even more dangerous than it had been before.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the battlefield, Wang Chong was facing an unprecedented dilemma. He could sense that his master was in an awful situation, but even more disastrous was that the unique traits of the Veda Sacred Bell made Wang Chong incapable of offering assistance.

Roars and explosions came one after another, reminding Wang Chong that the Tang army was in a perilous situation.

Large numbers of Tang soldiers were dying every minute, worsening the Great Tang's situation.

Wang Chong had to make a decision as quickly as possible.

He would either give up now and go back to help the army stand against Qutaybah, thus completely giving up on his master, or he could try to save his master as quickly as possible so that the two of them could work together to reverse the tides, but this would only make the army's losses even worse. But no matter which option he chose, Wang Chong had to make the choice soon.

"No matter what, I can't give up!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he resolved himself.

Bzzz! Boundless Psychic Energy surged forward, engulfing the Veda Sacred Bell. At the same time, Wang Chong sent vast waves of Stellar Energy to probe at the Sacred Bell. Wang Chong would never give up on trying to save his master. If he did, he would regret the decision for the rest of his life. Moreover, this battle required his assistance.

As Wang Chong was probing the bell, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice rang out in his ear.

"Chong-er, do you still remember the Myriad Spirit Sea Art I taught you?"

"I remember!" Wang Chong blurted out after a moment of shock.

"Everything has a flaw. So it is with men, and so it is with ritual tools. After all, not even the Dao of Heaven is perfect. Although I don't know how to operate this ritual tool or the mantra to use it, as long as you can find its flaw, you should be able to open it up!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man sternly said.

His aura was in disorder and he appeared to be in very poor condition, but he always gave off a sense of calm and composure that made others unknowingly calm down.

The most distinct aspect of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art was its ability to sense the flaws in an opponent's body, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man had passed on the technique and its methods to Wang Chong last night together with his understanding of the origin of energy. But while Wang Chong had comprehended the origin of energy, the same could not be said for the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

There existed an invisible barrier between the two that made Wang Chong incapable of grasping this powerful technique in such a short period of time.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice continued, "Chong-er, I tried just now and already found the Qi Gate within the ritual tool, but this is far from enough. In the current situation, only you can find the Qi Gate on the outside of the ritual tool. If we combine our strengths and attack the Qi Gate simultaneously, we can open up this ritual tool!"

Wang Chong appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was raging with great waves at the Demonic Emperor Old Man's words. There was still a difference in cultivation realm, and so even though both of them had comprehended the origin of energy, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had understood far more than Wang Chong.

But Wang Chong had only comprehended this principle for not even a day. It was no easy task for him to find the Qi Gate of this ritual tool of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple as quickly as the Demonic Emperor Old Man had. In addition, he had still not succeeded at cultivating the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

"Chong-er, it all depends on you!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice came from within.


Wang Chong's fingers clenched into a fist.

Time was short, so no matter how difficult it was, Wang Chong had to follow his master's orders and find the Qi Gate of the Veda Sacred Bell. There were no other options.

"Master, be at ease. I'll definitely save you!"

Wang Chong took in a deep breath and calmed his mind, pouring all his Psychic Energy into the Veda Sacred Bell.

With another thought, the Stellar Energy in his body began to circulate according to the method of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art could see through the weaknesses of all martial arts, and at the Demonic Emperor Old Man's level, it could even be used to see through the weaknesses of ritual tools. If Wang Chong wanted to cooperate with his master to open up the Veda Sacred Bell, he had to comprehend this technique. But the Myriad Spirit Sea Art required destruction before creation, and if he could not comprehend an even higher level of the origin of energy, he would never be able to successfully cultivate the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.


In the distance, explosions, shouts, and screams were ringing through the air.

These sounds were like hands constantly pulling at Wang Chong's nerves, making him frantic and nervous.

There's no time!

Suddenly, Wang Chong relinquished his body and poured his entire mind into the world of the origin of energy.


The entire world seemed to explode as Wang Chong once more entered this world of energy. All objects in the world vanished, replaced with endless light and heat, countless balls of energy rapidly surging through the world, each with their own level of strength.

This was the first time Wang Chong had relied on his own strength to enter the world of energy.

"Found it!"

Wang Chong quickly found the Veda Sacred Bell's position in the world of energy.

Only after entering the world of energy did Wang Chong see the true face of the Veda Sacred Bell. It was no longer a bell, but a dreadful ball of gold-red, magma-like energy.

Buddhist energy thrummed on the surface of this gold-red energy, and Wang Chong could see countless Buddhas of various sizes with their backs to the gold-red mass forming rings around it. Their auras were all different, and these tens of thousands of Buddhas formed into a massive formation, dazzling and grandiose, inspiring awe in all who looked upon it.

This is the true appearance of the Veda Sacred Bell!

Wang Chong stared in astonishment at the formation. The bell was only the carrier. The true power of the Sacred Bell was in this formation.

Bzzzz! The particles of energy floating through the world were brought under the control of Wang Chong's Psychic Energy and sent surging toward the tens of thousands of Buddhas. Boom! The moment a strand of energy touched this gold-red Buddha formation, it instantly created a massive ripple.

In this world of energy, Wang Chong could clearly see each layer of the Buddha formation come to life, extracting this strand of energy and sending it to the very core of the formation, where it disappeared, fused into the extremely dangerous gold-red energy to strengthen it.

The moment that strand of energy vanished, Wang Chong clearly saw a massive golden '卍' manifest in the world of energy.